What’s In Your Every Day Carry – EDC?


Here’s a question for you – what things do you carry in your pockets every day?

Your EDC, or Every Day Carry, is probably an item or two – or a group of items which you consider to be practical and useful throughout your typical day (or beneficial in case of an emergency situation, etc..).

Let’s hear what you have to say about it, and discover the most common items that we all generally carry every day…

I’ll bet that there are quite a variety of EDC items that people carry every day, with some who are pocket laden with lots of things while others are minimalists in this regard.

How many of you change what you carry based on where you’re going or what you’re doing?
Or do you always keep the same things for your EDC?

There’s little doubt that the most common item is going to be a pocket knife of some sort. I don’t know how many times during a given day when I use my pocket knife (surprisingly often). What pocket knife do you carry?

Making it much easier for carrying various useful things are BDU or cargo pants, with lots of pockets. I find myself usually wearing these for their practicality, and similar cargo shorts (plenty of deep pockets) during the summer.

What about your belt? How many things are hanging off your belt each day? For some people, it may seem cumbersome but for others it’s no problem. Everyone’s different.

So let’s hear from you and the things that you carry with you each day.

What’s in your EDC?


  1. My civilian job allows me to carry concealed, but due to other issues/considerations/clothing it has to be very low key. I currently carry a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. In my desk at work I have a backpack with two layers of kevlar in the inside zipper pockets (bought from used police vests), a maglight flashlight, medical supplies including tourniquet and Israeli bandages, spyderco knife, MRE, pepper spray, extra mags for LCP. I work in a building that could be a target of disgruntled people/terrorists, etc. I would prefer to carry a larger caliber handgun and even a long gun but (such as when I am at home or on the road) but I am just grateful that supervisor allows concealed carry at all.

    1. Replying to my own post. I have recently done some informal testing of “stab resistant” kevlar panels. These are sold on-line and are in used condition. The panels came from vests that had been worn by corrections officers. They are not rated for ballistic protection. I taped one of the panels to a cardboard box and filled the box with loose sand. I shot the panel first with a .38 Special 130 grain FMJ round from about 10 feet. The round tore the fabric covering the kevlar but did not even make a hole through the first layer of kevlar. The cardbooard was dented about 2 inches into the sand. Next shot the vest with a .40 S&W FMJ 180 grain round. It also cut through the fabric and penetrated two layers of the kevlar and it also dented the cardboard in the sand about 2 inches. These kevlar panels look to be about 15 layers of kevlar total (I didn’t seperate the panels to count). I don’t make any statement that these would stop any or all handgun rounds (wish I had brought different calibers with me) and definitely not rifle rounds. However, the price for 10 panels was excellent (and free shipping). For cost saving in a SHTF situation these can be placed inside backpacks, school bags for some protection vs. just the clothes on your back.

  2. The nature of my work leaves me close to my vehicle and close to my Get Home Bag where I have a lot of emergency and survival items, so my list of EDC is short: Swiss Army Knife – Tinker model, this has accomplished 95% of what I need from a knife; Wallet; heavy shoes and good socks (no flip flops for me), Hat, belt, and a S&W 9mm M&P Shield. I will occasionally swap the Swiss for a Leatherman Wave. I purchased a Fenix LD22 G2 recently on your recommendation (this is a good light and has displaced my NEBO Redline as favorite). I have considered adding this to my belt for EDC but the nylon sheath it comes with does not give me the confidence that it will stay with me, so the torch stays in my truck.

  3. I work on a military base so I cannot have a firearm and any knife must be 3 inch or smaller. So I carry a 3 in folding blade. I keep a emergency bag in the car that contains typical BOB items minus the gun. :(

  4. Energizer Head Lamp, pocket knife, several sheets of folded paper towels as they have a multitude of uses including emergency water filter, substitute toilet paper. Lighter, dental floss, and a small notebook with all important contacts and account numbers.

  5. As a creature of habit, a workin’ stiff, blue-collar and all that…….. I’ve carried basically the same things in my jeans for over 30 years. You wanted a list – okay: x2 knives (both ‘self-opening’), a ladies compact mirror with 2 mirrors – one regular, one magifying (in my field – marine electronics – a life-saver/neck-saver for looking around corners and into narrow wiring compartments, a finger-nail clipper with bottle opener and small pen-knife, a .32 2-barrel derringer and a small flat can with 4 reloads (8 extra shots for the mathematically-challenged), my wallet and all the b.s. society requires me to carry in it; along with a small 1/4″ square 1/8″ thick piece of 24k gold and a “lucky coin” from the only time I’ve ever gambled and WON!, a comb, a small combo-pen/flashlight, a small double-ended screwdriver (phillips on one, straight-blade the other), a Zippo cigarette lighter with quite a few spare flints under the cotton(and yes, a pack of cigarettes), a hankerchief/bandana, a small magnet, whatever coin and bills I may possess today, a good wide leather belt and ‘cowboy/midwesterner’s’ buckle.

    Before you all laugh too hard, the above in various combinations has proven to be enough for 99.9% of all circumstances to make it through each day just fine. And NO, I do not carry a cell-phone or any other mobile device – totally un-necessary and limiting in many ways.

    The trick is to know how to use all of the above – and as I state – in various combinations.

  6. I work in a hospital. Firearms are a no-no, so my Get Home bag is in my car. Always on my person are my keys, which have a pink pepper spray and a pretty keychain that’s a great weapon. Yes… I am a chick, btw. I also always have a hair tie on my wrist. I learned in middle school that when you have long hair, you never want to get in a fight without a scrunchy to hold it back…. so to this day I wear one on my wrist everyday.

    At home, I always have a pocket knife. People who look at me funny for being a suburban lady with a knife get this explanation: “I just use it to open boxes from Amazon.” (if they only knew…)

    When I go out to places that aren’t schools, hospitals, or government buildings, my LCP or LC9 accompany me.

  7. oh yeah, my keychain also has this minimalist LED flashlight. Its the size of a nickel. I can’t tell you how many times I have needed this!.

  8. I work in an armed capacity for my state and wear body armor with molle pouches and have all the necessary equipment for immediate threats. In the duty/patrol vehicle is a rem 870, respirator/gas mask, medical supplies and comms. On my days off duty, my POV is an almost replica including body armor (level 3), Rem 870, AR 15, 1000 rnds of ammo. While on my person I carry my SIG 220, 2 extra mags, Streamlight, SOG multitool and a CRKT folder. Usually my POV is not far and has anything else I may need.

  9. I travel regionally during the week. Keep a GHB in the trunk (never know when the need to walk home might occur) full of goodies. On my person I have a Victorinox Officer with a Streamlight Nano attached. This has been a GREAT combo for 99% of things I run into throughout my day. If I need something more I will grab the Leatherman Wave or Streamlight Polytac. A Keltec PF9 in my computer bag if an application of boom stick is warranted.

  10. I carry a Glock 32 (.357 Sig caliber) with a Crimson Trace Laserguard,a spare mag and a Benchmade folder on my person in addition to the normal wallet, money & contents. In my vehicle i have a pack with Cliff bars and water, a hand held two way radio, heavy survival blankets (2), BBQ fire starter, leather gloves, multi tool, flashlight, extra batteries and hat.

  11. As a non-American reading this blog, the amount of different weapons you guys carry everyday never ceases to amaze me. Absolutely nothing against it, but where I’m from, we aren’t allowed to carry even the simplest or shortest of blades.

    So my “EDC” is just my wallet, phone, and most importantly my keychain. Keys hang from my belt in a paracord (I believe it’s called the cobra stich or something like that), and with keys is my Gerber Shard, which has been proven to be a valuable asset many times.

    In any longer trips away from home (work/pleasure) I also carry a Condor Side Kick Pouch, which is essentially an extended first-aid kit with multi tool, mylar blanket, pocket knife and more cordage. As stated above, this kit is also considered pretty much illegal if authorities discover it from my possession..

    1. So I guess wearing a Leatherman multitool would mean lots of hard time with Ben Dover as your cellmate. Yikes. I’d move.

  12. On my keychain: a peanut lighter, a P 38 can opener, a mini flashlight. A Swiss army knife, champian model, and a Leatherman Skeletool. In my wallet. a plastic card wrapped in duct tape and a piece of char cloth in a plastic sleeve.

  13. Personally i have a glock 26 on me at all times and my full size glock locked down in my truck. Other than a knife and a fully loaded BOB in my truck. I have to say everyone should buy the Quick Clot trauma kit from amazon. I unfortunately had to use 2 of them in the last 2 years. one on a coworker who got a nasty cut on her hand while taking trash out that requited a couple of stitches. Most recently i had to use a full trauma kit on a contractor who was installing the chimney for my wood stove. He cut the top of his hand pretty bad slicing a tendon and a couple of veins. The quick clot was able to stop the bleeding to get him to the hospital where he received a lot of stitches and will have to follow up with a hand specialist for the tendon damage. So using the kit on 2 different occasions i can honestly say it is worth the money and it earns the spot in my BOB as a every day carry item.

  14. I carry my Glock 26 with a Glock 19 mag(and grip-adapter) in it. Works well for my hands, and conceal-ability is not compromised in anyway. Have an extra G-19 mag with the adapter on it as well. Razor sharp pocket knife and a few other goodies. My GHB is stocked with what works for me and for where I travel for business the majority of the time. Most of that travel, requires me driving, so if either in my POV or company vehicle, I’m good to go. I don’t care to fly, having had luggage “disappear”, so when I fly, I always carry-on and FedEx what needs to be shipped to me(and home). Quick Clot is excellent, although I got harassed by a nitwit TSA(redundant term I know)”agent”, for having it in my carry-on. Still kept it though.I always carry two high intensity smaller AA flashlights whether I fly or drive, and spare batteries. Figure a four-pack of double As, in a pair of my socks could be used for self-defense if necessary as well, in a pinch.(check local laws though)

  15. My work is within a ten mile radius from my home. This gives me the luxury of being able to have my Bug Out Bag, Municipal Bag, Tool’s, Water, Food, Shelter in my truck at all times. What is in those bags and tools is everything I need to survive in the wood. In so saying… My every day things that I carry are: P38, knife,multi tool, wallet, lighter, para cord bracelet with striker built in and last but not least my ACP 25 that I slip into my pocket.

  16. I carry a Kel tec .380 in a pocket holster along with a Kershaw 1930st folding lockblade. Also carry a Victorinox Camper model Swiss army knife, a keychain light and of course my cell phone. Since my truck is only 20 yards from my desk I keep numerous articles in it like a tarp, hatchet, rope,flashlight and a Springfield XDm in 9mm. Also carry a carbine, either an AR or AK.

  17. I have yet to get my concealed permit yet, but my buddy/roommate got mugged last year so I have started to carry a knife on my person, which eventually graduated to a full EDC. It consists of:

    My IPhone with multiple Navigational Apps (Spyglass App, Commander Compass App, both phenomenally useful).

    Wallet with a stainless steel lockpick card in it in addition to standard items.

    Leather Notepad (got it from walmart, with a Pilot G-2)

    Keys (In addition to keys, I have a waterproof lighter on it, as well as a usb that looks like a key)

    Watch (Standard timex from Target, I put a button compass in the band, as well as a sewn in patch for a plastic universal handcuff key on the inside)

    Multitool (Sheffield multi from walmart)

    Torch (OzarkTrail 50L, its small and durable but I plan on upgrading soon)

    Knives (One in my boot, one on my belt. Belt is a sheffield titanium 4inches)


    Dog Tag (around my neck with ID and blood type)

    And soon I hope to be getting a Glock 22 with an extra mag on my belt).

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