“WildBill” left a comment to another article here on Modern Survival Blog that I decided to re-post here. I thought his thought process and do-it-yourself effort to be a good example of thinking for yourself, and in this example putting together your own medical kit.

Here’s what he had to say…

Bug Out has been a thing on a lot of folks minds. If TSHTF, then we are in trouble. My medical kit is extensive only because if TSHTF we will not have a Walmart to go to.

I went to the dollar store and bought up things like whips, bandages, super glue, ointments, medicines for common things, glucose gum, energy drink (only natural herbs and 100% of all daily requirements) every thing that might have some use.

THEN I went to a drug store and pilled up on things that the dollar store didn’t have.

My medical “bag” is actually a new fishing box with lots of spaces. It fits inside a backpack.

My bag can cover sinus to stitches but I want to put in a staple gun if I have to fix myself it is easier.

[Ken adds: Look into acquiring sutures and learning how to make basic stitches. People can practice on store-bought chicken pieces – look for YouTube videos and search on the subject.]

I know this may be wrong but I bought some Hydro’s from a friend. You get hurt and in pain I got you covered.

[Ken adds: IMO this is not wrong, and pain management could be a very big deal in a serious event. Also, a combination of over the counter Ibuprofen (Advil) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) can be very effective.]

The thing to remember is your First Aid Kit should hold 4 people for at least 2 months.

[Ken adds: …or whatever suits your particular needs. Kits may be put together for varying purposes, each with their own requirements.]

Think outside the box when making up your kit. I have rubber bands, popsicle sticks, bungee cord, gray tape, super glue, eye wash, flash light head lamp type that has three lens colors, razors, a small amount of para cord to use for splints, hydration packs, insta cold packs, fire starter etc..

[Ken adds: “The sky is the limit” when it comes to thinking outside the box. It’s better to have more than you may ever need than not enough. Check lists from others who’ve put together medical kits.]
A First Aid Kit should include…

Sound like my kit is over kill? I’m still adding to this kit and will most likely have two before it is over.

One of the biggest things I can’t stress enough in making a kit is SOAP!!! You cannot touch a person if your hands are bloodied from skinning out a deer. I keep Dial Anti Bacteria bar soap plus a small bottle of liquid plus a small bottle of alcohol based hand wash for AFTER washing. The least infection on the field could be life threatening and someone with dirty hands will only add to the infection.

Sanitation is key to survival and medical situations. You MUST bathe, brush your teeth, and keep hygiene at the top of the list. Soap is more important than just washing the smell off you. You cannot perform say a stitch up job on someone with dirty hands. Wash hands with water THEN use the antiseptic hand wash, then put on gloves.

I don’t want an old sock to be put on my wound. A CHEAP solution is Maxi Pads, Tampons, Sponges. They don’t take up a lot of room but the hold a lot of blood and the Tampons can be used to plug holes.

[Ken adds: Very Important! Yes, seemingly harmless infections WILL kill you. Without antibiotics, you must remain clean and be very aware of any open cut and what it comes in contact with…]

Think outside the box and make your first aid kit full of common things that you use every day. If you have ulcers or gas problems, sinus, urinary, whatever. These will not stop when you hit the woods.

Be ready, you might have a 50lb bag of nothing but med supplies but when you hit the woods it will be ALL YOU GOT!

[Ken adds: Hopefully it’s not ‘all you got’, but WildBill is on the right track… there is no right or wrong medical kit as having something is better than nothing. Don’t forget First Aid. You may think you’ll never need a medical kit, but when you do, you’ll be glad you have one.]

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