Assuming that you’ve already reached a reasonable level of general preparedness which accounts for water, food, shelter, and security (and whatever else fits into your definition of ‘reasonably prepared’), you might also consider expanding into additional areas which may help you down-the-road for if and when the SHTF…

For example, whenever I’m in a ‘Home Depot’ picking up supplies, a tool, or whatever, I always say to Mrs.J while walking through the place… “I wish I had my own Home Depot!”.

Here’s why…

For one thing, the nearest one is a fairly far away, given my rural location, and whenever I’m there I pick up more than I need so as to minimize return trips.

Note: I do give my business to local suppliers when applicable to keep dollars in the community, but I’m using Home Depot as an example for the purpose of this article…

Since I have multiple hands-on skills for DIY projects ranging from electrical to plumbing to construction to lots of things… I therefore like to keep on hand a variety of supplies and tools to accommodate such things. While I don’t have nearly as much as I would have if I actually had a career in any of those areas, I do enjoy being able to get a project done simply by utilizing what I have here at home. But inevitably I always seem to need a few things (or more) from HD (or some other supplier). That’s why I say that I wish I had one of my own!

With that said, now imagine ‘if’ the SHTF for a time, and there were no more trips to HD (or wherever) to get the ‘stuff’ that you need to build something or fix something, etc… Then what??

Note: This concept is not just for us guys (who tend to be Home-Depot oriented for example), but for you gals too. It’s about having supplies & tools for your skills (whatever they are).

Take a look around your home and take a mental inventory of what you have in this regard. Ask yourself if it would help if you had more raw materials, hardware, tools etc.. for your skills? (I already know the answer: “Of course it would help!”)

Ideally, I would love to have the whole store’s inventory, but since I have not won the lottery – I make the best decisions I can about what I keep on hand. And what those things are will depend on the skill set or skill sets that you’re gearing up for.

The simple point is, think about it… and think about it in the context of preparedness.

What are your thoughts? Are there supplies (other than the ‘typical’ preparedness supplies) that might be beneficial to have on hand for SHTF collapse – presuming you have the skills to utilize them? What are they?

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