12 Tips For Movement During Evasion

Can you find the man hiding in the picture?

If ever in a situation where evasion is paramount, here are some tips for movement while minimizing your chances of detection…


1. A moving object is easy to spot. Our eyes and brain are very adept at noticing movement, particularly against a background of relatively little movement. This is probably the most important fact to remember if you are trying to remain undetected. The keyword here is “slow” in this type of environment while also blending in. On the other hand, in some situations where you are within an environment of moving people, you could potentially blend in, so long as you are “blending in” and being street smart.

2. In the wild, mask yourself with natural cover. Apart from wearing a Ghillie suit, make smart choices for the color / camouflage of your clothes. Consider your surroundings and blend in with them by wearing similar colors. Generally, wearing neutral colors – olive drab, brown, beige, gray – will blend in well with many environments.

3. Movement during periods of low light, or bad weather will reduce the likelihood of being seen. Unlike other predators, we humans are not able to see too well in low light conditions, so use this to your advantage. Be aware of modern technology including IR Thermal imaging, of which there are ways to potentially block it or reduce your signature.

4. Avoid silhouetting. Walking in the open (e.g. across a hilltop, etc.) will present a visible profile to others. Be aware of what is behind you at all times and use it to your advantage by either avoiding it (take another route) or using it blend in or conceal. Be aware of how you contrast with your background (color, pattern, contrast, etc.)

5. At irregular intervals (as in NOT regular intervals), STOP at a point of concealment and LOOK and LISTEN for signs of activity. Don’t just go blindly on, even while being careful. The irregularity of your stopping and starting will not present so much of a pattern. While using your sight, also use your sense of smell and sense of hearing while stopped and scanning.

6. Be quiet. Be aware of the noise you are making as you move and travel including that of your equipment or clothing. A wet and damp environment is favorable to walking silently. Watch where you step.

7. Moving along an overall irregular route will help conceal evidence of travel. As in, it’s easier to track someone walking a straight line.

8. Do not break branches or disturb vegetation. ‘Manage’ vegetation that normally would spring back (e.g. use a walking stick to part vegetation). Don’t leave “breadcrumbs” behind you of trampled grass, snapped twigs, etc.

9. Do not grab small trees or brush. This almost always leaves evidence.

10. Do not overturn ground cover, rocks and sticks. This is easy to spot by a tracker. Travel through the environment without disturbing anything if possible.

11. Take advantage of solid surfaces (rocks, logs, etc.). They will not leave tracks.

12. Cross a road (preferably at night) after observation from concealment to determine that there is no activity. Cross at points that offer concealment. Remember, you are silhouetted and exposed when crossing a road. Choose the shadows if possible.

There are lots more tips and advice than just these.
Feel free to comment and add your own tips or recommendations for traveling undetected…


  1. 13. When you stop always drop to one knee
    14. Never come back the same way you went in
    15. Air flare – freeze in place, Ground Flare – move out of lighted area

  2. Article reads nice, but with ALL the modern equipment , etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ‘they’ KNOW where we are. Then if ya have any equipment on you ( NO Modern cell phones etc………… either, because they give your position away. Don’t forget the drones ( insect size to larger ones) about to be released, as of 2015, over USA skies.Just simple heat seeking ground devices.Interesting technology you can find, if you just walk around in the woods/forest. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had ‘eye/ears in mountain areas out West!!!

    1. Drones are already here!!!
      Many police agencies are using them “for public safety”- hell, you can even buy one at my local mall that sends REAL TIME video back to your smart phone or tablet! The future is NOW!

      1. Let’s all Buy these Drones and fly them constantly around NSA headquarters, follow these people home and fly them around their homes CONSTANTLY and see if they change their tune about it. We could all take different shifts flying drones and viseotaping the NSA snoopers..

    2. This is true, but the real danger could be avoiding roving gangs, so still prudent info as I don’t think gangs have progressed with such gadgets.

      1. I agree again peanut. Gangs will be the number one problem in cities of any size. The police cannot do anything about them NOW they sure wont be able to do anything when TSHTF. People living in cities will be subjected to a very cruel environment. When the power goes off grid and your not ready to Bug Out you probably wont make it out. The gangs will take over very quickly as “new recruits” wanting water and food will join thus building their numbers quickly. Its one thing to protect your family from an intruder wishing you harm. But how are you supposed to protect your family from a mob? They already have more weapons and members than the police and they have shown from the past they are not afraid of shooting someone. Gangs will rule the cities.

  3. – dont smoke, it can be smelled fairly long after and far away
    -dont wash with perfumed (smelly) soaps, shampoo etc.
    -(shadow) cover hands and face
    -avoid velcro tape as much as possible
    -a quiet pee is always better, so be ware on what surface you do it, water dry leaves, metal etc. make a lot of noise, also try not to leave a whet spot which can be easily detected (wall, stone dry soil you name it
    -beware of lens glare when wearing glasses
    -stay clean, body odor carries far and long
    -remember, what looks like a good hiding place or safe passage to you, also looks like a good hiding place or passage to others! so be extra careful (look listen smell and have patience) “they” might be already there.
    – if you have a cold wear a thick scarf to muzzle the noise.
    – when the urge of passing gas is there, squad and use both hands to spread your cheeks, you will be surprised of the lack of the famous trumpeting noise, you only will hear a pfff. when doing it right. also be aware if you can smell it so do others! (same for numbers 2, look listen do it and bury it)
    -only prepare food , coffee tea etc in a very safe place, the smell of cooking carries!
    -a detour alongside of good cover is preferable to a route which is shorter but unsafe

    -most important, think ahead. where and how would you place yourself if you want to ambush some one? if you see a spot like that, stop listen look and take your time. IMPATIENCE (hurry) kills.

  4. One, do not move during the day.. move only at night..and then only late or early in the morning hours..

    Now obtain maps and learn how to use a compass and a map..

    Box danger area… (means go a few hundred yards in a box shape around any areas of concern.. then return to your route.

    Spend at least an hour before moving with a pair of Binoculars..scanning the area using the Box technique.. (Cover your lenses with panty hose material.

    Control your odor.. too strong and you may be detected as easily as if you smell like Dial..

    Clear your mind … a fearful mind is what Dogs sense.. People do also..

    Keep in mind Army and Marine Scouts routinely come within feet of the enemy and remain undetected if they chose.. You can too..

    Spend time now outdoors in the field.. learn to see again.. learn to be quiet again.. It is in your Primeval Genes.. It only needs to be accessed.

    Lots of Lucks.

    1. Moving at night is the sole reason a PVS14 is part of my preps. It’s also fun to use when camping and you hear a noise in the woods by your tent at night. Not having to let your eyes adjust to a flashlight is amazing.

        1. would it Be possible to Shelter Under a umbrela slightly larger like the one use by golfer with added camouflage. it would be fast to open.
          Thank you for your teaching

  5. I hunted rabbits and birds when I was a kid growing up in Michigan. I am still very stealthy for a guy who weighs 275 pounds! If you can sneek up on a wild animal you’re doing something right. But staying off the radar is the best way to not get caught. You can’t hit a ghost you can’t see.

      1. Alright, now that I see it, that’s just creepy!
        Seriously though, Great post!
        My brother was an Army SRT military police officer and used to make training videos for concealment and camouflage. I had fun watching them trying to find him in his ghillie suit.

  6. Stop, Look and Listen.

    Never rush your way to somewhere.

    Take your time and be aware of your surroundings.

    Animals will “tell” you if someone is near. Squirrels will chatter, birds will send out warnings and most of the time if spooked an animal will flee the area.

    When you step look at where your foot is going then place down toe first then heel. Don’t “stomp” but slide your foot. This will decrease your sound of footsteps.

    Be careful not to break sticks or move small rocks when you step.

    Stay down wind of the area your moving to.

    Never go close to your target. Watch it from a distance and NEVER look directly at something. Find say a branch or a rock or whatever to look at and keep the person your viewing in your hind sight.
    A animal can sense something looking at it as well as humans.

    Approach areas of interest slowly and with upmost care not to make noise.

    If TSHTF their might be others in your area. If you think your being watched act normally like you would any other time. NEVER let the person watching you know you see him. Take your time and “slip off” and come in behind them.

    Remember the sounds of nature around you and when you don’t hear them anymore someone or something is out their.

    Wear camouflage clothing. I have two camouflage pull over shirts. They are made of mosquito netting and have “leaves” sewn on them. They will turn any clothing you are wearing even white into camouflage. It has a built in hood also to cover your face. I don’t need a Ghillie suit to be unseen, just basic camouflage clothing with “added” branches and leaves to break up the human shape and pattern.

    Remember, the animals in the wood will let you know if someone is near. All you have to do is “train” your mind to the sounds and make them second nature to you. If someone is coming usually you will know.

    1. It really illustrates the power of camouflage! And although this guy is full-on disguise, it doesn’t take all that much to fool the eyes-brain. It’s interesting how once you do finally find him, you can look at the picture later and almost immediately find his face (now that you know where to look).

  7. Great post-and I could not find the man till told where to look.But you know-this was covered years ago by Monty Python-How Not to be Seen!

  8. Had he closed his eyes I would never have seen him. That was what I saw first off.

  9. Look for what is not supposed to be there. Inventory square areas, tree, branch, bush, rock, face, rock oh crap face.

  10. find your animal totem . become that animal . we will all be animals in shtf so pick one that is quiet , fearless and deadly . go into the forest nearest you , alone , for a day and a night at least a couple times a month and become that animal . no food ,supplies , gear or companions . call upon the spirit of your grandfathers to teach you the ways . you will become that animal . careful not to take it home with you . keep it to yourself as a weapon that cannot be wrestled from you . you are it , it is you . peace to all by the holy spirit of the creator .

  11. Evasion Shelter Acronym

    Blends In
    Low In Profile
    Irregular In Shape
    Small In Size
    Survivable Shelter


  12. With all that’s going on with cops and the attacks on cops and the attacks on white people that the news wont report. Ex. 6 black teens beat and killed a dad in front of their family and they were also attacked by the teens, the judge knew they were looking for white people but didn’t rule it as a hate crime. I believe a race war is coming sooner or later .

  13. Switch off your cell phone!
    It can ring when you are hiding. also they can find your location with signal tracking.

    1. @ Old Grenadier

      Switching off or turning off a cell phone does NOT turn it off. 90% of the phone function is still working, such as the GPS and other stuff…. you MUST remove the battery for it to be OFF


  14. DO NOT EAT PEANUT BUTTER!!! It’s one of the five most easily detectable scents to man. It’s a shame to avoid something with such nutritional density and long shelf life. But, if you absolutely must eat peanut butter, make a charcoal filtered mask out of neutral colored natural fabric and crushed charcoal. You can use fish tank charcoal, crushed barbecue briquettes, or just the black and brittle charcoal left over from any wood fire. Crush your charcoal down to 1/16″ granules and take an 8″ x 8″ piece of your fabric, doubled over so the dimension is now 8″ x 4″, and sew (you DO have an emergency sewing kit, right?) into quilted pockets of 1/2′ x 1″ with a thickness of 1/2″, filling the pockets with charcoal just before sewing the ends shut. Overlay and sew at least three of these layers together with the charcoal pockets overlapping the stitched areas so as not to leave any bit unfiltered. Attach either thin cord or fabric strips 28″ long to the top and bottom 8″ edges, leaving 10″ of cord loose at either end. You’re basically making a surgical mask you can tie around your head and above your neck.
    The trick to eating peanut butter, or any food with a strong aroma, is to leave the bottom of the mask just loose enough to expose the mouth when pulled up, but tight enough to cover when back in place as you eat and exhale. It’s not a perfect seal, but holding your hands over both cheeks in an “oh my God” kind of gesture and stretching tight will provide effective protection. Also capable against pollen and particulate (no use concealing yourself if you’re sneezing or coughing), viral and bacterial agents as well as volatile organic compounds. Very useful for keeping your sense of smell sharp so you aren’t caught nose blind when others may be approaching. Can also be used to filter your flatulence to maintain concealment.
    As with any piece of survival gear, the more uses. the more valuable.

  15. These are all things that take practice…practice….and more practice. Make a game out of it with your survival group, militia or your family. Choose an area that everyone is familiar with, at first, and then work up from there. It can incorporate land navigation and other goodies. Loser buys the beer or whatever is appropriate. The possibilities are almost endless.

  16. I am truly happy. After 7years, I finally found the man… Feels like crying though. Time flies eh? Thanks to Ken, Chevy, AC and all. I didn’t do it myself but use others to help me see it (phones too small) and since everyone’s at home now, why not find ‘the man’ included among the routine…

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