Local Intelligence Analysis vs Regional /National /Global

Your security. Whether it be personal or home security, intelligence gathering and analysis is part of the equation. And local intelligence should be your main or immediate priority. Here’s what I mean…

Situational awareness. While it’s important to know what’s happening outside of your locality, within the context of your personal and home security it’s best to spend more of your time focused on “local”, and local intelligence /analysis.

I recall reading about a “rule-of-thumb” for this (intelligence /analysis). It was 60-30-10. That is, 60% local, 30% regional, and 10% national/global.

3 Levels Of Intelligence Analysis

1. Local
2. Regional
3. National/Global

Local Intelligence

That which is immediately important to us.

– Home
– Neighborhood

Your immediate sphere – your home, your neighborhood, your locality.

Why? Because what will matter most is your local situation.

And should it ever happen, regarding SHTF, having local intelligence will be paramount to your security and your decision making as you move forward through the event.

While the ‘stuff’ that’s going on nationally (or regionally) may eventually affect you locally (which is why it’s important to know and understand those levels), it is very important to have a grip on your own area of operations – your home – your neighborhood – your town. These things will affect you first, and the most!

Local intelligence /analysis is the most important. It’s literally your small local geographical sphere of operations. Within this sphere is its own geography, terrain, streets, and your own home and property. The people who live around you, and in your neighborhood. Your local town. The various businesses. There’s a town government and those who run it. Services. Local law enforcement. Emergency personnel. Etc.. There’s a lot going on in your own locality.

The people within your local sphere. They each have their own opinions, beliefs, political leanings, motivations, their own readiness (or lack of), their own influence among the community. How much of that are you aware of? How much do you know about your own neighbors? Your town?

The more you know about the people within your community, the better prepared you will be (knowledge wise) about the specifics that may affect you, be it good, bad, or indifferent.

Regional Intelligence

The area where we can identify larger trends.

– Regional
– County
– State

Chances are that you’re not in direct contact with sources beyond your locality. Regional, county, state. Information /intelligence will likely come from external sources. For example these sources may include your local news outlets, local radio, newspapers (do people get those anymore?), internet, word of mouth, etc..

However the goings-on within your county and state will potentially impact you. It’s good to keep up with this. And if motivated, to provide your own influence into such matters if that’s what floats your boat.

National/Global Intelligence

The largest in overall scope.

– National
– Global

It’s easy to get caught up in this level of intelligence /analysis! The mainstream media pushes very, very hard to influence us all on a grand scale. Most of us here know that there are powerful agendas at work, and indeed some of this could eventually affect you and I in very real ways. And it’s quite important in my opinion to stay on top of what’s happening on the national and global scale. I tend to spend a lot of time in this area of intelligence gathering, because it interests me (and concerns me!). Why? Because there’s some really bad ‘stuff’ going on at this level.

However from the standpoint of time spent regarding one’s security and intelligence gathering, it certainly makes sense to get your ducks in a row (first) from the perspective of your own local situation.

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  1. Very good Ken,
    People get all wrapped up in National or world events, for us out here MOST of that stuff barely affects us.
    Local is our biggest concern, and at the same time our biggest blessing, pretty mellow place here, and geographically isolated so lots of what happens even on another island let alone on the continent may never even register over here, and especially in our isolated rural community.
    Good reminder

    1. As a former Hawaii resident I definitely understand having a “local” only mentality. Especially when you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean 3,000 miles from the U.S. mainland. But that blessing could also be a curse. Your governor had a mind-fart a couple years ago when his staff mistakenly pressed the alarm for a nuclear attack on the islands and he “lost” his password to turn off the alert. My sister recollects that she just lay in bed waiting for the explosion. I’m not saying that the island chain is less safer than what happens here on the mainland but Pearl Harbor happened for a reason. And that reason was global.

  2. That’s why ham is important to me and mine. What ya don’t know CAN hurt ya. Granted, once everyone is here, most 2 way comms will be very local. Listening or occasionally xmit over distances, is important too. Who knows what we’ll need? If ya don’t have intel (comms) I think you’ll wish ya did. In fact, it will likely become a priority for those who DON’T have comms.

    Is comms or knowledge of comms a barterable thing? I don’t know, but I bet we’ll eventually find out. Easier than ya think.

  3. this is one reason i come to this site. to get boots on the ground info from people around the country in different areas. i sort through many news links everyday, but i take everything i hear from any of them with a grain of sand. they all have their own agenda’s. listen, but don’t believe everything you hear. it all depends on the source, whether it be the internet, TV or any radio. i don’t know those people personally and i’m not going to take anyone’s word as gospel. again this why i come here, i think most of us here are all on the same page.
    always be vigilant, be aware, but don’t believe everything you hear. misdirection is a real weapon now.

  4. The way we communicate in my rural neighborhood and small town:
    *neighborhood watch meetings
    *GroupMe app on the phone
    *garden club
    *grocery store and feed store
    *local diner
    If we were not able to access other technologies, all the good old boys would turn on their cb radios. Our local family has a designated channel.
    I am less certain about state affairs.

  5. True.
    The local county commissioners screw us worse than anybody else, while the populace are focused on the national level.

    1. Johnny Reb – Very true in some cases. There is a day of reckoning coming. And I reckon folks know where they live. In these dark times coming….do you think the rain only falls on the innocent? It WILL fall on everyone. Never been a time like it….nor ever again. If the days were not cut short, there would be no flesh left alive.

  6. Rough Rider,
    cb radios are a great short range communication tool. we can generally get 2 miles with what we have in our trucks. with a good antenna, i know of people who can transmit 20 miles with their’s, further than that if the tropo. cooperates on skip. if you have a community you can always send a message down the line. sometimes you don’t want to send messages outside of your area for everyone to hear. keep it close and don’t give yourself away.
    OPSEC is going to be very important now for a while.
    best of luck

  7. Sometimes local, national and global collide. Like today, just now:

    “White House Urges Donald Trump Supporters to ‘Remain Peaceful’ After FBI Raid”

    Well that settles it. I for one do what the “White House” tells me to do, yessir that’s me Tmac, a compliant sheep. My son on the other hand…. I haven’t heard from him for the past two days.

    1. Tmac,
      “White House Urges Donald Trump Supporters to ‘Remain Peaceful’ After FBI Raid”
      where did you see that at?

    1. Ken –

      Breitbart, quoting Karine Jean-Pierre, you know, the first…… Her actual quote said ‘Americans’ but was within the context of angry Trump supporters.

  8. Comment of our local TV station this morning….Man who attacked the F.B.I. agency in Ohio “may have been influenced by the Proud Boys”. They are looking into it. Do they look into it, then make a remark of this nature? Heck, no. I’ll bet you a quarter that the next person who repeats what they heard on the news this morning, the same exact news that I heard, will say the the man who attempted to shoot up the F.B.I. in Ohio was a Proud Boy. They are attempting to turn any pro-Trump group that is organized into a National threat. If they labeled concerned parents at school board meetings at terrorist, what will they do with those really to defend this country and it’s constitution?

    1. Ariel, ‘They’ have war-gamed these scenarios. If and when it ever goes kinetic for real (which I sincerely hope that it does not), ‘they’ know where patriot leadership lives, and wouldn’t be surprised to see drone strikes, knocking said leadership out – while displaying ‘their’ power – so as to quell any further resistance. But maybe I’m confusing that with a novel I may have read or something…

      1. An astute comment no doubt. I agree. My hope is that the “leadership” understands full well that this scenario could take place – with extreme prejudice – and prepares accordingly. Prepping for a catastrophe is one thing. Prepping for a war… quite another.

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