biometric gun safe for a pistol

It is now 2018. I have owned the SentrySafe pistol biometric gun safe (actually 3 of them) for nearly 5 years.

I’m still of the opinion that they may be the best general purpose pistol biometric gun safe available.

I feel compelled to let you know why I still believe they’re one of the best choices, and to highlight what I think are the best features.

– metal heft
– lid piston
– padding
– 3 methods to open
– stunning biometric repeatability
– ergonomics
– battery life
– brand quality

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Safe


Heavy Metal

When you pick up this pistol safe you’ll know right away that the metal is significant. While no safe is impervious, this one has heft.

I’m not going to damage my safe trying, but I am sure that it would be pretty darn difficult to force this safe open. Given the design of rear hinges and front locking mechanism, I can’t imagine getting this thing open without the owner.

The Lid’s Piston

When you first open the safe, the immediate striking feature is the powerful lid piston.
SentrySafe Pistol Safe Lid Piston

It takes a fraction of a second for the piston to pop up the lid for quick access. I’ve had these safe’s for years and the piston’s are still just as responsive when they were new. SentrySafe obviously sourced a good quality piston (important!).

Safe Padding

I really like the type of padding that’s glued into the interior. I’ve had some safe’s where their padding deteriorates over the years. Not this one! It feels like some kind of neoprene or similar. It’s ‘just right’.

3 Methods To Open The Safe

Here’s what I really like about this pistol safe: There are 3 ways to open it (I like backups).

– biometric fingerprint
– button press sequence
– key

Biometric Gun Safe – Incredible Fingerprint Ability

The #1 feature that makes this pistol safe the best in my opinion is the stunning repeatability of the fingerprint biometric reader. I’m telling you, it opens every time! I don’t know how they do that ;)

There are two blue LED lights (one on each side of the biometric area) that light up when you touch the fingerprint reader. If it’s dark, once you touch it, you know it’s activated. A single green LED lights up when it’s opening.

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe Fingerprint Reader

Overall Ergonomics

The fingerprint scanner is nicely recessed making it easier to quickly and properly slide the pad of your finger across it. Even in the dark, the location and design assists in easy and quick opening.

The rest of it just feels right. The shape and dimensions are well thought out. As you can see in the photo, it easily fits my Glock G19 and several mags (I could fit even more in there).

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe For Pistols and Handguns

Excellent Battery Life

I have never had the batteries go dead. But I will say this, I do replace them every year or two. So I know they last at least 2 years (probably longer).

My next set I’m going to use Lithium batteries because they last even longer. By the way, they’re AA batteries. The battery compartment is very easy to access.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe Battery Compartment

Quality Brand Name

SentrySafe has been around for a long time and they make quite a variety of safes. I have been a happy customer for many years.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe, Quick Access Biometric Safe

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