Best Biometric Handgun Safe

Best biometric handgun safe

I have owned several biometric (fingerprint) handgun safes for quite a few years. I’m still of the opinion that this type may be the best general-purpose handgun safe to have. One that opens by a fingerprint (with the option to save multiples), as well as a button press sequence (PIN code), and with a key.

The fact is, there are a lot of biometric gun safe choices for a handgun. Since I first purchased this type (it was a Sentry Safe model), there have been quite a few additions to the market, and better prices than what I paid.

I feel compelled to let you know today’s popular choices, and why they may be among the best to choose from for a handgun, and to highlight what I think are the best features to consider.

  • metal heft
  • lid piston/strut or spring quality
  • padding
  • at least 3 methods to open
  • excellent biometric repeatability
  • ergonomics
  • battery life
  • brand quality via good reviews

Best Budget Biometric Handgun Safe

First, here is one of today’s most popular and well-reviewed biometric handgun safes on amzn. I would consider it one of the best budget handgun safes.

ONNAIS Biometric Handgun Safe

ONNAIS Quick-Access

ONNAIS biometric handgun safe

Exterior Dimensions 11.49″ x 9.17″ x 3.07″
Interior Dimensions 10.63″ x 6.69″ x 2.91″

Security Cable is a nice add

Unlock with a key, a user PIN code, or up to 30 stored fingerprints. I really like the extra capability to store so many biometric fingerprints because this could provide access to the handgun safe by not only yourself but also a spouse (or whomever else you might choose). Also, it may be beneficial to store several of your fingers (e.g. index and thumb), so the safe will open several ways. My old Sentry Safe’s can only store two prints, so I like this ONNAIS feature alot.

TIP: The high-resolution fingerprint scan enables the possibility to also add the edge of your fingers (as part of the 30 storage capability). This will ensure an additional likelihood that the handgun safe will open even if your finger is not pressed straight on the button (the rush of the moment).

Another nice little feature is the ability to mute the beeps as you press the PIN code combination. You might want this to remain silent (if it matters to you). All you have to do is press the OK button 3-times, and from then on it remains muted (until you repeat that sequence).

There’s a warning when the 4-AA batteries are getting low. When it’s low, you will hear 10 beeps after you unlock the safe. I recommend good quality batteries for the longest performance. Consider Lithium or at least Energizer MAX.

BILLCONCH Biometric Handgund Safe

This next safe caught my eye. Not only is it basically tied with the ONNAIS popularity within the budget biometric handgun safe category, but I notice a few features that I especially like.


BILLCONCH biometric handgun safe

The pin code numerical buttons include 0 – 9. Most of these safes have half this many digit choices for a pin combination. My own personal pin happens to use some digits up above 5, so this would enable me to use the one that’s already permanently well-etched in my memory.

The internal battery (2200 mAh) is rechargeable by way of a micro-USB port on the front. That’s convenient.

There’s even an APP that you can use for various things such as Unlock logs, password management, and more.

Best Slider / Slideout Biometric Handgun Safe

Use/attach with a nightstand, under a desk, to the side of a bed, discretely on a bookshelf, or wherever else. A biometric fingerprint or pin code will release the locking pin holding back a spring that automatically slides out the handgun drawer for quick easy access.

This one is the most popular and well-reviewed slider handgun safes on amzn.


LANGGER biometric handgun safe

An appealing feature is the latest 508 DPI (dots per inch) resolution biometric sensor for more accurate and faster fingerprint speed (0.2 seconds). The LANGGER will store up to 20 unique fingerprints.

Another nice feature is the storage slot for an extra mag.

The unit is made from heavy-duty 16-gauge carbon steel and weighs 12.5 pounds.

Opens three ways. Biometric fingerprint, 4-digit keypad, or key. As with any handgun safe, make sure that you keep the emergency keys out of the safe in case the batteries die (this one uses 4 AAA).

Not only does the slider drawer pop out quietly, but there’s a silent mode¬†too (muting button press beeps).

It will fit handguns up to 9.5 inches in length, which covers almost all of them on the market.

Examples: Compatible with 1911, Glock 19, Glock 17, Glock 22, Glock 34, Glock 43, Glock 45, Beretta M9, Heckler & Koch VP9, Walther Arms PPS, Sig p365, Sig p320, Sig P220, Sig P226, Sig M18, Sig sp2022, Sig M17, Springfield XDs XD9, Aig m18, HK vp9, Ruger P-85, Ruger 57 and lots more.

The rest of this article is the original post that I wrote about my biometric Sentry Safe, which I had purchased several. I believe you can still find these for sale at Big Box stores like Home Depot and such. After years of service, my only complaint is having to replace a few of the gas struts which were not opening the lid very well anymore (replacement part linked below).

Sentry Safe Biometric Handgun Safe

When you pick up this pistol safe you’ll know right away that the metal is significant. While no safe is impervious, this one has heft.

I’m not damaging my safe trying, but I am sure it would be pretty difficult to force this safe open. Given the design of the rear hinges and the front locking mechanism, I can’t imagine getting this thing open without the owner.

SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe Lid Piston/Strut

When you first open the safe, the immediate striking feature is the powerful lid strut.

Sentry Safe gas strut

It takes a fraction of a second for the strut to pop up the lid for quick access. I’ve had these safes for years and the struts are still just as responsive when they were new.

Gas Strut Replacement for Sentry Safe

[UPDATE: I’ve had to replace some gas struts after approximately 5 years]

This is what I purchased to replace the Gas Struts on my biometric quick-access handgun Sentry Safe:

Apexstone 80N/18lb 7 Inch

Safe Padding

I really like the type of padding that’s glued into the interior. I’ve had some safes where their padding deteriorates over the years. Not this one! It feels like some kind of neoprene or similar. It’s ‘just right’.

3 Methods To Open The Safe

Here’s what I really like about this pistol safe: There are 3 ways to open it (I like backups).

– biometric fingerprint
– button press sequence
– key

Biometric Gun Safe – Incredible Fingerprint Ability

The #1 feature that (in my opinion) makes this one of the best biometric gun safes for a pistol/handgun is the stunning repeatability of the fingerprint biometric reader. I’m telling you, it opens every time! I don’t know how they do that ;)

There are two blue LED lights (one on each side of the biometric area) that light up when you touch the fingerprint reader. If it’s dark, once you touch it, you know it’s activated. A single green LED lights up when it’s opening.

Sentry Safe biometric fingerprint reader

Overall Ergonomics

The fingerprint scanner is nicely recessed making it easier to quickly and properly slide the pad of your finger across it. Even in the dark, the location and design assist in easy and quick opening.

The rest of it just feels right. The shape and dimensions are well thought out. As you can see in the photo, it easily fits my Glock G19 and several mags (I could fit even more in there).

SentrySafe Biometric Pistol Safe

Excellent Battery Life

I have never had the batteries go dead. But I will say this, I do replace them every year or two. So I know they last at least 2 years (probably longer).

For my next set I’m going to use Lithium batteries because they last even longer. By the way, they’re AA batteries. The battery compartment is very easy to access.

SentrySafe Pistol Safe Battery Compartment

Quality Brand Name

SentrySafe has been around for a long time and makes quite a variety of safes.

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