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Among the many risks we face, crime is one of the more apparent dangers that we hear or read about in the news. While many people tend to live in their own bubbles and believe that it (crime) will never happen to them or in their neighborhood, the fact is that it could happen anywhere, anytime.

The following are a few crime map tools which may shine some light on your own neighborhood:

Risk awareness is an integral pare of preparedness for life. Without knowing the risks we face, there is no preparing for it.

Whether you are researching a new area to live or visit, or are simply interested to know the crime trends in your region, the following crime mapping tools may be of interest.
The Crime-Reports website claims to be the largest and most comprehensive crime-mapping network in the world. Their free service also enables you to sign up for email alerts to new crime in your area.
The City-Rating crime statistics website enables you to search for crime statistics by state and city in the United States, and is quite extensive. It indicates trending as well as the specific statistics for various categories of crime in your town.

(We have no affiliation with any of these websites – they simply appear to be popular in this category)


  1. Many (if not all) states have a sexual predator registry. That’s accessible by simply looking it up on the Internet and one can often type in your home addess to determine their proximity to you. As part of your preps, look up how many sexual predators live close to your home. I think you’ll be shocked. I sure was when I did it many years ago. I would bet that many people have at least ten such predators living within 2 miles of their home.

    Post-collapse, I would fully expect for there to be many home invasions due to sociopaths feeling no longer restrained by law enforcement.

  2. The United States has the most people incarcerated in the world. Our crime rate is generated by our drugs. We need to incorporate a system like England has for the drug addicts. If you are “hooked” on any drug you go to a “park’ and register your name and the drug you use say “cocaine”. They then “give them” the drug of choice and they simply do it in the park. This eliminates the dealers and stops a addict from committing crimes to generate monies for their drug addiction. This is not a full proof way of stopping drug addicts from committing crimes but it does give a way to register all drug users and keeps an “eye” on them.

    I have a way to stop ALL dealers and drug users in one swoop. It is very simple idea, have a Air Craft Carrier load up with as much cocaine as it will hold. Sell it in stores for a dollar a pound. No drug dealer could EVER sell a pond of cocaine for a dollar and this immediately puts ALL drug dealers out of “work”. Second it will give a “junkie” drugs without them having to commit a crime to get them and Third, it will most likely make the junkie “overdose” thus taking care of that problem. The only reason why we don’t imply such actions is the fact that our government makes to much money by putting people behind bars and second our government controls all drug traffic in our country. They make money both ways so implementing measures like I stated are never going to happen.

    1. This is a horrible idea Wildbill.

      One life lost is ok in my book, but the families and children that are broken because of drug abuse don’t need someone they care about to have cheap access to drugs.

      How would the government make any money from jails? It is the opposite, we spend way too much for them. On the flip side, it actually takes more money to execute someone then to have them in prison for 30 years.

      Keep drugs illegal but decriminalize small amounts and first time offense. Maybe let people grow their own. But because pieces of shit still have ‘rights’ we can’t just sweep the streets and put them all down. Third and fourth time criminals for something violent/gang/drug related should just be executed.

  3. Might not hurt to get a fast track going to lethal injection for repeat violent predators.

    1. Why waste money on expensive drugs and medical gear? Brass, lead, and copper are quite effective.

  4. This is supposed to be a free country still. If someone wants to do drugs and possibly kill themselves it’s their business. Just don’t complain when they get killed trying to rob or steal to get the money to buy the drugs. Just call garbage pickup to get the trash out of your yard.

  5. Laced siezed drugs with Cyanide and re-elease it…. that will stop drug use one way or another…. Sort of like the program that was used in Vn where US SOF overcharged the AK ammo delibertly and put the rounds back in the ammo tins or mags. One never knew which round was defective. It had quite a psychological impact on the NVA/VC…..

    1. Our government did that with alcohol during prohibition.
      Seized booze was spiked.
      No idea how widespread that practice was, only that it was done.

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