Don’t be a Victim – Be Confident


Want to minimize the odds of becoming a victim of robbery or assault, while out in public?

Just remember these two words, ‘BE CONFIDENT’.

A would-be attacker, robber, or assailant will almost always look for easy prey. Just as the weakest of the herd in the animal kingdom typically fall first to a hungry predator, so too will a similarly apparent human become the likely victim of crime before that of a stronger opponent.

Particularly true for women, who themselves are not usually as physically strong as most men, a few simple practiced traits could potentially discourage a lurking attacker.

The secret?

Appear, and be, confident while you are out in public.

Walk with purpose, direction, and intent. Know where you are going, walk tall, shoulders back, confident strides, and use your eyes to look out straight and around, piercing, slightly suspicious – rather than looking down.

This alone, will influence most potential attackers to take pause, allowing you to pass through their zone. You see, those that are looking for an easy robbery, or victim, will purposely choose someone whom they feel will offer the least resistance and the easiest means of escape after-the-fact.

While there will always be exceptions to the rule, for you to beat the odds, the appearance of confidence is the simplest and most effective means to stay safe.

Another tip…

Be observant and take appropriate action.

Example… You are walking directly towards a destination down the street, say, 2 intersections away. While you are looking ahead, beyond what is directly in front of you, you notice a group of questionable characters hanging out near the sidewalk beyond the next street intersection. Even though your destination is on the same side of the street, you cross over to the other side with purpose, as though it was your intent all along…and cross back over later if you feel safe.

Example… You are walking to your vehicle which is parked in a mall parking lot or parking garage (any scenario is valid). Instead of fumbling for your keys after you’ve arrived at the vehicle, have your keys in hand while walking towards your vehicle – able to make a quick and efficient entry. Better yet, keep a small pepper-spray canister attached to your key chain and use it as the grasp in your hand – all the while at the ready. A whistle on the key-chain is a good deterrent too.

The key is to avoid confrontation in the first place. Appearing and being confident, will often be all that you need to avoid becoming a victim.

Practice it!


  1. And keep moving. If someone engages you in conversation or in a threatening way keep moving at the same speed and in the same direction (assuming it is safe). No reply is necessary or it may be fine to simply say “no” (as you would to a panhandler). But keep moving and the person or group of people will most likely stay put waiting for a better mark. However if they follow and continue to harass or beg or whatever they are doing then they have declared themselves to be aggressive and you need to be more proactive. Keep in mind that if you had stopped and engaged them in conversation you still wouldn’t know if they were aggressive or just irritating until they actaully attacked you. There is a value in knowing if someone is a potential attacker or not and that value is enhanced the further you are from them when they declare themselves. Keep moving, increase the distance between you and “them” and don’t stand close to anyone who you think might be a threat.

  2. I’ve tried to instill this in Little Ancona, and since she’s naturally outgoing, she does tend to walk with her head held high and doesn’t take crap off of people readily. That said, she is a small frame individual, so I like it better when she used the buddy system when out and about. i also insist that she carry mace and be prepared to use it. Mrs. Ancona is assertive as well, but her rheumatoid arthritis inhibits her ability to run away from an attacker, so he has a shin high length of panty hose filled with nickles at the toe and knotted just above them. god help someone who tries to jack my wife, because a crack on the head with the nickle sack is going to ruin their weekend. She carries mace, but she’s scared to death she is going to mis-fire and get a face full of it herself. One of her friends decided to pull hers out to show the girls one afternoon, and she sprayed it without thinking it through. It ended up blowing back in to their own faces. She was one pissed of woman for a week after that. Now, she’s afraid of the damn stuff.

    I think the buddy system is the best defense to a surprise attack by ‘ferals’ who wish to play the polar bear game, the knock out game or whatever the newest and bestest wilding game these sub-human “youths” come up with next.

    For myself, I prefer my Sig or my Glock. I like the 135gr. Thugstoppers the best.

  3. Jeff Cooper had a Situational awareness level color count,the least being green,the most being red what this did is teach you how to view your surroundings and act accordingly.I was a Deputy for many years and I can tell you it is second nature to keep one eye over your shoulder and also watch people’s eyes when you learn to read people’s eyes it gives you a short time advantage if you can see the fight or flight complex coming.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.

  4. what about just acting like a bit of a psycho, somewhat mad, always observant, cursing audibly under your breath

    1. My city had a man attacking women with a hammer even in broad daylight in urban populated areas so I walked with my phone and yelled into it like a crazy out of control middle aged mamma all the while pretending to scream at my teenage kids for laziness. I did scan constantly the environment but others gave me horrified looks so I did not seem weak. They did catch the guy but he got off.

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