Evil Gun Myth Busted!!

Evil Gun Myth Busted!

Evil Gun Myth Busted!!

I came across this video and just had to share it with our readers. I thought it was pretty funny and laughed my a$$ off while watching it several times…

I hope that some of you will enjoy the comic relief too…

From TheProRancher,


This is a semi-automatic handgun, not an evil entity that sits around thinking of ways to kill your children.

It’s made of plastic and metal, much like many of the objects you come into contact with on a daily basis.

It has no brain or consciousness; it cannot speak for itself or act for itself.

The cartridges have no brain, therefore they cannot load themselves into a magazine.

And again, the magazine has no brain or consciousness; therefore it cannot put itself into the magazine well of the handgun.

No amount of time or pressure can force this gun to load itself, and shoot me.

I put it under immense pressure, emotional stress, and psychological stress, and never once did it try to load itself and shoot me; and I gave it every opportunity.

Therefore as demonstrated, there is no evil in this gun. Outside of the hands of a living human being, it’s just a piece of metal and plastic, and is not capable of evil acts on living beings.

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  1. Great loved it,this is a good one for the anti-gun crowd.Keep your powder dry.

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