Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding In Plain Sight

Hiding In Plain Sight

Under some circumstances there may be reasons such that you don’t want to be noticed, or you don’t want to stand out while moving through an area, etc..

Instead, you want to hide in plain sight.

Here are a few thoughts how to do it…


Humans tend to notice anomalies, things (or people) that may appear to be ‘out of place’ for a given environment. Even though not specifically looking for it, people have a way of instinctively noticing things that are out of place.

A few things to consider if trying to ‘hide in plain sight’

Plan ahead.

Heighten your situational awareness.

Dress in clothes that are common to the area where you are, or where you plan to go.

Avoid bright colors. Neutral will blend in. Choose grey over black or white or red.

Additionally, pay attention to one’s shoes/footwear, and make certain they also blend in with what’s ‘normal’.

Avoid wearing high fashion or designer clothing if everyone around you are wearing t-shirts and jeans.

The opposite is also true. Wear what most others wear.

Walk in a relaxed way.

Do not wander around aimlessly.

Do not look like a tourist, gazing at the surroundings as though for the first time.

Run ONLY if you are in a emergency situation; otherwise you WILL look suspicious.

Keep your pace steady and calm.

Observe and be aware of your surroundings, but, keep your head level, eyes straight ahead.

Don’t keep your head down conspicuously.

Do not make eye contact when you want to look at a person; look at the face without making eye contact.

If you make eye contact by accident, quickly focus on something behind them, then slide your eyes off them to either side.

If you are near a crowd, move to it and stay with it.

You will seem less obvious in a group.

Avoid long open stretches; you will appear unusual if by yourself.

Know the area or plan ahead to take shortcuts.

Do not look uncomfortable; this will look suspicious.

Act like you are supposed to be there.

Always appear to be in a reasonably good mood without overdoing it.

Talk in local dialect.

Someone even said to “Walk in like you own the place!”

Obey traffic laws. Monitor all tail and brake lights on the car. Don’t give the police any reason to notice you.

A suggestion from another comment here on the blog:

Use alternate clothing items (hats, shirts, jackets) and swap them throughout the event.

Change that old green ballcap for a blue one after passing through a suspected surveillance area. Use blind spots in surveillance areas to change shirts or slip off a long sleeve shirt to reveal a t-shirt (or vice/versa).

Keep a couple of different old jackets around to change as needed.

Plan for several wardrobe swaps or changes after being in any video surveillance area. Keep it simple. Just change one or two items at a time.

And always use a different name for each visit to those fast food places that are now asking for your name to print out on the receipt. Never repeat the same name for the next restaurant.

Video and facial recognition data collection systems are everywhere now. Have a pair of non-prescription glasses (fake)to use when being videoed.

Shop at resale shops for old workshirts with a different name embroidered on them, and keep it handy for a quick swap and discard if needed. Just a few bucks at a garage sale can get you a ready made quick change and discard identity stashed in the car, gym, or at work for potential use when the time comes.

Add your own suggestions too!