Home Security Systems That Cost Less


Home security systems could be thought of as a group of burglar deterrent methods-products working all together to provide overall home security. Most often, we think of home security systems as alarm systems. Another way to go about it could be to simply add a number of preventative deterrents for the typical home burglar. And they don’t necessarily have to cost much…

The objective is to keep the home burglar from breaking into your home with deterrents that he can see and hear, or anything that provides resistance as a first line of defense.

A burglar will scout the home first, and will move on to easier prey if he believes a break-in will be unsuccessful or met with resistance. Effective deterrents can be surprisingly inexpensive, and may include any of the following items.

Home Door Stop Alarm
This simple, yet highly effective door stop alarm will not only alert you if someone gains entry through a doorway, but it will more than likely cause the would-be burglar to flee.

Electronic Barking Dog Alarm
If you don’t already have a dog that will bark if someone is near your home, then this electronic barking dog will be a great deterrent for the home burglar. Most will move on somewhere else if they hear a dog barking (especially a vicious sounding dog).

Door Security Bar
You may have the best door lock there is, but this simple door security bar will ultimately prohibit a door from being pushed open. The harder it is pushed, the more it resists. It creates peace-of-mind where there may be concern of break-in.

Fake Security Camera With Blinking Light
This dome security camera looks so real, you won’t tell the difference. It even has a blinking light to appear more authentic. The last thing a burglar wants to see is a security camera (or several)!

Fake TV Burglar Deterrent
This home security device is very innovative. It creates the illusion that there is a TV turned on in the house by the flickering that appears through the windows as seen from the outside at night. When there is a TV on, the burglar assumes that someone is up (awake) and at home.

Security System Window Warning Stickers
Even though you may not have an alarm system installed, you could ‘stick-on’ these security system stickers to your windows. Again, the burglar will think “home security systems”, and move along…

Rab Super Stealth Motion Lighting
This particular motion light (the Super Stealth models), made by RAB lighting, is the best. I’ve had these for years, and they ‘see’ all around and very far. It is well worth the installation process to put up a good quality motion light.

These are only just a few items to get you thinking about it. There are many more things you can do for home security and deterrence.

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