How Many Magazines Per Gun

How many magazines per gun

How many mags should I have per gun? Well, can you ever have too many? Okay, kidding aside, you may be wondering how many magazines per gun to have on hand (for your pistols, rifles).

I polled the readers here awhile back during the time period while Trump was President, and there were lesser relative concerns about this. But I will be curious if opinion has changed any – now that it’s 2021 with the present regime and their well known plans and ambitions in this regard (2A takedown).

Let us know your current opinion in the comments below…

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How Many Pistol Mags For SHTF

The majority felt that 4 to 6 extra mags per gun (pistol) was just about right. That question was not asked in context of SHTF. Rather, a general question. Still, four to six extra magazines does feel like a good number to be at. It allows for mag rotation, and spares.

Note: If you’re referencing a revolver, then I suppose we’re talking about extra Speedloaders than magazines…

How Many Magazines Per Rifle

10 magazines or more per gun (rifle / AR). That was the result of our poll. In fact, the majority said “more” than 10, while “10” came in second place. This question at the time referenced Rifles / AR platform.

Tip: Mark all your magazines (serialize in some way). That way if one of them becomes problematic, you know which one is which. I use an oil-based paint marker pen for this.

Reasons why you might consider having extra magazines for your guns – pistols & rifles:

  • Potential for Leftist Regime .gov ban attempts of so called “high capacity” magazines
  • Magazine may eventually become damaged from usage
  • Your semi-auto firearms become essentially useless without a magazine
  • Attempts at gun control always cause shortages of supply
  • SHTF collapse survival, maintain adequate supply for security operations
  • Magazines (and Guns & Ammo) will become extremely valuable during SHTF
  • ?


A magazine is an ammunition storage / feeding device within or attached to a repeating firearm. Magazines can be removable (detachable) or integral to the firearm. The magazine functions by moving the cartridges stored in the magazine into a position where they may be loaded into the chamber by the action of the firearm. The detachable magazine is sometimes referred to as a clip, which is technically inaccurate, depending…

Magazine vs. Clip

I couldn’t resist posting a previous comment from “Dennis”…

There is a sort of bigotry by many present day weapons “experts” who seem to take delight in the semantics of clip vs. magazine.

Many of those who use the “wrong” terminology are either the ones, or the children of, those who actually used those Garands in WWII.

They saw the “clip” as the cartridge holding device you inserted into the “magazine” built into the rifle. The built in magazine had the spring that pushed up the bullets to engage the bolt face as it went into battery.

Funny thing is, the device used to hold and quickly load rounds into the older 1903 Springfield (and the Mauser it copied, both of which had a built in spring loaded “magazine”) was called a clip also. We call them “stripper” clips now.

The enbloc clip of the Garand actual was just an improvement on the method of charging the “magazine”.

POLL Results: How Many Magazines Per Gun

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