How To Defeat Tear Gas In A Riot



Survival Tip: How to defeat tear gas in a riot

In a collapse of civil order, a riot can break out in any number of scenarios…

* Any disaster (natural, man-made, economic) that causes food shortages
* Political and/or racial unrest that triggers protests
* Desperate revolt at supply distribution points
* Looting during a civil breakdown
* Etc..

You can try to avoid these types of scenarios, but the reality is, you may find yourself thrust into any one of them in the uncertain times that we’re currently facing.

When a riot breaks out, one of the most common crowd dispersion tools used by police or military is tear gas.

And if you’ve ever been exposed to tear gas, you quickly realize why it’s so effective:


You can’t see a thing due to uncontrollable stinging in your eyes and massive tearing.

Breathing becomes complete agony and you’ll feel like you’re suffocating.

You will run wildly in terror to get to breathable air as fast as possible.

Remember this…

A stampeding mob running away from tear gas ISN’T going to politely step around you.

They will trample ANYTHING in the way of their desperate scramble for oxygen.

That’s why the first thing you need to do in a riot scenario is prepare yourself against tear gas so you can stay calm and escape to safety fast.

The best defense against tear gas is a gas mask… but most people don’t have one on them.

So to protect yourself, here are 3 tips for what to do…

1. Have a pair of tight-fitting swim goggles with you – they’re fast and easy to put on and will protect your eyes from the gas.

2. Keep a jumbo bandanna and a small plastic bottle of vinegar handy. Soak the bandanna in vinegar before putting it over your nose and mouth to breathe. The combination (although not ‘neutralizing’) will act as a filter to some extent, better than nothing.

3. Get upwind or escape to high ground (like a hill or building roof top) – The gas stays low to the ground and high ground.

Any further ideas or suggestions?

Note: ‘Tear Gas’ is technically a micro-pulverized powder dispensed with a pressure sprayer, or various grenade-like canisters. If it is in the eyes, to clear the eyes have the victim lie down, turn his head to the side and wash the eyes with water or saline. You are removing the micro-pulverized powder from the eyes and face and not washing it over into the other eye.