Social Collapse: Your Only Rights Are Those You Can Defend


During the time period of a social societal collapse (or following a collapse), law and order as we once knew it will break down to varying extents – or completely. Some, most, or all of us may be living WROL (Without Rule Of Law), the extent of which may depend on where you live.

During this time of chaos, an individual will have rights only as long as he or she can defend them.

A devastating social collapse will smash your preconception of safety & security.

This is the subtle logic of violence: Your rights will only be those you can defend.

Accepting WROL

Most people may feel uncomfortable with this notion. However it’s something that you might inevitably face under collapse conditions. It’s best to understand this and prepare (personal and home security) as necessary.

Most people have never had to defend themselves or their property. It will be difficult to grasp, understand, or accept the logic of violence. Criminals on the other hand, understand it fully.

Presently we are living through a time of upheaval. A society that is quite visibly decaying into something less than orderly.

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While criminals are generally held in check by the police and justice system, there are obvious changes taking place before our eyes. Parts of the country are essentially WROL already… thanks to far-leftists mayors and governors allowing it to happen.

The Criminal Element Unleashed

It feels like we have been, and are being divided in irreconcilable ways that have become a danger to our societal fabric. There are organized and very well funded groups who are loudly proclaiming that they will be attacking us (physically) as they continue their attempted ‘take down’ of America as we once knew it. For those of you who’ve been following along, you know the groups whom I speak of (and those who are behind them – supporting them).

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Following a major social collapse, the criminal element will be unleashed while the police become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it all (or stand-down due to orders from the mayor or governor – which we’ve already seen happen). The Police will also be like the rest of us: concerned for their own security, their own families, their own homes and property… At some point they will stay home and defend their own.

Collapse will be worst in the cities (where martial law may be declared).

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The suburbs will see it too. Just not at first. Rural? Eventually no one will be unaffected under such a scenario.

Your Rights Will Only Be Those Which You Can Defend

If and until order is restored,
your rights will consist of those which you can personally defend.

Defending your rights under social collapse conditions may result in physical threats to your person, your home or your property. It may lead to engagement of force, violence, or any actions thereof. It’s not a pleasant thought for most people who are used to an orderly and relatively safe & secure society.

But when law enforcement is thinned or not present, a vacuum is created. And the criminally minded (and/or opportunists) will fill that vacuum.

Most people don’t have much, if any, experience with defending themselves against violence. Many or most people probably have not given serious thought to the circumstances of a major social collapse and the ensuing reality of having to defend one’s rights for real. Most people think it can’t happen…

The thing is, it has happened before, it is presently happening in some places around our own nation, and it may even happen in your neighborhood one day.

If you are reading this, then I hope you will at least think about it, and the things you might do to prepare for such a time. Don’t get stuck in normalcy bias. If you’ve thought it through, you will be less shocked and more prepared if and when it happens.


  1. I’m not to sure who is more criminal…thugs or our own government. Watch out for both.

    1. The leftist mayors and governors that allow it to happen need to be tarred and feathered on the public squares. I feel that they are ultimately responsible for the damage and deaths that resulted. Protesting is absolutely protected speech, however when it devolves into lawless rioting, it should be stopped in it’s tracks. Full stop. No exceptions.

      1. Politicians will always appease. Don’t waste your energy on them. You have to almost beat on them to do something right. Organize and prepare. Our enemies have been busy bees for years. The disintegration has started and is accelerating. Plan accordingly.

  2. yeah i agree and there aint a damn thing anyone can do but pray and hold on all we can do either bug out to what we HOPE is someplace safer or bug in and hope and pray for the best either way this is gonna get very bloody very quickly

  3. This “Revolution of the Headless Bodies” you see about you, has been meticulously orchestrated over the past several years, by the calm, calculated, authoring of deliberately irrational philosophical poisons, which was then injected it into the unfocused and tenacious minds of the dim and ignorant majority. None of what you are witnessing is spontaneous.

    Humanity has been deliberately prepared for the coming slaughter, many of you now sense is almost upon us. But none have been more prepped for oblivion than the intellectual cripples…the defective mentalities…whose minds have been mutilated to the point they can now longer identify, or recognize, Existence.

    To such creatures, Reason is evil, and Logic is only a tool, used by immoral people, to suppress them…and their desires. Therefore, all attempts to communicate with them become impossible. And, thus…force becomes their argument, as they have no other way to defend the way they have been made to feel.

    Thinking is hard. Doubt causes unease and mental discomfort. Truth can be determined by how one feels about it. Individualism is lonely. Words only express the emotions behind them and nothing immutable. Identity is too rigid. Existence is illusion. No one can be certain of anything. Knowledge is impossible. Success is unfair. Ability is a crime. Racism cannot be denied and cannot be eliminated. Whether a person is, or is not, determined by the Race of that person.

    We all die, get over it. Death is not to be avoided by abandoning every principle and value you have rationally adopted. Think of all those people, whose death you have witnessed, being run into ditches to be shot, as they stand upon the bodies of their dead friends and family, who were shot shortly before. Is not facing one’s death fighting the enemy not vastly preferable? Verily, the reward for your fear of death…is only a really bad death.

    Think of all the millions killed by Marxist governments, since the advent of this European monstrosity. Stalin and Mao made Hitler look like a novice. But the coming culling will dwarf all of them put together.

    Those mindless, headless, bodies…running to their destruction will never realize their suicide, nor that their death was always part of the plan…and in their last dying moments shall whisper their hatred for what could have saved them.

    1. The was a saying among our Military during World War Two, ” They can shoot you but they can’t eat you”. Of course these Barbarians shout, ” Eat the rich!”, so I guess the WW2 saying might be outdated?

      1. Seminole Wind –

        In WW2 we were fighting other men who adhered to some sort of honor code. Today we are fighting animal savages who mutilate their own bodies for shock factor, set fire to their own home towns, and who are confused about their own sexual identity.

        1. I refer to them as Commie Zombies, aka Commbies. You are correct, soulless, brainless animals

    2. There is a choice to dieing. Laying down or standing up. We are all going to die. I choose standing up

    3. Ision
      Extremely well said. I never really watched any zombie movies, but basically that is what we will be fighting. People we can’t reason with. Extremely sad that we have come to this.

    1. How so?
      If the President wins re-election the left is going to just go home?
      If sleepy Joe’s running mate wins, the right is going to stand down and accept Communism?
      Neither of those things will happen, this gets real on 4 Nov, mark my words.

    2. Eli,
      That’s exactly what the people funding all this destruction and mayhem want you to believe.

  4. Excellent post Cracker, you covered it nicely…now if only the sheep would wake up. I have a dream about pulling down the Georgia Guide stones as a challenge to the Globalists, the MSM would unwittingly cover the destruction and motivate the sheep to do an internet search to find out exactly what they said…possibly awakening them to the fate the elite have planned.

  5. These groups need to consider old combat vets , we have our limits , just saying

    1. I agree, White Cracker, w/ your most excellent assessment of our present condition.

      Please also allow a grandma to take the discussion one step further. I realize that this should not devolve into a religious discussion but it is Sunday, July 5 & that brings to mind many matters: our great nation & the essence of freedom, our amazing Heavenly Father & His purpose in creating & sustaining us in these extraordinary current conditions & what our appropriate responses will be, day to day, situation by situation. I choose to prep & pray.

      So, in effect, I believe this is the ultimate battle between good & evil: God & Satan. Yes, we all die & what purpose will our lives have fulfilled? Have we made decisions that have eternal value? I am but one voice …..

      1. Yes TX Deb, we are in an extreme fight between good and evil. I have been praying….but I think God wants me to act. How do I act? I have fought The Nature Conservancy (NGO evil entity), I have fought for the State of Jefferson. Is it time to take the fight to the streets? I live in an area that will most likely be one of the last to have the fight come to me. So, I continue to pray to God for guidance, and to pray our President is guided by Him too.

  6. There is a definite lack of civility running through our society these days.
    These BLM types, just remember blacks are less than 13% of the population and you dont have all your people on board and only a handful of whites or others,
    The communist, same thing, little tiny minority.
    All other anarchist, little tiny minority.

    The media,
    Will portray them as being massive in numbers, the leftist media.

    Im usually pretty quiet, i keep my head down, work, mind my own business, have respect for others, just like dozens of tens of millions if others.
    If you threaten me or mine im not calling 911.
    I really dont care WTF anyone thinks, laws,etc,,,, scorched earth policy.

    Am not alone, not in this mindset,
    Not in this coming battle.
    These groups are banking on the passivity of folks like me, it wont be there, dont give a rip what anyone says or thinks they are not in my head, or the minds of millions of others like me.

    If you want to burn our flag, destroy our monuments, you are an enemy. If ya ask me, they should kill them all.

  7. Yesterday, I started seeing bits and pieces from various alt news sources about an armed black militia, new Black Panthers movement. Saw video from various feeds of them near Stone Mountain in GA. Ex-military, well-armed and fairly disciplined looking. Lots of mentions today of them, supposedly in other parts of the country (Seattle?) though some of the reporting is sketchy. In one feed, they are asking for their own land to form a country in – Texas, for example.

    My point is, we may have to deal with more than a random bad guy, or disorganized group of street thugs. If this new development has validity, I’d expect to see more organized groups. Whoever is funding this obviously won’t restrict their agenda to just one part of the country. It feels like a good idea to think about ways to address this – Mutual assistance groups, home hardening, plan B’s, etc…

    1. @Farmgirl, ties in to the 10,000 rifles the Government caught being brought into the U.S. by the Red Chinese this week and the 58,000 they caught last August. Hmmmmmm?

      1. From what I heard customs in Kentucky seized a shipment. It was 10,800 mod parts to make an AR full auto. The shipment supposedly came from Shenzhen, China.

    2. One can study the propaganda images of the black militia unit marching into the Stone Mountain park and notice a few things.

      They are just as obese as any non-combat oriented American group. Many are overweight women.
      Their weapons appear to be new, with clear rails, no optics and bias sights folded down.
      They carry no supplies for battle on their persons and their vest pockets are empty of magazines.
      They are uniformed in solid black, which matches their harnesses and their black long arms…a coordinated uniform code it seems. (Nothing is easier to see than a soldier dressed all in jet black. Not a wise color to choose.)

      Their appearance was meaningless, meant only for the propaganda effect. The force could not destroy the monument, even if they tried hard to do so…free of any hindrance. Plus, they could not hope to fight any actual enemy militia already in defensive positions. But, then…this black on black unit would have never entered the park had any counter military force been scouted.

      I wonder how many of them are undercover operatives… I bet at least five of them.

      In the Vietnam era, all sorts of radical groups sprang up…JUST to attract undercover agents to them. The organizers would have events and meetings, where they would talk the talk..but, just keep shy of actual criminal acts. Then, they would charge DUES of the membership “for the cause.” The amount would be quite high. So, high…the ONLY ones who actually were able to pay it every month….WERE the undercover agents. It was a good way to make money.

      1. At closer study of the video it looked to me that they are carrying air soft rifles

      2. Ision
        I had just watched the personal hand filmed video of Stone Mountain.

        Sounded to me, as of this, to be an antagonizing speech, not a protest

        As far as the KKK?
        Maybe they should do their own history search and find out the group they are fighting/opposing is the same group that started the KKK….the Dems.
        The ones they so blindly support…
        (Head scratch)

      3. They may be obese. They may not have state-of-the-art M-4’s with Trijicon optics. Ask yourself this: Do their trigger fingers work? Are they committed to killing us white folks? That march may be for show but we would do well to remember the two Negro men who made up the DC sniper team back in the late 1990’s, I believe. With just rudimentary practice and tactics, they pretty much put the fear of God in thousands of citizens in the VA-Beltway area.
        As a Army veteran and retired Peace Officer, I have seen many out-of-shape, young, old, male, female, etc. become thoroughly focused and ruthless killing machines when they decided it was time. This group, according to the news feeds was also involved in intimidating whites who were driving in the area. Never, ever underestimate your adversaries. And stay away from these BLM militants and their white useful idiots who want to parade around with guns. CWII is just about ready for kick-off. Let them start it. No Fort Sumters. Plan accordingly.

      4. For what it’s worth, they call themselves NFAC, an acronym for “No More F—ing Around Coalition”.

        They supposedly disavow the BLM, saying they will not allow whites in their ranks. Other videos have surfaced of them operating vehicle “check points” in the park, stopping and questioning white motorists about their position on reparations for white privilege and slavery.

        These later, better quality videos, leave no doubts about the authenticity of the weapons they are carrying, and they are not toys or airsoft as one suggested.

        Truthfully, while I don’t like what they are doing, neither do I like similar stunts by supposed “pro-2A white folks parading around in public forums with their AR’s.

  8. I’m a White Guy, BLM-Black Lying Marxists, tell me that I have “White Privilege’s”. So how come I never got to play in the NFL, NBA, or NBL? Why wasn’t I appointed to the Supreme Court, have my own T.V. show, star in movies, or get elected President? Get free lunch at school, a free phone, free food every month, or free- all my race- collage? Why didn’t I get to marry a Kardashian? (yuck!!!!!)

    They can keep their White Privilege, I want some ” Black Privilege!”

    1. SW:

      I remember back in the late ’60’s & early ’70’s when my dad was hiring in the midst of “Affirmative Action” & he would complain about the future of his company degrading because he had to pass up immensely qualified candidates because he had a federally mandated racial quota to fill w/ much less qualified folks. What has happened to “merit based” achievement? Discrimination shows up in many forms!

    2. Hell, I’d settle for any kind of privilege….
      Black, white, yellow, grey, red,
      Green, blue, multicolored

  9. I believe conservatives have not been sucked into a reactionary stance yet because they are thinking logically and refusing to play the game for now. In some ways it is how we enter the fight that is more important than the fight itself.

    In my view it is clear that the political left has gone so far off the rails into its own cultism that there is no coming back. There can be no reconciliation between the two sides, so we must/are preparing to fight.

    Once we understand that a fight is coming regardless, our task is to position ourselves with the most advantage possible while keeping our culture and our principles intact. This includes our belief in constitutionalism, civil liberties and opposition to tyranny in ANY form. Winning the fight is important, but maintaining our principles in the process is more important. Becoming a monster to fight the monster is the same as losing.

    When the left comes for us (and they will), the fight has to be won by us, not government. We cannot hand even more power to government in the name of security. We cannot become the fascists the leftists accuse us of being.

    If the elites and the social justice mob take control, there can be no future for America. They desire what they cannot and should not have. They value only what they can take from others. They have a hunger that can never be satiated. They will devour America until there is nothing left while claiming they stand for the “greater good”. War cannot be avoided with such people; the only question is, will liberty minded people stay the course to ensure victory? From what I know and see, the answer is YES.

    I will not comply. I will not give up my freedom, liberty, or my civil rights, to appease a TYRANNICAL gov’t. Period, I rather die fighting, than live on my knees.

    1. SMG, IMO this is all to bring down the U.S. Period. We are the last thing standing in the way of the New World Order. When we go down they rise to power. And it will be global. I am beginning to agree this will be a fight to the end. Liberty either lives or dies now. And they will try to scare us again to staying in our homes with another virus, or some threat or excuse. Jobs will be gone, businesses fail, food availability limited, etc. Everything is fair game now. Whites, Christians, billionaires, millionaires, businesses, you name it.

      It. Is. Crazy. All of it.

  10. “The blacks will be disposed of as soon as their usefulness is no longer needed.”

    Planned Parenthood has already killed 22 million black babies since 1973. To put it in perspective there are 42 million blacks in America today. So, they have already removed 1/3 of the black population in America through abortion and no one has even blinked an eye. Black on black crime and blacks killed by law enforcement pales in comparison. The black population is being eradicated by the left in America and they don’t even realize it.

  11. Joe c,

    My understanding is the intercepted “arms shipment” was actually full-auto conversion parts for AK’s. Makes sense.

    No telling how many of those cheap Chinese knock-offs (AK 74’s) and semi-auto eastern bloc surplus rifles that had been converted to semi-auto for import, are already in the gang-banger’s hands. To my knowledge, all Ak’s are mil-spec, meaning that parts are interchangeable no matter the manufacturer.

    Making matters worse, catching one, or even several shipments, doesn’t mean they caught them all. To the contrary, normally with clandestine shipments (smuggling), only a small percentage is caught.

    I personally, do not have need of, or even want, a full auto, but several thousand in the hands of bad people would be just the ticket for gun grabbers to get their wish of all out semi-auto’s being banned (ever heard the words “easily converted”?). Remember, people ain’t evil, guns are.

    1. Dennis
      You are correct,
      The title of the article is misleading.
      They are conversation kits, not the fully assembled ar.
      Easier to smuggle and hide.
      Full auto is a waste of ammo from what I hear.

      I have none to waste.

      1. Joe c, Dennis, Ask any Vietnam vet who was in combat what some of the soldiers did when they were in a firefight, they sprayed and prayed-that they hit the enemy.

        I remember reading some report that was put out by the DOD in the 70’s; That said “for every enemy soldier killed by the US, the US soldier fired an average of 250,00 rounds”. 250,000 ROUNDS for ONE enemy soldier ???

        Oh crap I need more ammo, I don’t have nearly enough!

        1. Blackjack
          250,000 rds/one enemy????

          Well, I guess after #4 is down, I’ll have to switch to my crossbow.

    2. Dennis, all others interested.. natural news report out tonight… found…weapons and gold stored in sacramento in government building , gives room number…newt twerp tryint ot remain in power… gangs and walking crusties trained by chin ese special ops… instructors… won’t be soy boys from moms basement..others hipments for F ky and for florida have been intercepted… drop in mods were intercepted.. .to convert to full auto….

  12. Don’t worry about UN peacekeepers, there are not enough in the world. Their foot soldiers will come from the ranks of Antifa and other brainwashed Marxist diehards. They will be the new Brown shirts of the Marxist movement of America.

    1. Serious question: What about all the young muslim men aka “refuges” invading…I mean, settling in Europe now? Will another wave head our way to the US? By the millions? Won’t need UN Peacekeepers. Or, could they be one and the same?

      And in reply to williamtheresolute, is this why ‘they are trying to get us on board with fake meat and fake foods? We will be facing food shortages. It’s a given with the GSM and the fact of this whole lockdown thing with a virus. So many animals killed and wasted. And potatoes, and milk/dairy, etc., etc.

      People, don’t waste a second of this reprieve we’ve been given. (Preaching to the choir, I know), but get your house in order for the long haul.

  13. Thanks, Ken… I think this topic is not just important, but vital.

    Over the years I’ve been visiting MSB, we’ve talked from time to time about what that could lead to a WROL situation. We talked about post-disaster, food shortages, grid-down, etc… and here we are with these completely artificial, politically motivated melees. As painful as it is to watch or read about, how much worse will it be to be physically caught up in it?

    I’ve mentioned over recent years how I’ve run through scenarios in my mind – what happens if/when…“fill in the blank“?

    If at the BOL, where we spend a lot of time these days, we know we have like-minded neighbors. People who are trained and equipped, so we would not be dealing with this alone. Suburbia would uncontrollable, probably hopeless. After the King riots, some areas were reduced to scorched earth. Wanton destruction. BOL = best chance of survival.

    Too many people won’t take the red pill. They choose ignorance, willful blindness. They refuse to see or admit to themselves that these riots masquerading as demonstrations are just a preview of coming events.

    And so, preparing on and working on my mental toughness. Trying to avoid being shocked by future violence and lawlessness.

    1. So Cal
      From what you just said, the only thing missing is grid down. Maybe that’s next on the list? Ohhhh wait! Never mind. Grid down means no computer games. Those 20 something college dropouts living in mommies basement won’t tolerate not being able to play World of Warcraft or Grandtheft Auto. They might have to increase the Ritalin dosage.

  14. On Independence Day a group of “peaceful protestors” fully armed of more than 100 black militia stormed Stone Mountain GA. making threats to all white motorist. The police (and the MSM) were no where to be found. Find the video and check it out and if you live here you’ll be like me; buying ammo.

  15. Full Auto excellent! the 4 mags they have will just burn through faster. Anyhow I always wanted one for the kicks, so I will just take one of those full autos off one of the dead thugs after the shooting stops. Only problem is popular ammo is 7.62 NATO not Ruski 7.62×39.

    Old Vietnam vet told me about couple tricks and treats they used to play on the Cong concerning extra ammo. Used to reload the 7.62 NATO with a pinch of c4 for the primer. left it out on the trail. VC would use it in their rifles. OOOOppps :)

      1. 7.62×54 is the round a Russian built bolt-action combat rifle, known as a “Mosin-Nagant”, fired. It was the most powerful, and the most accurate, rifle ever issued to infantry. It won 11 Gold Medals in the Olympics. The Russians used this same rifle longer than the British used their .303 Enfields, which was forever.

        It is not an AK round…and the only semi-auto I am aware of, which fires it, is also a Russian made rifle, known as the SVT-40, used in WWII.

        The Chinese copied the rifle, but the quality is lower.

        Did you know every Mosin-Nagant made by the Soviets was issued with a long bayonet…but NO scabbards were ever produced to carry it. So, these bayonets were always attached to the rifles..or tossed. Just look at all the old pictures of Soviet troops…bayonets everywhere.

        Best and cheapest .30 caliber rifle you can buy.

        1. Ision –

          Back in the late 80’s Big 5 sporting goods was selling MilSurp Mosin-Nagants, from some eastern-bloc country, out of an oak barrel for $89 a piece. I had no idea at the time what I was looking at.

        2. The Mosin is not the most powerful, accurate military rifle. Never was, the .30-06 is more powerful. The M-1 Garand is more accurate as it the M-14. It does work well but it not the best at all.

  16. I previously wrote, If you listen you can hear the Republic. tic iric tic

    That is the sound of the clock ticking down on the bomb – the temperament of the American citizens.

    When will it go off? Not until enough jobs are lost, families are bankrupted, hunger is setting in, ….

    Then the silent majority (the sleeping giant) will rise up to take back what is left of the country. It will not be pretty.

    Right now, true patriots are turning the other cheek every time the radicals strike. This restrain will go on until November, then no one knows if the gloves will come off.

  17. Joe just saw you had already posted this.. the problem is they don’t intend us to be around to change anything they intend to cut all our heads off….

    1. Just Sayin’

      Well… that might hurt a bit. Think I’ll pass on that. Keep calm and take five with you. (Saw that somewhere. Clever, that.)

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