BuddyBar Door Jammer

The BuddyBar door jammer is one of the best home security door bar measures to assure a burglar-resistant door. Here’s why, and a review with pictures highlighting the best parts.

 I’ve had the Buddy Bar for years. I also have a less expensive ‘Master Lock’ Security Bar (linked at the bottom) which also works quite well. However, there’s one especially big difference between the two:

The first difference that I noticed with the BuddyBar door jammer is its heft and weight.

Home Security Door Bar
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A door jammer is basically a bar that wedges beneath your doorknob and extends to the floor inside your home. It provides a resistant force when someone tries to open the door from the other side.

Why the BuddyBar Door Jammer is better than other door security bars?


The Buddy Bar is made of heavy gauge steel (rather than aluminum) and weighs more. I weighed it to be 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Whereas my other door security bar weighs 2 pounds. So the Buddy Bar is four times heavier! When someone is trying to bash in your door, it matters…

Large Footprint Floor Pad

A heavy duty rubber pad ‘sticks’ (wedges) strongly to the floor. It has a significant and a much larger footprint that eliminates slippage on the floor.

Heavy Duty Bar Adjuster

Very heavy duty adjustable length / latch. Although competing door security bars do adjust to an extent, the Buddy Bar method utilizes a very heavy duty mechanism which simply will not slip.

BuddyBar Door Jammer Real World Use

1. When using the adjustment lever for the first time and setting the initial length to wedge between doorknob and floor, don’t force it too tight under the handle. Too much force could actually damage your doorknob.

2. To set the length, I simply approximated the distance between the door knob and about a foot away from the door at the bottom. Then I set it (latched it) without being under the doorknob. From that point on when I wish to use it – I lightly slip it underneath the doorknob (snug, but not too tight) and let it find its natural (pre-adjusted)distance to the floor.

So with that said, this door security bar is a simple but effective home security tool which will deter or prevent your door from being opened. Short of using a battering ram, it will keep keep the potential intruder out!

A few pictures:

BuddyBar door jammer fits under doorknob

The ‘wedge’ that fits underneath the doorknob has about 1/2 inch of spring to it – which allows some ‘give’ while you wedge it under the knob. Makes it easier to set it.

BuddyBar rubber floor pad

The substantial rubber floor pad of the BuddyBar Door Jammer grips very well. Even on shiny smooth surfaces, hardwood floors, tile, and carpets too.

Buddy Bar adjustment

 The heavy duty adjustment mechanism for height.

BuddyBar lever

Side view of lever / height adjustment mechanism.

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A less expensive door security bar:
‘Master Lock’ Security Bar

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