Pepper Spray For Dogs



There are situations and occupations that are at risk to encountering dangerous or viscous dogs. Even dogs that are normally of good behavior may turn on someone or bite them for any number of reasons.

Do you have a means to fend them off? Well, there’s pepper spray for dogs…

Another scenario where this may protect you or first responders is following a disaster. There may be a number of dogs left behind or running loose. As we’ve seen in many past emergencies and natural disasters, pet dogs were sometimes left behind.

These dogs will be hungry and will have different reactions upon seeing you. They will be stressed. They will be hungry. Depending on how much time has gone by, they may begin to start forming packs. If only a few days have gone by most of these dogs may probably just run up to you happy and relieved to see nice humans. But you don’t know. All dogs are different and have been raised differently.

Pepper spray for dogs is a humane way of protecting yourself.

Here is the dog repellent that the US mail carriers have apparently been using since 1966:

Halt Dog Repellent Pepper Spray

Viscous dog?