Pepper Spray For Dogs


There are situations and occupations that are at risk to encountering dangerous or viscous dogs. Even dogs that are normally of good behavior may turn on someone or bite them for any number of reasons.

Do you have a means to fend them off? Well, there’s pepper spray for dogs…

Another scenario where this may protect you or first responders is following a disaster. There may be a number of dogs left behind or running loose. As we’ve seen in many past emergencies and natural disasters, pet dogs were sometimes left behind.

These dogs will be hungry and will have different reactions upon seeing you. They will be stressed. They will be hungry. Depending on how much time has gone by, they may begin to start forming packs. If only a few days have gone by most of these dogs may probably just run up to you happy and relieved to see nice humans. But you don’t know. All dogs are different and have been raised differently.

Pepper spray for dogs is a humane way of protecting yourself.

Here is the dog repellent that the US mail carriers have apparently been using since 1966:

Halt Dog Repellent Pepper Spray

Viscous dog?


  1. I respect the authors opinion, however, my experience in raising German Shepherds and in running a dog rescue in a major metropolitan area for the past 20 years differs on this subject. Aggressive, determined dogs will NOT back down from pepper spray! Like many animals, pain sensors are reduced during a fight and while the animal may suffer afterwards the pain will not be enough of a deterrent to cause them to stop. Numerous times we’ve seen aggressive dogs receive a full canister directly to the face and mouth and not be phased.

    Mail carriers and others know that pepper spray works to scare away a curious or fearful dog which are often the ones who cause a bite. This is much different from an animal that is hungry and sees you as prey. Keep in mind, too, that Pit Bulls (among others) are bred in part for pain tolerance.

    Finally, note that there is a wide variety of pepper sprays out there and that their effectiveness differs greatly. I provide the good stuff to my employees (3.0% Capsaicinoids) as protection against human attackers, however, we would never rely on it to safeguard us against an dog intent on doing harm.

    1. Bob, Thanks for your insight. That makes perfect sense. Pepper Spray for dogs will only work to a point, as you describe – it’s better than nothing. A viscous dog that is intent on attacking you will require more severe measures (or avoidance!).

    2. I have to disagree here only because I had to break up several aggressive breed fights with multiple dogs fighting (4-6) You need the large canister of bear spray is all you have to buy. They will fight for 5 to 10 seconds more, but I promise you, they will stop. The bear spray is strong enough, with enough volume to stop ANY dog. You may have to focus on 1 or 2 that are the true psychos, but there is still enough left to get the job done. Just my own experience after getting the heck beat of me, when the dogs started using me for a dog bone.

  2. LMAO – You have no idea how funny this article is when you show the Chihuahua.
    I just had to copy and send a picture of the Chihuahua to my sister-in-law.

    My daughter has two Great Pyrenees (adult) dogs. They are fun but make no mistake, if you are a stranger – you will be uninvited to their property. The FedEx, UPS, mail man and the pizza guys know that if the gate is closed –
    DON’T GO INTO THE YARD. These puppies just love pizza crust – and they just scare the bejesus out of the poor pizza guy. It is always fun to watch.

  3. I was thinking that 12-gauge birdshot might be better against dogs in a SHTF situation. Might be the only thing that will work on a pack of ’em.

  4. I live in a “diverse” community. They seem to think that letting their unleashed pitbulls approach you is uproariously funny. Problem is I have to walk to my mailbox to get the mail and the pitbull makes a beeline for me. The owners just grin with a most malevolent smirk. So I ended up having to carry a knife with me when I get the mail. Whether the dog senses it or not he doesn’t come all the way anymore, maybe it is my body language I don’t know.
    I miss the old America.

    1. Dogs are very good at sensing someone’s demeanor. Just watch some of ‘The Dog Whisperer’ episodes and you’ll see. Having said that, your neighbor is apparently a jack-a$$. If you put your mind to it, ‘there are ways’ to deal with it. Just sayin. Thanks for the comment and observation that dog’s do sense your attitude.

    2. I would, and will, open up a can of whup a$$ on anyone that allows their dog to try to molest me. Depends on your abilities of course. I have no problem chasing a dog, or a person for that matter, back to the porch. Don’t get malevolent smirks. Not twice anyway. Learned as a kid that you gotta stand up for your rights.

      Be well.

    3. I am so sorry to hear that! It’s awful! I would be too scared to go outside even with a knife. You need to go to the police and tell them what i’s going on. This is totally irresponsible of the dog owner and life threatening. Just as if someone would point a loaded gun at you every time you go to your mailbox and you never know if or when they will shoot you. I am sure you would involve the police in that case. Even if you aren’t scared and feel safe with your knife, It is absolutely necessary and your duty that you alert the police. Next time someone who is unprepared or even a child comes along. Children have been killed in dog attacks , and if they aren’t killed they might be seriously disfigured for the rest of their lives. I am sure you remember the woman who was bitten by her own(!) dog. She needed a face transplant. I normally don’t tell people what I think they should doto do . And I certainly don’t think I am super smart smart or anything. I am just shocked. And I am worried about your life and any anyone else’s life who might come along.

    1. Kicking a dog is a good way to get your leg bitten. Most dogs are faster than most people. Suggest you use something to slow the dog down.

      I have a German Shepard/Chow mix with canine FCE (Fibrocartilaginous Embolism) who is still quicker than I am.

      Had an encounter with a, more or less, pure breed Chow. Wouldn’t let me out the front door. Closed the door, grabbed a shovel, and sent it on its way.

      Be well.

  5. Do you know of a site where you can find out the rules for your area? I once heard that CA required 2 oz or less (which is surprisingly hard to find) but I can’t seem to find anything official on the matter. thanks!

    1. You will probably find good results of ‘pepper spray laws’ by Googling your state, such as ‘pepper spray laws california”. I don’t know of one in particular that has it all. There are a few states with unique laws, such as New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Wisconsin. A current advertiser on our site has the following link regarding pepper spray and the law, however nothing is indicated for California.

  6. ….dangerous looking dogs that harass you…so long as they are just typical curs, fill a small covert squirt gun with harmless vinegar (can add salty water to it) and keeping your arm close to your body so they do not percieve you are using your arm, (no sudden,defensive gesture on your part just sure steady confidence) send out the juice. Aim for their noses… They will back down once they realise you have more potent piss than they do..after a while -a couple or three days of this, they won’t even bother to get up and look at you

    no need to cause harm or pain to use dog instinct haha instink

  7. Many years ago my mother had a Great German Shepherd. One day her mailman did a pre-emtive hit on her dog who was resting on the end of the deck, just in case. From that time on the dog had to be held at bay every time that mailman approached the house. Me and the mailman had a “serious” discussion on the subject. He was replaced and although her dog was um, disappointed at not returning the favor he did know the difference in mailmen and there was never a problem after that. Moral is the dogs experience only enraged him after the first effect wore off.

    I do agree that really hot pepper spray can be a great deterrent against bad guys but sometimes when on drugs it’s only an annoyance. Much better than nothing for sure. From my perspective it’s a good 90% or better which ain’t bad.

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