Room Darkening Material For Windows And Your Security

Not only will room darkening materials keep outdoor light from getting in but will also keep indoor light from getting out.

Why might this be important and how does it relate to preparedness?


Keeping indoor light from being visible to the outdoor world might be a concern and a high level consideration for those who are into a higher level of preparedness (SHTF collapse).

The reason is this… When it’s dark outside it becomes very easy to see inside someone’s home when the lights are on. This is obvious right?

You might say that ordinary shades, blinds, and other typical window coverings will prevent those on the outside from seeing in. While it may be true that these window covering materials will prohibit anyone from seeing detail into the inside of a lit home, the issue is that those on the outside will be able to see that there are lights on and that someone or someone’s probably actually in there. The house is ‘live’.

Ordinarily and during ordinary times this is not an issue, and in fact is a deterrent to the ordinary thief in the night who may pass on to another home seeing that it’s lit up and someone’s home.

HOWEVER, for those who are well into preparedness, there is an entirely new set of security considerations when you begin to hypothesize a truly worst-case scenario whereby society has collapsed into social chaos within a world of broken supply chains, grid down, and marauders in the night.

You as a prepared prepper may have the material items to keep on living a life with food, resources, light, and other such conveniences while others may be without. Some or many of those who are without will likely span out while looking for those who “have”.

During this hypothetical time, the location of preppers who have prepared may easily be identifiable by light shimmering through their window at night while most others are in the dark. This will be even more apparent following the first week or two because others will have run out of fresh batteries for their flashlights, fuel for their lanterns and generators, and most other modern conveniences and supplies.

That said, it may be prudent to think of a method to completely darken your windows and to acquire the materials to do so, just in case…

Note: For cost and material savings, rather than coming up with material for all windows, you might consider setting up one or two rooms as your “night rooms”

A few ideas include room darkening material such as black plastic Visqueen, Duvetyne blackout fabric or other such material which can be cut to fit your windows.

Visqueen Plastic Sheeting

Duvetyne Fabric Yard Bolt

Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape

Blackout EZ Window Cover, Large

Blackout EZ Window Cover (other sizes)

Room Darkening

Another option is ordinary plywood nailed or screwed to the window frames. Since the hypothetical time we speak of will be one where the aesthetics and cosmetics of one’s home will not be that of keeping up with the Joneses, the appearance won’t matter, right?

There are all sorts of ways to look at the hypothetical situation of a collapsed society and there are all sorts of questions regarding the extent of security measures that we might need to take. The simple aspect of window darkening is one which may help you to blend in and not be seen at night in an environment where everyone else is in the dark…