Choosing a firearm for concealed carry is a personal and individual decision made up of your own preferences, requirements, and other factors that will make a difference in what you choose for CC.

Some of those things will probably include the gun’s weight, size, caliber, design, barrel length, capacity, concealability, IWB or OWB carry (inside or outside the waist band), and others.

But when considering the most basic differences between ‘carry’ firearms, a very basic choice you must make is semi-auto or revolver.

Here are a few pros and cons of each…




More capacity; number of rounds-cartridges
Faster to reload with mags
No bulging cylinder; generally thinner and easier to conceal


More moving parts; more could go wrong
Inoperable with a jam until cleared
Racking the slide





More basic operation, fewer parts; less to go wrong
Simple to operate; point and shoot
Costs less


Cylinder bulge; some may be more difficult to conceal
Slow to reload; put round in each cylinder
Fewer rounds



There is no perfect concealed carry gun.

It’s not as much about the gun and/or its caliber as it is about accuracy. The best carry gun is the one which you are the most accurate and comfortable with.

When choosing a CC gun, consider the question “Will it be comfortable enough to carry everywhere?”

You might consider a different concealed firearm for different conditions or destinations.

Research the gun’s reputation – what are people saying about it?

When you do select yours, practice, practice, practice.

So what gun do you prefer for CC?
What are your prerequisites or requirements?
Add to the Pros and Cons list by leaving a comment…