SHTF Security is a Family Job

Security will no doubt be an issue in a SHTF scenario. People will be panicked and looking for food. Looting will begin. Protecting your supplies and your home should be a job that your family is prepared in handling.

Yes, things like motion lights, door locks, and dogs are a type of security.  Today I want to discuss an area of security that I think many women should be more educated in doing. Ladies, I am sure you have seen the footage of looters on the news after Hurricane Katrina. Now picture, that this type of desperate, adrenalin pumped people have just broken into your home. What will you do? The first person they subdued was your husband because he was their first obvious threat. Right now he is unconscious. What will you do? Your children are screaming and crying. What will you do?

Now that you have a scarey, nasty image in your head, let me ask you this question. Are you trained and licensed in firearm use? Do you and your husband own at least several firearms? If you are trained and you do own, good for you! I know many women who, when guns would come up in conversation, you could tell that the thought of learning how to shoot was a thought that has never entered their minds.

Ladies, don’t shy away from firearms. When taught how to properly use them, they are an asset to you. There is a reason that our founding fathers believed they should be a right for all American citizens. I am trained and licensed and I can tell you if Ken is being attacked, I will do what I need to in order to protect my husband. And of course, the same goes for him. :-)

Ladies, I think guns have gotten a ‘bad rap’ throughout the years and I think you should at least give them a chance and a try. There are lots of good firearms safety training courses out there. You probably could get a list of local courses at your local police department (asking at the local PD will also assure you that whatever course you take, will be ‘approved’ in order to have a better chance of getting your carry permit). Or, call any local rod and gun club.

Ladies, how many of you own, at least, a decent pocket knife? Not only can it be used as a defensive weapon, but it’s also a great survival tool. Mine is a SOG and it’s with me 98% of the time right now. And yes, if you look at the picture, you can see, it’s pink! Hey, gotta keep some sort of femininity, right?

Well, I just wanted to touch base a little on a firearm and a knife. There are so many aspects of security to consider. Have you thought about how to keep your children safe? Make sure, as the heads of household, that you and your husband consider and plan good security measures.


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  1. After my youngest daughter (now 35) (on her own) went through small arms training – I knew then she was ready to own a firearm. After talking she shared that she didn’t like the .45 since it was to loud and hard to disassemble for cleaning. She did share that she liked the 9mm, .38 Spl and the .357 Magnum. So I gave a Smith & Wesson 65-6 .38Spl/.357, S&W SW9W and
    a Westerfield 20 ga that takes 3″ shells.

    She and I went target shooting at the range with an Uncle and the results made me proud. . . She out shot the Uncle and damned near out shot me. With her .357 Magnum she was putting 6 Rds on the heart. She said “Watch this”, and did the same mid nose. I was a proud Dad.

    The girl is a natural. I think the trick was her maturity and decision to finally become able to protect herself and her family if she had to.

    Never be afraid of using firearms. The more you know – the safer you’ll be.
    BUT – It takes the first step to learn, become proficient and have the ability to protect yourself and your family. That is why we all use firearms. Not to mention the enjoyment of hunting game to bring home.

    Guys, I;m telling you – a pissed off woman with a loaded firearm is dangerous. One that is also protecting her family is deadly.

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