Solar Motion Outdoor Security Light

solar motion outdoor security light

I’ve purchased several solar motion outdoor security lights over the years. Of those I’ve bought, the best one has been in service for 4-years as of this post. It remains strong, it charges well (even in the shade), it’s bright, and it has very good range sensitivity. Here’s what I chose…

Several years ago I installed more solar outdoor motion lights to augment security here on the property. This is an update on how it has performed. In case you’re interested, I’ve linked to the specific model below.

LED technology advancements have made it easy to install solar outdoor motion lights. They’re powered with a solar panel that charges internal batteries, enabling you to mount them just about anywhere.

Home security is increasingly important these days, and outdoor solar motion lights are an excellent deterrent. Given that they’re not expensive, and they are easy to mount, there’s no excuse not to level up your security around the house and property.

I took several photos of the particular security light that I installed back in early 2020 (pictured below). They’re pretty easy to assemble and put up. Since this one has performed so well, I decided to update this original article about it, and why it has been the best solar-powered security motion light for me.

This researched and chosen model has performed flawlessly. It has survived the heat and rains of summer. It has also survived the cold harsh northern winters without issue. The internal batteries have continuously provided power for the LEDs, even when the solar panel has been covered with snow for days on end (the sun eventually melts it off). I am really happy with the light/lumens output, and I like the adjustable light elements which increase coverage.


It comes in brown, white, or black.

Best solar motion outdoor security light

Solar Motion Outdoor Security Light – Best Features & Mounting

They’re great for mounting on “out buildings’ where you have no power (a barn, shop, garage, shed, etc..). I also have this one mounted to a tree.

LED Run-time & Distance/Range/Sensitivity Adjustment

The following image shows the light’s on-time (run time adjustment) and sensitivity (distance/range) adjustment. It’s no different from any other motion light. I keep it set at 120 seconds (2 minutes).

There’s also a “Test” position on the Timer setting. This is handy for adjusting the distance sensitivity setting after you have installed the light (it doesn’t need to be dark outside to function). When the dial is in the Test position, the motion light will turn on for about 7 seconds during detection. You can walk around while looking at the light to observe the effects of adjusting the distance (Feet) setting.

LEPOWER 1600 lumen solar motion light adjustments

Solar Panel Connection

Connect the solar panel. This one comes with a long cord so you can mount the solar panel further away in a better-suited position to capture the sun (if necessary). I didn’t need to, so I simply zip-tied the excess to keep it neat.

solar panel input connector for motion light

Mounting Plate

Mounting the solar motion light is easy. There’s a plate that slides off the back of the base. The plate itself is screwed into whatever you’re mounting it to. Then the motion light base slides and snaps into that plate afterwards.

Mounting plate for solar motion security light

Solar Motion Lights – Internal Batteries

This is important. It’s what makes it work at night. The rechargeable batteries (charged via the solar panel) need to be of sufficient capacity to function long enough between charges.

While the back mount was removed, I opened the battery compartment to see what kind of batteries were in this solar motion light. Two 3.7 volt Lithium rechargeable CR18650 batteries. 1200 mAh each. Nice…

You could install longer lasting (bigger capacity) batteries if you felt the need. I didn’t need to. It’s simply something to consider for a high traffic area over a period of days without solar recharge, if necessary. Look for CR18650 recchargeable batteries. For example, the following 3500mAh batteries:

3.7V 3500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion

Li-ion 18650 batteries for solar motion security light

How to mount solar motion lights to a tree

I mounted this solar motion light to a tree. How did I do that? First I mounted everything to a length of pressure-treated 2X4.

Solar Motion Light

Then I used a couple of deck screws to mount the assembly to the tree itself:

solar motion security light mounted to tree

Okay, folks, that’s it. Easy.

Like I said, I have several solar-powered motion lights. There’s always something new out there, so I chose this one for three reasons:

  1. Favorable reviews
  2. Brightness (lumens), this one is 1600 lumens
  3. 3 flood light sections (coverage)

The color temperature is 5500K, which is ideal for security lighting.

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Having said all that, the best outdoor motion light that connects to standard AC electricity (in my opinion) is the RAB Stealth. Why? The sensor. It has the best sensor (awesome integrated features). I have those installed around the perimeter of the house itself. Here’s an article on that one if you’re interested:

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More about Solar Motion Lights:

They are exceptionally convenient in that their placement can be just about anywhere.

(Regular outdoor motion lights require a source of 120 VAC power)
(…and a qualified electrician to install them.)

Solar motion lights get their power first from the sun using a mini solar panel that converts sunlight to electricity. A built-in battery (rechargeable batteries) is used for energy storage. The motion sensor and LED lights get their power from the battery.

Solar Motion Lights For Outside Need To Be Bright Enough

Brightness matters. There are units of measurement to compare one solar motion light with another.

I’m talking about Lumens. Lumens are a unit of measurement related to how bright the light source is.

Comparison (Lumens & Brightness)

A typical 100-watt Halogen flood light (non-LED) puts out about 1,200 lumens. A 60-watt Incandescent porch light (non-LED) puts out 800 lumens.

Look for the ‘lumens’ specification when considering a given solar motion light for outside. The more lumens, the brighter it is.

It’s about Lumens (Not the number of LED’s)

Don’t fall for “the number of LEDs”. That means nothing. What matters is lumens.

A typical AC-powered motion light with a pair of 100-watt Halogen floods will output about 2400 lumens. It’s pretty challenging for battery-powered solar motion lights, but the model listed above is 1600. Not bad!

A commenter on MSB mentioned the following:

“I have (4) of the white version of these and they have worked flawlessly. They are bright at 1600 lumens. I highly rate them. The only thing I like better is the 110-volt AC version of them that is even brighter. 3500 lumens is amazing. I have 3 of those as well, same company. You just have to hard wire them.”

LEPOWER 35W LED Security Lights – AC Powered

(view on amzn)

In closing, both AC-powered and Solar-powered motion lights have their place in an overall outdoor home security plan.

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