THE Best Outdoor Motion Lights - RAB Super Stealth

RAB SUPER STEALTH – Why I Install Them:

I have no doubt whatsoever – THE best outdoor motion sensor lights: RAB Super Stealth 360, made in the USA. RAB makes the highest quality consumer motion sensor light on the market, in my opinion.

Why do I say that? I have installed lots of them! Moreover I have been completely satisfied with their outstanding performance over the years.

Continue reading for the technical reasons why I believe they’re the best
– the criteria, features & FAQ
– specifications
– installation tips

Best Outdoor Motion Light - RAB Super Stealth 360

RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 (brown)

RAB ‘Super Stealth’ outdoor motion sensor lights mounted on my deck

(UPDATE 2019) The RAB outdoor motion sensor lights that I have installed have been in service for many years without any problems whatsoever!

I’ve also updated the LED Flood Lights information (below) confirming they’ve been operational for several years outdoors (in all sorts of weather) with no issues at all.

What makes the ‘RAB Super Stealth 360’ the best outdoor motion sensor lights?
(Keep reading!)

best outdoor motion sensor light with longest range

RAB Lighting -Super Stealth 360 (white)

I installed several more of the RAB’s to beef up my home security. They compliment the motion sensor lights that I installed a number of years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to discover even more improvements to this stellar product!

They’re still the best outdoor motion lights, and here’s why:

How To Choose The Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Light Features | Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important features for an outdoor motion light?

Some of the important features to compare are
– Motion Detection Distance
– Motion Sensing Angle (detection pattern width)
– False Triggering Stability
– Power Handling (watts)
– Surge Protection
– Reputation!
The RAB Super Stealth 360 excels at all of them, and more.

How far out will the best outdoor motion lights trigger?

While the majority of ordinary outdoor motion lights may sense and trigger out to 30 or 40 feet, the RAB Super Stealth detects motion out to 60 feet when installed correctly.

How can the RAB Super Stealth detect 360 degrees all around?

It has two sensors. One detects 180 degrees out to 60 feet, while the other (mounted underneath) detects down (under the unit) and 360 degrees around to 15 feet. There’s no escaping it’s sensors!

Is it worth the extra money to buy a better outdoor motion light?

In most installations which focus on security, yes, it’s worth it. The additional features, functionality, and reliable reputation of a quality brand may be worth your peace of mind.

Best Outdoor Motion Light: mounted on my deck

I mounted this motion sensor light on one end of the deck. The other ‘RAB’ is mounted on the other side. I have a total of four covering the entire perimeter of the house for better security.

Burglars ARE deterred when a motion light is triggered.
Long distance matters.

The RAB Stealth will detect out to 60 feet!

The Best Outdoor Motion Light with the longest range

WHY The RAB Super Stealth Are THE Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Long Range Motion Sensor Detection

The primary motion light sensor (there are 2 built in) has very long distance sensitivity compared with other cheaper brands.

60 feet detection in a 180 degree pattern on primary sensor.
(proper mounting required)

The Best Way To Set Up Motion Lights Outdoors

This criteria is very important to me because I want the earliest notification and deterrence possible. High quality motion detectors pay off in this area – the maximum distance possible.

RAB motion light sensor

360 Degree Motion Sensing

The RAB has two sensor detectors!
One reaches out for distance as mentioned above.

A secondary sensor ‘looks’ BEHIND, including UNDERNEATH and itself has a reach of about 10 – 15 feet. Combined with the 60 foot reach of the front 180 degree swath makes it a true 360 degree motion light!

Outdoor motion sensor lights are also rated by their detection pattern. That includes sensor coverage width – their sensing angle measured in degrees. For ultimate security protection a 360 degree full circle coverage is absolutely the best. This will leave no dead zones whatsoever.

There is NO sneaking up on this motion light without it turning on!

Temperature Compensation

The outdoor temperature affects motion sensing ability. The RAB Super Stealth automatically adjusts for outdoor temperature to optimize motion detection regardless of the degree of hot or cold.

Surge Protection

Built in surge protection up to 6,000 volts will protect your investment. This could be caused by voltage spikes from thunderstorms, lightning, power tools, etc..

My RAB Super Stealth outdoor motion light

RF Immunity

This motion detector is protected from Radio Frequency interference potentially caused by wireless and other devices.

Scanning LEDs

Three Red LEDs are always scanning across the face of the motion detector. This feature itself is a great deterrent!

Motion Detector Advanced Logic

They have figured out a way to minimize false triggers. While no motion light is completely immune, this is where many others fail. You can be confident that when this light turns on, there’s a reason…

Wattage Capacity

An outdoor motion detector light is also rated by how many watts (adding up the total watts of the bulbs). The typical maximum for outdoor motion detector lights is usually 300 watts (e.g. two 150-watt bulbs).

The RAB Stealth can switch up to 1,000 watts by adding additional external fixtures.

Today’s LED flood lights only require a fraction of the power requirements!
Review: LED Floods For Outdoor Motion Lights

LED floodlight for outdoor motion light

Hyperikon LED Flood Light, 1240 lumen

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Ease of Installation

It’s not that difficult to install an outdoor motion light for an electrician or those who know what they’re doing. With that said, some light fixtures are easier to install than others.

Note: The RAB Stealth comes with a convenience hanger for the light fixture while connecting the wiring. This greatly simplifies the installation:

RAB installation hanger

My First RAB Stealth

For the sake of my own nostalgia, here’s my first RAB motion light from about 10 years ago. I upgraded my existing motion light at the time with just a RAB sensor (which you can purchase separately).

RAB Sensor

RAB Super Stealth 360


The Best Motion Light For Outdoors

There are additional features too, but those listed above are important to me and part of the reason I choose their motion lights.

A very important part of general preparedness is one’s home security. Outdoor motion lights are one of the best deterrents you can have for a first level security defense at night.

Note: I have a background in electronics (among other things) and installed these motion lights myself. I can tell you that RAB has made it very accommodating for the installer (or electrician). There are several thoughtful and helpful inclusions to make the installation go smoothly. 1st class all the way.

Remember, “you get what you pay for”, and this one is worth the money. In fact, it’s so good, that I have been inspired to post this review and recommendation to you for your protection and security.

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light (WHITE)

RAB Super Stealth Outdoor Motion Light (BROWN)