Staying Away From The Crowd For Safety, Security, Survival


In so many ways, by adhering to the advice “stay away from crowds”, you will up your odds of safety, security, and survival.

Now that I live in a place where crowds are essentially non-existent, the contrast is very high when I travel to regions of crowded spaces and places. It is very noticeable the ‘close calls’ that are experienced on a daily basis and it’s all directly associated and proportional to the ‘crowd’.

Here’s what I mean:

There is potential danger (literally) with crowds, with population density.

Lets say that 5% of drivers are really bad drivers. The percentage of those bad drivers who are are on the road with you at any given time is the same, regardless of living and traveling in a small town or a busy densely populated region.

The mathematical fact though is this…
You will encounter MORE of them in population dense regions.

5% of 100,000 is 5,000, while 5% of 1,000 is just 50. The probability of encountering a number of the 5,000 bad drivers while you’re driving through that region is MUCH higher than the probability of encountering any of the 50 who live in the town of 1,000.

And I’m just using ‘bad drivers’ as an example…

Most of you ‘get this’, it’s a simple thing… but the stark reality hits you in the face sometimes while traversing from one region to another… It drives home the notion that one’s safety, security, and even ‘survival’ is much more at risk comparatively and proportionally to the size of the crowd.

I have spent much of my life living in population-dense regions. Although I have since left that life behind, it is interesting to reflect back upon my ‘normalcy’ back then compared to my ‘normalcy’ now. Wow…

The day to day aggravations while living in regions with lots of other people (which is where most of the majority live) become ‘normal’ and just part of life. Sure we get aggravated by the unavoidable issues that go along with it, but we learn to deal with it and it just becomes a way of life.

We don’t even realize that our risk levels (safety, security, survival) are greatly elevated proportionally to the crowd because it’s just the way it is… especially if you know no other way…

However if and when one decides to move away from it all, the stark contrast becomes glaringly obvious – and interesting. Generally speaking, there are still the same percentages of people who are really bad drivers, or those who you may consider to be ‘idiots’ ;) , or those who you might consider to be ‘sheeple’, but the difference is there are LESS of them in numbers versus MORE of them in numbers within crowded spaces and places! Simple concept, but it becomes quite noticeable having lived life in both places…

If and when the SHTF, the same approximate percentage of unprepared sheeple people will coexist everywhere. However your life during the crunch and the aftermath will be much safer, more secure, and your odds of survival will be improved by lesser numbers while living away from the crowds… this is more important than you may think…

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