Survival Strategy To Avoid The Roving Mob


Guest post: by ‘ant ellie H.’

Word will get around that you and your family have provisions and supplies, and those who never prepared anything at all will come to take your provisions from you. It is possible that this mob will outnumber you and be completely devoid of morals, sharing, and will not even want your knowledge……they would probably use you and your family as slaves or worse.

To avoid detection and capture will require your keener wits against a roving mob. Your shelter could have a fake back wall, with a shallow area that would be cleaned out so that you could hide there undetected until the mob had gathered up what they wanted and left. Or you could position a “thicket” shelter with hidden entry and stay in this second site when it would be most likely that the mob would appear.

Perhaps one of the best places would be high in a tree, a small disguised sleeping platform that would be suitable to use…this could be accessed if you had advance warning of mob arrival. If there is a large family group, a lookout or advance warning of approaching strangers could be arranged. Perhaps a “dummy shelter” with some minor food items would delay your discovery until you could hide in several hollow logs.

Consider what resources you have for concealing yourself and family for safety. Practice these early on as you retreat further into wooded areas. Your survival will depend on outsmarting desperate people who could be very ruthless.


Ken adds: To help minimize theft or overall losses from looting or burglary, one idea is to not keep all your eggs in one basket, meaning, keep supplies in various places.


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  1. Bury your preps in at least three different caches. If TSHTF so bad that your home is unsafe then don’t stay in your home at night. Don’t lock yourself in a secret room, the closet or the cellar. People who do this usually die in place. Don’t tell people what you have or even worse where it is. Have a backup plan and a backup plan for your backup plan. Avoid a fight and the best way to do this is have a plan so that you aren’t stuck defending all your preps sitting in the garage of your house. Have a go bag and a place to go. Have a go bag buried along with other supplies in an alternative place to go.

  2. I am of a mind to think that if people are so desperate to get my stuff that they will risk getting shot, they will probably move on to an easier target.
    This was just what happened during the Rodney King Riots in CA in 1992. South-Central LA was still smoldering when I went down there. Yet there were some neighborhoods that were untouched. One of these neighborhoods was the Vietnamese section of Orange County (Garden Grove) where the shops have a lot of gold on display. It was well known that the “Little Saigon” section was not only well armed but they worked with each other to prevent looting and property damage.
    Case in point, Most of the shopkeepers were on their roof tops and thus were not able to see who was messing with their security grating directly below, They cell-phoned their friends across the street and were able to call in some grazing fire from the rooftop across the street. During that time, they never called the Police for help, they did not ask for ammo, food or water. They helped each other out.
    Afterwards, the windows were intact and the gold was displayed. These people were ready and prepared. They had so much blood and treasure invested in one location, they were not about to move. So they invested a modest amount in security items (safes, security grating, guns, ammo, water and food) and they were on civil, if not friendly, terms with their neighbors.

  3. “High in a tree”- a treehouse!- are you kidding?
    An angry, probably armed mob will shred you treehouse with .223’s and .308’s! Or maybe they will just dump some of your own gas or kerosene on the base of the tree and burn you and your family alive!
    Preppers need to defend their whole property and everything on it- IT IS YOUR PIECE OF THE WORLD- DON’T GIVE IT UP!

  4. In a situation where it is you or them… mass mobs, end of the world, Apocalypse, ect. My opinion you would be the safest on a large lake or large body of water (not oceans, because of storms and hurricanes) For people to get to you and your stash they would have to have a boat or be really good swimmers. You always make sure that your stash is protected. On a boat you could take waterproof bags and tie rope to rocks (you could swim down later when supplies were needed. Always keep at least one fire arm in your reach at all times wither it is for a life or death situation or a confrontation with looters. Never leave any of your supplies where someone can find them, it has to be hidden and hidden well. You would want make sure that you are making your panic room or bug out shelter in a very low populated area; country, mountains,ect. Where you have a long distance from your neighbors or town. Defiantly stay away from big cities. Hospitals are pretty much ground zero in a end of the world or crash of civilization, stay away from them if possible. If your home that you live in is in a neighbor hood with 100 houses it will not be safe. Desperation cause people to do desperate things. Always keep a bug out bag for emergency’s; tornado’s, hurricanes, mass mobs, and any other emergency. In case you have to leave very quickly.

    Night Owl- you have a good point about the fact that any large gun would blow apart a tree house. i have thought many times about different bug out shelters. but if someone must retreat to higher land and they have only the option for trees then it would have to be in a deeply wooded area where it would be well hidden and no one could see the smoke rising when you cook or burn wood. if not to take shelter or live in the tree then you could also take your stash of goods and hang it very high to were no one knew where it was. (also in deep woods; deeper the woods more ground to search)

    1. Carcar,
      It’s not just single females who wouldn’t be safe–it’s single anyone. It’s hard to defend even a tiny area with just a few people, much less one person. Everyone has to sleep sometime. I think that’s why Ken talked about finding a place to hide in this article. Is it the best solution? Maybe it is sometimes. Everyone’s case is different, and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Could I defend my home against a group of thugs? Not really. I could make it not so fun for them, and they might move on. Even then, they may return later with a bigger group, or in a more stealthy manner. I’ve heard the horror stories from other places and other times; I don’t want to go through that. I want to live a nice, quiet life, but I don’t have complete control over that, obviously. This life is but a vapor, though. It passes more quickly than we think. I know my Creator, and my life with Him will never end. That’s more important than all of the other preparation I can do. Getting to know Him would be my best suggestion for you.

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