Survival Strategy To Avoid The Roving Mob



Guest post: by ‘ant ellie H.’

Word will get around that you and your family have provisions and supplies, and those who never prepared anything at all will come to take your provisions from you. It is possible that this mob will outnumber you and be completely devoid of morals, sharing, and will not even want your knowledge……they would probably use you and your family as slaves or worse.

To avoid detection and capture will require your keener wits against a roving mob. Your shelter could have a fake back wall, with a shallow area that would be cleaned out so that you could hide there undetected until the mob had gathered up what they wanted and left. Or you could position a “thicket” shelter with hidden entry and stay in this second site when it would be most likely that the mob would appear.

Perhaps one of the best places would be high in a tree, a small disguised sleeping platform that would be suitable to use…this could be accessed if you had advance warning of mob arrival. If there is a large family group, a lookout or advance warning of approaching strangers could be arranged. Perhaps a “dummy shelter” with some minor food items would delay your discovery until you could hide in several hollow logs.

Consider what resources you have for concealing yourself and family for safety. Practice these early on as you retreat further into wooded areas. Your survival will depend on outsmarting desperate people who could be very ruthless.


Ken adds: To help minimize theft or overall losses from looting or burglary, one idea is to not keep all your eggs in one basket, meaning, keep supplies in various places.


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