Tactical Vest For The Prepper

The tactical vest is not only for the military operator, public safety professionals, or general enthusiasts, but they are for the serious prepper who is planning and training for level-3,4 SHTF preparedness.

What is a tactical vest for?
It primarily enables the operator to carry their gear in a secure and comfortable way.

What gear is most often carried in a tactical vest?
Mainly, multiple extra magazines to compliment the firearms being carried, holster or holsters, trauma kit, comms-radio, and any other mission accessories or kit to conveniently attach to the vest or fit within its pouches. Some even provide the capability to fit a plate (body armor) within the vest itself – although body armor may otherwise be worn separately underneath the tactical vest itself.

Why would I need a tactical vest?
The tactical vest is essentially a battle-ready compliment enabling the operator to focus on the mission at hand. While currently here in the U.S. we are not living in a time of armed conflict, the prepper who is preparing for the possibility of level-3,4 breakdown or societal collapse, this prepper likely knows and understands the ramifications of what may follow.

(Just read One Second After if you have any doubts…)

What follows will likely include the harsh reality of armed conflict, and unless you are willing to simply rollover and succumb to this violence – you need to prepare for the probability. One of those preps is the tactical vest.

Considerations and questions regarding a tactical vest include:

What will I carry in this vest?

Will it also include a plate carrier?

How many mags will I need to carry and is the vest designed to fit them?

Does it have enough pockets and pouches for all the kit that I intend to carry?

What color-camo should it be? Black, Green, Urban Digital, Woodland Digital?

Strap adjustments, comfort, size?


One of the most popular and well reviewed tactical vests:
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest

Let’s hear from you. What do you recommend for considerations regarding a tactical vest, what you may carry, etc..?