LED Flood Light Replacements For Outdoor Motion Lights – I Use These

Last updated on January 5th, 2019


I believe that one of the best LED flood light replacements for outdoor motion lights is the Hyperikon® 1240 lumens flood light bulb.

Hyperikon® LED Flood Light
LED floodlight for outdoor motion light

Why? Because I have been using them in all of my outdoor motion lights for quite some time. No issues! Even in our weather extremes!

A number of years ago I replaced all of the standard tungsten incandescent flood lights / spotlights with these – for security around the home. They have been fully operational ever since.

I recently purchased and installed several more of these LED flood light bulbs for my ‘RAB Stealth’ outdoor motion lights (reviewed here).

They drastically reduce energy consumption! This is especially important to me because I’m running off-grid solar power. But that’s not the only reason…

These LED floods are currently the best replacement that I’ve found.
And here’s why…

Until these were developed, I had been using the typical 150 watt (tungsten) flood light or spotlight combination. When all of these lights were on at once (I have a number of motion lights), they were consuming many hundreds of watts. Since I now have solar panels (and a battery bank for nighttime energy) I am very conscious of energy consumption and these LED replacement bulbs have solved my problem…


Energy Savings in Watts

The Hyperikon® LED flood light will save approximately 85% electricity consumption based on ‘lumens’ equivalent (brightness), and only consumes about 10% of what a typical incandescent flood light uses. That’s a 90% savings differential!

Typical Flood light: 150 Watts
Hyperikon® LED flood light: 14 Watts

This is not only good news for general energy consumption, but if you have solar then it’s very significant! But there are more reasons why they’re the best:


LED Brightness Comparison

Brightness is expressed by a technical term called ‘lumens’.


A ‘typical’ 150 watt incandescent flood light puts out about 1700 lumens.

The LED replacement flood light that I’m comparing in this article puts out 1240 lumens (about 73% equivalent). HOWEVER, I’ve got to tell you that I really hardly notice any difference while comparing this LED to the regular flood light. This may be due to factors such as the beam angle, reflector design, and/or color temperature.

Beam Angle

This particular LED replacement bulb has a beam angle of 40 degrees (even though they call it a ‘flood light’). The light certainly is ‘pushed’ out there via the reflector design. Additionally, there is a good amount of surrounding light versus the ‘directed’ light – making for a very good ‘flooded’ mix in my opinion.



Color Temperature

This refers to how the cast of the light appears to your eyes – in gradients from warm to cool (reddish/yellow to blue/white).

Hyperikon® makes this LED bulb in three different color temperatures:

Daylight White (4000K)
Soft White Glow (3000K)
Warm Glow (2700K)

I have purchased the 4000K and the 3000K for my outdoor motion lights. The 3000K LED bulbs color temperature is nearly identical to a traditional flood light with its tungsten filament. It’s not ‘white’ or ‘blue’, but it has a yellowish hue.

Related: Best Color Temperature For Security Lights


LED Flood Light – Life Expectancy

This is a statistic where the LED really shines. The life expectancy is tremendously longer than a traditional incandescent bulb!

Typical 150 Watt Incandescent Flood Light: 1.8 years
Hyperikon® LED Flood Light: 21 years (45,000 hours)

So while the LED bulb costs more initially, it more than pays for itself due to its energy savings combined with life expectancy.


Additional Attributes Making It The Best…

DIMMING capabilities with a CFL/LED digital dimmer (which will also dim incandescent).

Unique color rendering technology, providing CRI90+ and R9>50. It’s ‘technical’, but to sum it up this means that the bulb is very good at reproducing ‘reds’ – which has been a difficult thing in LED technology. Perhaps this is the reason why I think it looks so good…

ENERGY STAR qualified

UL-Listed [E472253]



If you’re looking for a LED replacement flood light for your outdoor motion lights, you might consider the Hyperikon® PAR38 LED Flood Light Bulb, which I believe to be one of the best at this time…

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