Under What Circumstances Would You BUG OUT?


There are seemingly endless opinions about whether or not it’s a good idea to ‘bug out’, to ‘get out of Dodge’…

The fact that the opinions are endless underlines the reality that the decision to bug out is highly dependent upon many integral unique circumstances which are nearly always unique to the individual making that decision – not the least of which might be your proximity to high population density (for example).

Lets hear your thoughts and opinions of the specific criteria and circumstances whereby someone might make the decision to bug out… What are the thresholds?

First let me say this… IF you are to bug out (regardless of the circumstances and thresholds of the decision), DO IT EARLY before the masses. We’ve all seen the miles upon miles of gridlocked vehicles on the highways and bi-ways…

The decision to leave one’s home, one’s ‘castle’, could be a very difficult one. As opposed to a shoreline dweller who is escaping the path of a hurricane (an easy decision), there are other circumstances which may not be so clear and filled with a-lot of unknowns, what-if’s, and uncertainties. There might be an unfolding event which has never before been experienced by so many – and with it the question of how everyone around you might handle it…

The magnitude of the circumstances (or the magnitude of the expected circumstances) would need to be at a high threshold to even consider a bug out from one’s home. Would they not? What are some examples of those circumstances and the thresholds thereof? What are some of the dependencies for the decision to bug out (it depends on this or it depends on that…)?

I’ve touched upon the notion of bug-out within quite a number of articles here over the years – each with a slightly different approach. In this one, instead of listing my own opinions, I’m curious about yours and the criteria and circumstances in which one might actually consider it…

Note: Just because you yourself might be ‘all set’ and already living in your BOL, I’m still curious to discover your opinions regarding hypothetical ‘what if’ you were not, and what set of circumstances would set you in motion…



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