My EDC handgun

Your Everyday Carry Handgun Choices, and Why

My EDC handgun
(What are your Everyday Carry Handgun Choices ?)

For those who ‘Everyday carry’ (EDC) a handgun, or for those who do carry but maybe not everyday, what is your handgun of choice, and why that one?

For me it will vary depending on what I’m doing,  where I’m going, the season, what I’m wearing, or whether I’m carrying IWB or OWB (inside the waistband or outside).

Those of us who do own a handgun or two or three, or more, we have purchased each of them based on our own unique criteria. Some of them are certainly more practical than others for everyday carry.

An ideal everyday carry solution may be one where we have choices available to us that ‘fit’ the situation at hand.

Most of us have not had the luxury to try all sorts of different handguns to discover which works best for us. And many of us may simply carry whatever it is that we have decided to purchase at one time or another.

There are countless opinions regarding handgun manufacturers, models, caliber, etc. It is a given that there will be disagreements of opinion. But let’s put that aside while simply letting others know what it is that we may everyday carry, and why we chose ‘that one’.


Everyday Carry Handgun Choices

For me, depending on the factors I mentioned, it’s likely going to be one of these:

S&W M&P Shield in .45 ACP. I really like this handgun. For a ’45’ it’s compact and relatively light weight (1 lb, 12 oz. loaded), thin (single stack), and readily comfortable to carry. I often carry this OWB (outside the waist band) on my ‘Ronin’ Kydex holster, although still able to conceal it with outerwear. Much more comfortable that way. A big plus for me was purchasing extended magazines for this specific model (6 +1 additional round). It gives me a slightly longer grip to hold (fits much better in my hand that way).

Smith Wesson Hat

Glock G19 Gen4 (9mm).  It’s a bit larger and fatter than my 45 Shield, but has 15 round magazine.  It’s nearly identical in weight (fully loaded) compared with the Shield. Very comfortable to shoot and fits naturally well in my hand. Love the factory sights – better than the Shield in my opinion.

Glock Perfection Hat

Colt ‘Mustang’ Pocketlite (.380). This pocket handgun is a very small semi-auto. It’s virtually unnoticeable while carrying IWB or in my DeSantis pocket holster. I really like it for ease of carry and comfort. Great for summer attire when concealment may be otherwise difficult. 6 round magazine.

Colt Firearms Hat

DeSantis Holsters

Okay let’s hear from you and your handgun choices for EDC…


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  1. I do IWB with a Kimber Micro CSE, .380, easy to cover up, extra mag in the left pocket since I’m right handed.

    Sig SP2020, .40 S&W, two extra mags in the vehicle always.

    Also have a U.S. AR-7 Survival rifle (.22 LR), extra 100 hollow point rounds in the 3 DAY pack, always in the truck.

    1. Forgot the why…i carry concealed when out in public, zero trust with people I don’t know. Within reach at home when someone hits the doorbell (rare). No critters outdoors that are a problem here, like dangerous snakes and things that are bigger than me and can eat you.

  2. I like my Glock gen 22 .40 cal 15+1 Owb. . But thinking about Ruger .380 for an inside wb holster. You can buy a belt clip for ruger. And won’t need holster.very concealable.Used to carry .357 6inch S/W stainless 686 in a shoulder holster it made my back hurt after a while though.Still love the gun but have a belt holster now for around the property.😃

  3. I live in South FL. Everyday clothing consists of cargo shorts, a thin button down short sleeve shirt and tevas all year round. That being said I am limited in the size and style of carry options.

    I keep a Smith and Wesson 38 spl. Snub in a recluse holster designed for cargo pockets.
    Fires 5 +P Hydrashock hollow points. The ammo is very important. Also have 10 more rounds in the opposite side pocket. plus a CRKT fossil pocket knife.
    I feel the revolver is a better reliable option considering it is everyday carry and there is sand that gets in my pockets occasionally. I just need to be able to pull it, pull the trigger and have it go bang without issue. Yes I do service this weapon as needed and train with it.

    Honestly if somebody got the drop on me and was close enough, my knife would be faster to thrust into the bad guys diaphragm or kidney.

    In a shoot out I wouldn’t stick around too long and use the 38 for standoff and get the hell out of dodge. I am not trying to win a shoot out in a gang war.

    1. Forgot to mention I also have a s&w m&p full size 9mm – 17 round mag. if I feel my threat level is higher. OWB carry only slightly prints at the 5 oclock position on my back. Just don’t bend over in front of a cop. :)

      1. Semi autos are much more resistant to sand then a revolver. Look at what military guns are put through in tests. No revolver would survive what they do to Glock’s and still work.

    2. I live in s. Florida too, carry S&W titanium hammer less 357. Use high end 38+P ammo. 2 spare speed loaders. It’s very lite not a gun you want to shoot a lot at range… has 1 job. Save me and mine.

  4. As a retired LEO carrying under Act 218 I carry a Gen 5 Glock 26 utilizing PMAG 12 round mags for a total of 13 rounds of 9 mm Hornaday Critical Defense. Carried in a IWB holster, I need to change to the factory 10 round mags when going to some surrounding states, but that still allows 11 rounds total. Within my state and those that allow, I carry an extra Glock 17 +2 round Mag for a total of 19 backup rounds, or where required an extra one or two 10 round mags.

  5. I find the Ruger SR9C a very good choice.
    10 rounds in the mag and 1 in the tube

  6. For Duty I carry a Sig P320 9mm. For conceal carry I use a Glock 19 or a Sig P365 depending on the weather or the area that I am traveling to.

    I have IWB and OWB options for all three. I typically run NSR, Safariland or R Grizzle holsters.

    I really enjoy most firearms but those are the ones I carry daily.

  7. I carry a S&W Governor around the house/outside, 410 Shot shell and/or 45 Long Colt in a Shoulder Holster, keeps it out of the way when working.
    I load 2 #4 shot, 2 Defender Shot Shell, and 2 45-LC Bear Load. I “it” doesn’t go down with that…. AHHHHH well tis been a good life. As a side note the Governor will accept the 45ACP ammo with the supplied adaptor.

    EDC is the Springfield 45ACP XDM Compact, double stack 10+1 with (2) 13 round Mags on the other side (OWB) to balance the load. Red Laser with Florescent replacement iron sights. Clothing covers both.
    Office gun is a Springfield XD 45ACP in a under desk holster. With 2 extra mags, EDC gets locked in a quick access truck lock-box when I get to work.
    Additionally a Springfield XD 45ACP in the GHB in the truck/car that goes where I go, period.
    Also a DPMS AR and a short barrel Remington in the truck in a lockdown box bolted to the floor under the back seat. Slow to retrieve, but there if I need it. Dang NRP, that’s 4 firearms in the truck at work Holy Crapo..… HAHAHAHA

    I chose the XD’s for EDC because of the “feel” of the grips and weight without changing grips and other modifications. Also like the action/slide seems smooth to me. AND the work every time I pull the trigger, even with reloads.
    Also like the knockdown power of the 45ACP, without getting into the age old argument of what ammo, it’s just the right choice for me. Ever try to fend off a pizzed off Elk or really mad Bear with a pea shooter? (have pictures I took 3 days ago of Mama and 2 Cubs about 300 feet from the house, Blue smelled them and let me know.)

    Surprised Google/Amazon and others are not complaining about a “Firearm Article” on your site.

    1. @NRP,
      I was a hardcore Glock guy for years, mainly because it was recommended to me by several LE friends. Had an employee that swore by the Springfield XD series of pistols and he convinced me to buy one. Bought the XDM in .45. Damn good weapon. Have bought a few more Springfield XD’s since.
      Both the Glocks and Springfields have NEVER failed to fire or failed to eject.

      1. Love Springfield I have both XD and XDS in 9MM. My carry is the XDS

        Also have Springfield 1911 .45 range master. Not for carry but this is my favorite handgun

    2. quote, Surprised Groogle/Amazon and others are not complaining about a “Firearm Article” on your site.

      I’m just waiting to see if I get a notice from them (the big G). Amzn has not been a problem.

    3. We went last weekend to look at the XDM 3.8 inch in 45 acp. We really liked the feel of it and I’m glad to hear from those that have one. That’s what I like about this site. It’s very helpful.

      1. Bender:
        I really like the XDM (match) very comfortable grip and action is smoooottthhhhh.
        Find someone and go shoot it, you’ll be sold.

      2. My first pistol was the XDM 3.8 in 9mm, and it is still my favorite. Great trigger, easy to disassemble, and accurate. I put on a light on it and it is now my home gun.

        My carry is now the XD-S (single stack 9mm). Much easier to carry in the warmer months and I barely feel it is there.
        A couple of guys I go the range with have different pistols (one a Sig, the other a Shield) and they both shoot better with the XDM. Definitely try it out.

        1. A number of people have now commented regarding the XDM. Makes me want to try one… ;)

  8. For me it depends on where I’m going and what I’m wearing. Most days I have a Walther PPK/S .380 in a sticky Holster in my pocket with a spare magazine in my other pocket. When wearing an IWB holster I will probably be carrying a Glock 27 .40 caliber. Choices for OWB carry include my be a Glock 19, 9mm or Glock 22, .40, Springfield XDM .45 or XDS 9MM. When wearing a shoulder holster its my Springfield Range Officer in .45.

    ALWAYS with me in my vehicle (GHB) is a Glock 19 with tritium sights and a Streamlight TLR-2G laser/light combo. To go along with the 9mm pistol I also have a Kel-Tech Sub 2000 PCC in 9mm. Takes the same mags as the Glock 19. That carbine is the best thing since sliced bread for a GHB. Folds in half and fits easily in a small backpack.

    1. My G19 is my EDC. When I want very concealed, I carry my LCP II. The LCP fits in my front pocket very nicely with no one the wiser. Never had a problem with the G19. Awesome stuff.

  9. The balance is between a gun big enough to be able to grip but small enough to conceal. I can’t shoot the S&W Bodyguard .380 as I can only get two fingers on the grip. The Beretta px4 Storm is way too bulky with too many protruding elements. So my favorite is the S&W Shield in 9mm.

    So you carry in or out, how about extra magazines? How do you carry those?

    1. Old Chevy-on a RR
      I believe all the Shields are the same size/ I know that the 40 and 45 are.
      Just my opinion
      I carry outside. Inside seems to be a hassle for me. Bigger sized pants. Weapon is against skin. If blued constant oiling.
      Extra mags? I have them in the vehicle. On the person? I don’t usually….. depends on circumstances…..
      Find a leather maker for your needs. I think (hoping) the Shield is small enough for a weapon/Xtra mag holster……I like a thumb break for security…..just don’t like the open holster
      ……ohh Tommyboy
      Leathers a-callin

      1. Ha!
        Guess i better find a source for blue guns for wet molding holsters, been wanting to try and stick one in my new vacuum bag, squeeze the hell outa it, not so sure it will dry proper though

  10. S&W M&P shield compact in 40S&W plus a Springfield in 40S&W. I like my handguns to have interchangeable ammo. The Shield is for EDC in public, the Springfield is a little bulky for concealing. Never had an issue with either pistol!

    1. Considering the Ruger in .380 for DW. Always looking for an excuse to buy a new one! ;)

  11. I carry a Taurus PT145 in an alien gear IWB holster. I have this with me any time I wear pants. It has 10+1 in .45. I choose .45 for the strong knock down power but not over penetrating. When I am traveling or expecting trouble I will carry an extra magazine for the .45 and also carry a Taurus .380 in a pocket holster. DW carries a Ruger SR9C in her purse that is designed for concealed carry. I am considering putting a 12 ga. pump in the truck. I keep 00 buck in it while it’s in the house but will probably switch to turkey loads if it goes in the truck for legal reasons.

  12. – First was full-size 1911a1 in tanker’s rig. Really got to where I Liked that setup. even when worn concealed. Beretta M9, really didn’t ever like that thing, no matter what holster and tried a half-dozen. Have Ruger Speed-Six .357 in GHB, can’t carry on current job, but it is only about 30 steps away on average. Just under lock and key. Have also pocket-carried a little .32 Auto when I was recuperating from surgery and just walking around house/yard, to keep stray dogs and snakes/skunks away. Works for me. Wife has IWB LC9
    – Papa S.

    1. Papa Smurf;
      Tis it not interesting people either Love the 1911, or totally hate the old-time-high-$$$$-hammer….. hehehe, can ya tell what side of the coin I’m on?
      Just something about that big ole ducktail hanging out there with the hammer just looking to get bent sideways. :-) :-)

      1. – Yeah, and the old, un-bobbed hammer. Always nice to know you can do a Cavalry Roll and cock the thing if you have a misfire.
        – Papa S.

        1. Papa Smurf;
          HAHAHA, a Cavalry Roll at this time of life… LOL, Yeah Right.. :-) :-)
          More like a fall down and roll off the belly OMG!!!!!

        2. PS & NRP, re: roll….for me, more like a tree falling over, no bounce, just a crash, the roll occurs if on slanted ground, about as limber as a stick…🌲

        3. I am with you there NRP I picture myself on my back,legs in the air rolling like a turtle trying to get back up LOL

        4. Grey,
          Thats pretty funny,
          Yup, never mind rolling, more like sack o potatoes!

      2. – Cavalry Roll is a misfire procedure… turn the thing toward the ground, jam the hammer against your thigh and push to re-cock. That way you can keep the reins, steering wheel, whatever in your other hand and under control. Old single action response to a failure-to-fire. Dates back to Peacemaker days. Sheesh
        – Papa

        1. Honestly Papa Smurf, I like our answer more LOLOL 😁😂😃😋😁😈

  13. I generally have a small leather sling pack with my full size Para 1911 45acp, i use Chip Mccormick 10 round competition mags, more reliable than standard 1911 mags especially with 230g JHP bullets i load with.

  14. Fall/ winter, it’s an xdm compact in 9mm, 13+1 and 2 19 round spare mags..
    spring summer Ruger Lc9.

    just picked up a lcp, tiny and super concealable.

    1. Just be careful if it is an LCP II. If you buy additional clips, make sure they are LCP II clips, not just LCP. I heard it has some thing to do with the slide lock or something after the last round is fired.

  15. For my everyday carry around town, I have a Smith & Wesson M&P Bodyguard, in .380. It’s loaded with Winchester pdx1 hollow points. A very deadly round. For other occasions, it depends on where I’m going and what I’m doing. Fortunately, I’ve had the pleasure to try a large range of weapons. I worked in sporting goods for 6 years in the gun dept., and also have a brother -in-law that was a LEO. When he would come over and we would go shoot, he would usually have 20 or more guns to try out. I would shoot until I was sore. Too old for that now.

  16. Currently it’s a Sig p365, 12+1, conceals great. Secondary is the glock 19 (little to large)

  17. I have a Walther PK380……it has been the easiest for me to handle. I feel very comfortable with it. I had a Taurus at first. It just didn’t suit me. Tried a Glock. This seemed the perfect fit.

    1. Bought my MIL a PK380. It was the only one she could pull the slide back on with weak arthritic hands. She shoots it pretty good.

      1. My wife had the same problem but really liked my ppk/s. We got here a Bersa thunder which is a clone of the ppk/s but the slide is very easy to pull back

  18. I gave everything that I owned that goes bang to NRP. Apparently he lost them all in a boating accident during an Ice storm in Mexico.

  19. Keep a pair of snub 38s with +p hollows in holsters facing opposite directions in my hand bag….can work with either hand right through the bag!
    Owb hip carry xdm with powder river trigger and tritium sights for low/no light scenarios.
    AND I am fully advanced trained on all! And I practice to keep up.
    Have others to play with, but those are my concealed carry

  20. Make sure you can put the first shot where you want.
    That’s the one that counts

  21. Not that I would ever have a firearm in today’s hyper-politically correct world, but if I did … I would carry a Sig P-238 either in pocket or IWB at 4 o’clock. It’s lightweight, easily concealable, fantastic sights, great single action trigger, and has 7+1 capacity. Of course, if I carried this model I would definitely have additional magazines in weakside pockets. For OWB at 3 O’clock I would probably carry a Sig Saur P-226 in 9mm in retention holster. This model has the best factory short reset trigger I have ever had the pleasure to use, SIG Nite Sights, the perfect grip and feel, and comes with 4 20 round Standard Capacity Magazines. Of course these would only be options in a different world where firearms don’t come in black and aren’t so scary.

    1. Friend of mine who is African-American has the best bumper sticker – picture of an AR15 with “Is it because I’m black?” written underneath.

      1. Some folks are cool as an icecube and still have a sense of humor, we need more like that.

  22. G17 or G22, depending on the area I’m in. If in the woods, S&W 629 44 magnum.

    I have traveled with a Colt AR 15 broken down in a suitcase with a 100 round beta mag…LOL

  23. ***Love my Shield .45
    Rides close to the side, so easy to conceal. Light trigger and very accurate.
    *” Will at some point make a leather holster with a thumb break and extra mag holder.
    Kel-tec p-11 was my EDC, but harder to conceal, being a double stack.
    Usually the SR-40 when riding, 15 Rds. and GP-100 when hunting.
    Both a big big pain carring concealed…..
    ***But that’s when I had guns…..
    Sold em all years ago

    1. Joe c;
      I undersrand, lost all mine in a boating accident on Navajo Lake, lost everything 😣

  24. Not confident enough with my LC9S to carry yet. Shooting this weekend to improve.

    Currently carry a steampunk-like box cutter in my purse and a SOG tomahawk in the car. Long distances also carry a machete. This from a career spent in places where weapons were prohibited but garden tools and sports equipment were allowed. My handy tool in the office and at home used to be a nine iron. Had several. A friend is encouraging me to take up throwing knives; maybe this winter I can find the time.

    1. Anony Mee;
      If I may sugest you keep carrying the knife, machete and box cutter.
      Honestly being a little crazy looking in the eyes also helps……
      Do not only depend on a firearm, I’m telling ya. A lady with that “look” aint no way I’m messing with ya. NO WAY!!!!!

  25. Just MHO on Glocks
    I was a reserve for a couple departments, that swore by Glocks.
    They suck
    Range time
    You had to pull the empty mags out…they would not free fall..,.and stove pipe..,,yeah
    Overpriced, foreign crap.
    Told sarg. I’d rather carry my Ruger .40

  26. Ken asked a simple question, and as usual for me, I could spend days fleshing out the subject, but I’ll try my best to be brief.

    Simple answer, I carry a Ruger LCP .380acp. Every day, every waking moment I have clothes on. No exceptions, no excuses. I have many other more expensive, more powerful options, but this is the one pistol I always have on me.

    Why? It’s ridiculously light in weight. It functions flawlessly, never had a single malfunction after thousands of rounds. Most importantly, I can hit my intended target, not just close to intended point of impact, but within less than three inches, out to fifteen yards, quickly, not deliberately, from it’s concealed location on my person. Not brag, not because I’m naturally a better shot than others, but because I put in the practice and expend the multiple thousands of rounds of ammunition to attain the ability.

    Now to flesh out why I carry such a small handgun using such an anemic (popular misconception in my opinion) cartridge. I’ve carried daily, either openly or concealed, most of my life, from a young age, as a LEO. Like most LEO’s whose agencies allowed variance from the issued weapon, I tried and carried just about every quality handgun in every caliber available. I carried large (1917 Smith and Wesson M&P .45 acp with half moon clips 6 in barrel, 70’s Series 1911 Colt semi-auto) to the more compact Sig P229 .357 Sig, and multiple weapons in between. One thing you learn is the larger the gun, the more it weighs, the more it gouges you in the side, the tighter you have to cinch your rig up around your waist to keep your pants from sliding down, and, if carrying it concealed, the harder it is to hide it. Most long time LEO’s, me included, suffer nerve damage in the hip and leg on the side that weapon rode.

    After witnessing the aftermath of countless shootings, both civilian and law enforcement, I never saw a single one that the outcome was dependent on the relative power of the cartridge in the guns. A close friend and fellow officer was grievously wounded and his rookie trainee was killed in a shootout. Both were carrying brand new Colt Commanders .45acp with hollowpoint +P ammo. Both their weapons failed to feed the second round. My friend went down, shot in the groin, the rookie was killed, shot point blank in the head, by an attacker armed with a rusty, beat up, .22 Marlin rifle. They had planned to qualify with their weapons later that day. I witnessed a “dead” man come back to life. He was lying on his back, shot at less than 10 feet between the eyes with a Model 19 S&W .357 magnum 2 1/2″ barrel. Bullet hole in the forehead, bullet hole exiting the back of his head. He regained consciousness 10 minutes after being shot by a narcotics officer after the suspect fired a shot and missed. Bullet to a path around the skull, exiting the back, w/o ever penetrating the skull. I almost lost a partner to a single #6 bird shot pellet, he didn’t even realize had hit him until some 15 minutes after we took down the suspect that shot at us. His lung collapsed and so did he. Luckily we got him to the hospital in time.

    I could go on and on, but you should see what I’m getting at. Reliability is paramount, as is ability to hit your target, not occasionally, but every time, under pressure. Contrary to popular misconceptions, bad hits or worse, no hits with a high powered (by handgun standards) cartridge. Good hits in vital locations stop gunfights. If the cartridge you chose is capable of reaching vital targets, it will do the job.

    A good read is a study done by Greg Ellifritz on comparative effectiveness of handgun cartridges in real life shootings. His findings did not surprise me, rather they confirmed my personal observations over a career of seeing these things first hand.

    Said all that to say this. We are talking everyday carry for self defense and likely needs to accomplish the task. Should circumstances change, threat levels increase, or you know before hand you are going into fight, tools will change to fit the fight you know is coming.

    Please forgive the old man for talking your ears off (I could go on, but I’ll spare you).

    1. Dennis
      No problem, old man.
      Your shared experience is always welcomed.
      As hard as it may be, at times.

      I might add
      Those cinched up belts for heavy carried, make ya pee alot more

  27. – Joe c –
    Last dead body I handled was shot across a living room with a .25 – he was really most sincerely dead, all 285 pounds of him. Guess who had to load him up on a gurney?
    (First GSW I ever saw was a little guy about 145 lbs, shot at about 2 feet through a screen door; You could see the butt of the .25 slug flush with his skin. the Doc patched the hole with tape after removing the slug with tweezers.)
    – Papa S

    1. Weird huh? I had a cab driver come in after being robbed and shot in the head 3 times with a .25. He played dead until they left. Not one bullet penetrated the skull.

      1. Well
        Thanks for the info, fellas.
        If shid comes to shid…..and have been thinking so…
        GF,’s 938 maybe the ankle biter……
        I mean I bought the dang thing for her…
        Til we sold it…..

  28. Just for shiffs and giggles i got myself a drop leg, i actually kinda love it, friend of mine and i were screwing around at the SASS range (dont think those folks would approve) with ARs on single points with the drops, seeing how fast we can transition, what we can actually hit and if we can do it without shooting ourselves, we both are 1911 guys, can conceal it all pretty good with the outback drover,,,,
    But then again when the hell will i ever be wearin that?
    Was fun though, modern day outlaws,
    Good practice and fun, at least as much fun as you can have with a gun here in socialist paradise

  29. No problem Dennis, what you said is about the same as a retired SSagent told me a few ago. I carry SA range officer compact or light weight in 9 mm.As far as cinching my belt ( which I do ) up, I also use suspenders, just some thing I have gotten use to. I’m an old fart and I’ve always like the 1911 plate form ever since my uncle sam tried to teach me how to shoot the darn thing way back when.

  30. @Dennis,
    Truly wise words. I’ve made the same argument you are making for years. Practice, practice, practice. You MUST be able to hit your target under stress. Even a cannon won’t do its job if it doesn’t hit its intended target. Another point I’d make is modern ammo is way more lethal than ammo 40 years ago. Smaller calibers such as the .380 have much better ballistic characteristics than even just 10 years ago. It’s a matter of placing your shot, not how big it is.

  31. Joe c: First rule of a gunfight: HAVE A GUN! A .25 in the pants pocket beats a 1911 in a nightstand drawer. When I was a Peace Officer in SoCal, I worked more than one murder where the victim assumed room temperature after being shot with a .25 caliber handgun. Paul Harrell does some real good You Tube presentations on the effectiveness of different caliber handguns. His videos are very well done and worth a look.
    If you find yourself in a situation, get as much distance between you and the goblin(s)as you are able to. . Don’t think center of mass. Shoot him/her in the eye/face. And, keep shooting until your target changes shape or catches fire(h/t to Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch).

    1. Thanks DWEEZIL
      Just having long thought out thoughts on everyday security away from home……40 hrs a week…
      When your go to is only 200+ yds away

  32. Carried a 1911 Colt in .45ACP, for years, but changed to a CZ75 compact just recently. The reasons are 1) 9mm ammo has improved, and now can be expected to stop the threat assuming proper bullet placement. And 2) because the possibility of multiple opponents is greater now, 14 rounds in the pistol plus two spare magazines in the pouch, should suffice. Behind the seat of my pick up (in a gun locker) is a Hi Point 995 (9mm) and a bag of loaded “Red Ball” twenty round mags. A can of pepper spray, and a “Cold Steel” folder round out my everyday weaponry. Also behind the seat is a thirty pound “get home” bag in the event that vehicular travel is not possible.

  33. Haven’t seen the name Bersa or Firestorm
    GF’s go to in .380. Notta cc compact but everybody loves it who has shot it. And fairly resonable in price. No probs.
    Made in 380 up to . 45

    Man, miss that one too….

    1. Joe c,

      I’ve heard many good things about the Bersa .380. Never shot one, but I have a Russian Makarov in .380 that appears similar. The Makarov is extremely reliable, has decent sights, well finished, but the trigger pull stinks (not saying the Bersa is comparable). The trigger pull stacks (pull weight increases progressively while being pulled) and when the trigger breaks, it feels like breaking a cucumber in half. My son bought it for me, and I have carried it occasionally. It’s accurate, I can shoot it well, and would trust it for an EDC. It’s just not as light or as compact and easily concealed as the LCP.

  34. One more muse from an old LEO before I retire to bed. Everyone knows the first rule of a gunfight. Everyone knows there are restrictions on where you can legally carry your concealed weapon. I’ve carried concealed off duty and as a retired civilian, all my adult life. As a cop I carried concealed off duty years before concealed carry for civilians was allowed. I never once was “made” or challenged in all those years while shopping or anywhere else. There is a reason for that. I never walked around with a bulge the size of a colostomy bag with a shirt pulled over it like I see some folks do, or an over size fanny pack bulging and sagging from my waist.

    Most stores/venues that put up the no gun signs, or “certain places” where it is automatic (government offices, hospitals, etc,) don’t have armed security on duty, nor do they search anybody that enters the premises nor make you pass through detectors. Not suggesting a thing, but a well concealed (meaning no/none/nada perceptible indication) weapon being detected in these places is about as likely as being struck by lightning immediately after cashing in the winning mega millions power ball lottery ticket. On the other hand, these same venues are exponentially more likely to be a target of a maniac wanting to set a new killing record, or a punk wanting to rob you knowing his targets are not armed.

    Everybody faces decisions in their lives based on risks involved, many risks can be minimized greatly.

    1. I might add, reports now say their may have been as many as five off duty law enforcement officers inside the Thousand Oaks dance hall when the massacre took place. All were unarmed.

      Good night all and God Bless everyone. He loves you and cares for you even if you don’t acknowledge Him. I believe it was Antique Collector requesting prayers for rain. Will do AC.

    2. I carry every where. Businesses don’t have the right to suspend the second amendment. They can tell you to leave and have you no trespass

  35. First thing is to avoid (as in run away) from bad situations and develop situational awareness of your surroundings and walk out if it seems wrong.

    I have walked out of stores and restaurants when my spidy-sense said something didn’t feel right.

    I also try hard to not shop on the bad side of town as to not be where bad people tend to be a bit more common. I have several Ham radios and easily seen antennas on my van and in bad areas I would likely be a target of someone of dubious morals intent upon taking what is not theirs.

    I also always back my van or truck into a parking space so I can drive away faster then the person that would need to back up, stop then drive forward. The difference in time pulling out as apposed to backing out is big. Try it and time yourself.

    I also always turn around and look where I parked just before I go into a store to get a picture of where my auto is. I look at how many lanes it is from the door, the lane number it’s parked in, ect. I never have to wonder through a parking lot looking for my auto because I make sure to know where I parked. If I had to run out of a store because there was someone inside with a gun I want to have the option of knowing right where my auto is.

    I also carry an “Automatic Center Punch” on me all the time. These days it’s common practice to lock a building down when there is or may be a shooter in it. If I’m also in the building / store I want a way out when they cut the power to and or lock the doors. The “Automatic Center Punch” will blow out just about any glass door or window when you push it unto the glass.

    No store manager (untrained in these situations and simply following a flawed company policy) has the right to lock me in with a person bent on killing people. I refuse to live by their rules in this situation.

    If you ever did have to shoot someone you can expect it to cost you a lot of cash even when you are 100% right. And being right is no guarantee you will not go to prison for years. It’s always best to not use the gun unless it’s an absolute last resort to save yourself or your family, this is why it is best to run and not prove how good you can shoot a gun.

    I no longer see my roll in life to come to other peoples rescue as we all know that no good deed goes unpunished and I don’t want their problems to condemn me to a life in jail. This may sound cold but I see it as a basic survival thing.

    I often carry one of 10 or 15 different guns but the main ones are.

    Winter time: A Colt .380 Mustang

    Summer time (when it’s almost impossible to hide a larger gun) either a Colt or Beretta .25 Auto.

    Yes the .25 is small, but I’m a good shot and no one is going to shrug off 5 or 6 of them in the face or chest.

    I also always keep an extra mag in my pocket.

    I have 2 Beretta’s the same size (almost the same gun) one is a .25 Auto and the other is a .22 short. I use the .22 short for practice as it cost a lot less to shoot. At 25-foot I can hit the head of a B-25 man-shaped target every time. The B-25 is a 1/2 size target.

    Also all the guns I carry were bought from Private sales, so no paper trail back to me. If needed I can toss them into the river. And yes all the shell casings have been wiped down so, no finger prints. No bad intent with this but more just an understanding of the current political dislike for guns and gun owners and my personal survival interest.

    My post may seem off topic but deciding to carry a gun is much more involved then just throwing a gun in your belt or pocket. Life-altering things happen when bullets get fired out of a gun we need to understand this.

    1. Chuck, All great points. Thanks. Avoidance, Situational Awareness, Escape…

  36. Cali, Do you have a personal recommendation for .380 ammo? I’m considering one for DW.

  37. In the late 90’s a co worker was on drugs and made many threats after he was fired. He blamed three of his co workers. I included. I carried CHL at the time a 9mm 10 round mag. I was at a sporting goods store one day with family. The x co worker 6 foot 4 inches over three hundred pounds was there also. My spouse noticed him fist. He was talking to himself and staring at me. He knew I carried a weapon. I think that is all that kept me from a shooting that day. He turned and left the store. I decided after that encounter a 45 acp was a better choice for CHL. I now carry a glock 36 with extra mags. The co worker a few months later overdosed and is now cured of all his problems under 6 foot of earth.

  38. People say that about the .25 but then they say it about the .22 also. That goes back to the question of would ya stand in front of me and let me shoot you with it LOL. While the .25 would not be my first choice I have a Beretta tomcat in .25 I carry on occasion in a ankle holster due to not always being able to conceal my Shield or XDM. At 10-15 feet I can empty 8 shots into a 9 ring in about 2 seconds. I think that would make someone change their mind. U tube Paul Harell and see what that caliber can do with the right loads

    I had a Raven also that I carried everyday about 30 years ago. Drop it in the back pocket and go. Not the greatest gun but I think it was like 60.00 back then.

  39. When I am out I carry a Ruger 380. Took me a while to be able to pull it, but I am also counting on Adrenalin. Carry it right in my purse, even at church. I only take it out when I am at the VA, but forgot last time. Oh well.
    We also have either a shotgun or rifle at every door.

    1. old lady;
      “We also have either a shotgun or rifle at every door.”
      I’ll make sure I call before I “drop by” HAHAHAHA

      1. old lady and NRP,

        Growing up, nearly, if not all our family acquaintances had a rifle, shotgun, or both, usually a .22 and a 12ga, leaning in a corner in plain view in the front room of their house. I still practice this. My family was instructed from when they were toddlers how to respect firearms. We don’t invite snowflakes into our home, so all our visitors are comfortable with the practice. Most do the same.

        An aside. I have a plastic replica 12ga replica shotgun with a bathroom toilet plunger attached to the barrel. A gag gift from one of my kids. It free stands upright. I put it next to the front door so it can’t be missed when visitors enter. It always catches their eyes, but they recognize it as fake very quickly. Their focus on it, entering and leaving, causes them to completely miss the rifle and shotgun leaning in the shadows of their corner, not 10 feet away. Our local game warden visits me quite often for friendly exchanges of information. I bet he has never noticed those real weapons because of the obvious fake one. (but I wouldn’t bet much on it)

  40. I live in the AZ high desert. Rattlenakes and Javalina are always close by. I carry a Ruger LCR .357 (just 19 ounces loaded) everywhere I go, with the first round being snake shot, the next four are Buffalo Bore, short barrel. low-flash, 140 grain JHP with 2 speed strips in my pocket. Pretty much covers any critters I might run into, be it no legs or 4 legged. As well as 2 legged critters, if needed. I also carry a NAA mini .22 and a switchblade in my offside pocket for up close needs.

  41. Interesting topic been following for a couple of years. Daily glock 19 when on prarie or mountains Smith 686 plus . always carry life can surprise you.. RLTW DOL.

  42. Most often: Sig P938 Equinox w/CT laser, 7+1 Hornady XTP 124g, one spare 7rd mag

    A little less often: Sig P250-45 Custom-Commander w/Viridian C5L, 9+1 Speed Gold Dots 230gr, one pare 9rd mag. (note: The Custom-Commander is a sub-compact slide on a milled-down compact frame)
    Both of these options are carried AIWB in Remora RFT holsters with Ulti-Clip’s

    When traveling by vehicle add:
    an FNX-45, w/ Viridian C5L and 15+1 Gold Dots 230g with two spare 15rd mags.
    7.5″ AR pistol (Spike’s lower, VLTOR upper), Law Tactical folder, Shockwave Blade stabilizer, 3 20rd mags, 2 60rd drums.

  43. Calirefugee and me,

    I’ve tried the Hornady plastic tip round also and experienced similar to Calirefugee. I don’t trust any hollow point .380’s to expand due to the relatively low velocities. I’m impressed with the reviews and published testing on the new Helical or fluted rounds offered by ARX Polycase (copper and polymer molded bullet) and Lehigh solid copper machined bullets. I currently carry the ARX bullet loaded under the Ruger trademark, but I’m a little leery of the 56 grain weight of the projectile. It’s advertised at 1250 fps, but I chronied it at 1100 fps out of my little Ruger LCP. I’m currently debating trying the Lehigh bullet, but it’s very pricey at around $1.50 per round, but one ammo manufacturer touts their loading at 1100fps using a 90 grain Lehigh bullet and reviews show devastating results in gel tests. Problem is, at least for me, is investing about $300 for my minimum function reliability testing before I carry a new ammo. The Lehigh projectile is offered for reloaders, but even then a box of 50 projectiles costs over $35 and not having the same access to powders available to manufacturers, I may not be able to match their ballistics and stay within acceptable pressures. The possibilities are so tempting, I may take the gamble and spend the cash to find out. If so, I’ll report my findings in the future. This round, if it performs as touted, will shed a whole new light on the .380.

  44. Ken;
    Would really suggest you get your hands on a XDM 45ACP, shoot it up against any Glock you wish, Same caliber of course. Thinking you’ll find a lake for those Glocks :-)
    Seriously a very good firearm, and easy shooting.

    1. What do you mean? All my firearms were lost in a unfortunate boating mishap. It was a big lake, and I don’t remember where on the lake. For that matter, I don’t remember exactly which lake. I remember it was big. Or was it smaller? Wait, umm, err, never mind…

      1. Guns?………….Guns?……….. Sir, I can’t tell you what I had for breakfast this morning, seems I remember having guns at one time, but I can’t recall how many or where they went. Errrr………., what were you asking again?……….. Oh! I remember! It was oatmeal…….. I think,……. maybe………………………..

  45. Very interesting
    I did watch u-tube vids of Paul Harrell that u all suggested.
    GF had a nice .,22 semi she loved, then a .380, she loved.
    I talked her up to a nine. She is not comfortable with the nine. Although I hoped.

    Carry what you’re comfortable with.

    I ain’t one to.look for trouble…
    But it, neither

    That .25? Yeah…
    May have to get more practice ammo….
    Ohh, no need
    I ain’t gott

  46. Dennis
    Did, were you able to make that pivoting target?
    How did it go?

  47. I generally carry a Glock 19 in MTAC Minotaur holster or a Milt Sparks Versa II holster. Many times I just carry a EG Makarov in a Don Hume IWB holster and sometimes a SMC-918 or P-64 as back up.

  48. I do need to revise my eailer comments on the EDC.
    Ever since my latest boating mishap and a slight knee problem. With the current limp I have I’m able to slip the BMG50 cal inside the pant leg and looks as i have a brace on the knee.
    Seems to be working out well 😎

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