Rule #1, don’t be in a riot.

With that said, lets say that you are NOT there to antagonize or disrupt, but your circumstances have you caught up in a riot. What do you do? How do you get out of a riot safely?

Here are several tips to help you get out of a riot:

The Police
When things get ‘stupid’, no matter your good intentions or circumstances being there, the police (if they are there) may have a difficult time distinguishing between the ‘good guy’ and the ‘bad guy’, or those who are the antagonizers amidst the chaos. So, be careful with that. You are all potentially disruptors in their eyes during a riot. When the police get the order to quell the riot, it doesn’t matter who you are or what your intentions are…

The Contagion Of Emotional Stress
In a large crowd, the energy of mass emotion can be contagious and rapidly spiral out of control. It often will only take one person to set a chain reaction in motion of high emotion or chaos. A riot may have been started by agitators who have been planted there to set things in motion. If you happen to be physically near a center of agitation within a riot, keep your emotions in check while you attempt to get out of there. Do not take the bait. With that said however, when it comes to physically defending yourself if attacked – that’s another story… you have that right as a human being.

Do Not Engage
The presumption here is that you have not intended to participate in a riot, so do not engage with others. How? By not locking gaze with an agitator while you attempt to walk out. Keep your head down but maintain situational awareness. Do not be singled out – just keep moving without engaging. Even if your emotional state wants to challenge the BS, don’t do it. There’s absolutely nothing to gain – you are not going to change anyone’s mind at this point…

How To Get Out And Escape A Riot
Keep walking. Do not stop. Do not run. Look for the edges of the riot and head there. Even if you need to cross the street to get to where you’re going, but there’s riotous chaos going on there – go further or around if you have to. Avoidance. If there is a store or other building to use as shelter, you might go there for awhile and wait (though beware of potential looting). Look for bottlenecks of people as they are moving – and don’t go there… Be inconspicuous. Do not walk ‘against the crowd’. Stay with the general flow as you head to the sidelines. Watch your footing as you walk so you don’t fall down and get trampled…

Today’s world is a tinder-box of many people who are not happy with their circumstances. Couple that with ‘powers-that-be’ who wish to agitate (divide and conquer) in an attempt to control an outcome. We are living in unprecedented and dangerous times. Be careful out there, and watch your back… there are tumultuous times ahead.

Your recommendations?…

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