Why Good People Should Be Armed


Many people understandably associate associate firearms with violence and bloodshed…because decent people don’t want violence and bloodshed.

Many instinctively dislike or fear firearms and support so-called gun control based on the assumption that outlawing firearms would mean reducing violence and bloodshed.

In reality this is not at all the case…

Saying I don’t want a firearm because I don’t want violence and bloodshed is no more rational than saying I don’t want an air bag (in my car) because I don’t want to crash. Of course the reason people want airbags is not because they’re eager to crash but because they understand that in the unfortunate event that they do get into a serious accident – having an air bag is very likely to reduce human pain and suffering.

And so it is with firearms… in the unfortunate event that violence does occur, good people being armed can dramatically reduce or eliminate human pain and suffering. Especially the pain and suffering of innocent people.

If you do not possess the means and the willingness to forcibly defend yourself and your family, that won’t magically stop the nasty people out there having the means and the willingness to victimize you.

Ask yourself this simple question… if someday you happen to be where an armed thug or deranged killer strikes, would the people there be better off with you armed…or with you unarmed?

Unfortunately the bad guys in the world aren’t nice enough to give advance warning of where or when they intend to attack. If such an event does occur, they’re not going to wait around for you to go and buy a gun so you can come back and stop them. You either prepare ahead of time or you won’t be prepared.

Do you put your seat-belt on only when you’re about to have an accident? Or is it better to wear it all the time…even if you don’t actually need it the vast majority of the time…

See and hear more from the video below, by “JOSIE the OUTLAW”…

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