Participate in our anonymous poll and let us know how big your garden is…

Most all preparedness-minded folks have some sort of a garden or various patches of dirt for growing summer vegetables. Growing one’s own food not only results in great tasting fresh homegrown ‘real’ veggies, but preservation techniques such as home canning will add to one’s food storage shelves and will provide the same delicious tastes long after harvest… not to mention the independence and self-sufficiency attributes that go along with it…

I’m curious to discover the range of garden sizes out there.
I’m sure you’ll find it interesting too…

Okay, this will require a little simple math on your part.

Estimate the length and width of your garden plot or plots. Multiply to get square footage. Then choose which of the choices below closest match your results.

For example, an ordinary 4×8′ raised bed is 32 square feet. A 15×20 garden plot is 300 square feet. You get the idea…

Note: An acre is 40,000 square feet (equivalent to 200×200′) !

POLL Results:

From 366 participants, the following graph indicates their garden size:


It appears that once you get above 4,000 square feet, the number of gardens drops off – which makes some sense given the amount of work that goes into a very large garden…

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