Which Garden Vegetables Are You Planting This Year (2016)?


The list of most popular garden vegetables of 2016 is final!

After having polled 180 home gardeners, the list is in…

Top 10 Garden Vegetables

1. The Tomato!
2. Bell Peppers
3. Cucumber
4. Onions
5. Carrots
6. Lettuce
7. Bush Beans
8. Zucchini Squash
9. Hot Peppers
10. Potatoes – white

Here’s the rest of the list:

The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible

11. Peas
12. Garlic
13. Pole Beans
14. Yellow Squash
15. Radish
16. Corn
17. Cabbage
18. Beets
19. Spinach
20. Broccoli
21. Kale
22. Potatoes – red
23. Butternut Squash
24. Watermelon
25. Cantaloupe
26. Rhubarb
27. Turnip
28. Asparagus
29. Pumpkin
30. Swiss Chard
31. Eggplant
32. Cauliflower
33. Potatoes – sweet or yam
34. Acorn Squash
35. Okra
36. Brussels Sprouts
37. PattyPan Squash
38. Soybeans

Note: The list of garden variety vegetables would be exceptionally long if I included every single type. So I’ve listed some of them generically while a few others I’ve differentiated a few of their varieties. Also, I chose to leave out herbs – as they’re not the main sustenance – although certainly complimentary to most any dish (maybe that’s another poll ;) ).


The Most Popular Garden Vegetables – 2016



  1. I have planted my garden with tomatoes, bell peppers, pole speckled butterbeans, bush Fordhook 242 lima beans, bush green beans, potatoes, pinkeye purple hull peas, okra, yellow squash, zucchini squash, eggplant, and carrots. I plant my turnips in August or September so they won’t be bitter. Turnips are bitter if grown in hot weather. I will also plant cabbages late summer for fall harvest. My garden is 75 x 100 and a big job for one person. I will can or dehydrate the produce.

  2. I live at 7600 feet with almost every critter known to man and they all want to eat my garden. So the garden is in raised beds, totally enclosed. We love fresh tomatoes, and living in the SW, we have peppers of all kinds. There is even an 8×8 corn patch in the garden, which is dug into the ground but lined about 2 ft deep with hardware cloth because of pocket gophers. It isn’t a green house yet as it is covered in chicken wire, but it is framed for one in case we decide to enclose it. My husband built an orchard in a greenhouse in lick tubs. There are 15 semi-dwarf fruit trees and blueberries, currents and raspberries. Because they bloom in Feb and Mar, then freeze in April, we heat it with propane heaters at night and remove panels by day to let the bees in. It has been quite the project, but we already have fruit!

  3. Decided to plant 400+ tomato plants this year, EVVERYWHERE even set some on top the house, I will NOT give up on tomatoes, and after the GREAT advice in Ken’s article. Not so sure about the ones I’m going to plant in the middle of the driveway, but we will see.

    1. Good plan on the driveway! We paid $5000.00 to get our gravel replaced by asphalt. Should eliminate the need for mulching!

      1. @ me
        See there ya go, and if you happen to have a slight puddle in the asphalt it’s self watering…. and y-all think I’m crazy…. HAHAHA


        PS, when time to pick, ya can just roll up with the old lawn mower and BAM, instant salsa. :-)

  4. Anybody have experience with three sisters? How wide do you make the hill, how many corn plants per hill? How many bean plants? How many squash plants? Any information would be appreciated.
    My raised beds are ready for seeds. Mu garden plot is 90% tilled and my lower back is killing me. Not sure what I did to it as I can’t recall any particular incident that could have caused it.

    1. I’m testing it a little this year. I did nine corn plants in a six inch grid, and a bean plant next to each one. The squash will be between the sections. Don’t know how well it will work, but it’s worth a try.

    2. Dont you just hate that,,, were all getting old! The creaks and groans.

  5. Watermelon, eggplant, and broccoli are about the only veggies I can grow successfully and repeatedly. We just have way too many river rocks in the soil. And I’ve got too much space for my available time.

    Seems I have much better luck with trees. Dig that hole once, clear the rocks, back fill it with healthy soil, then done. Just have to keep them watered… twice a day in the hot months. Eventually I’ll have to do a drip system.

    We’ve got plums, avocados, pluots, cherimoya, guava, lemon, Meyer lemon, Mexican limes, oranges, tangerines, dragon fruit, olives, and a pomegranate tree that looks like it will turn into Godzilla any day now.

  6. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to check rhubarb & asparagus because you said plant this year & I already have them planted so I didn’t check them. Can’t wait to get started planting but since we still have a foot of snow on the garden I think it will have to wait awhile. Hopefully that warm weather that is predicted for later this week actually arrives this time.

  7. How do y’all cook your pattypan squash? We don’t ever grow it, but are given lots of it. I usually boil it and butter it. Any good tried and true recipes?

    1. @Texasgirl, Patty Pan are my favorite squash. Grilled, steamed, boiled with Vidalia onion and lots of butter…all good! Beach’n

  8. I am seeding lambsquarters not on the list, columbine flowers from seed, wild roses from seed for hips and flower petals for salads. I squished the extra puff ball mushrooms with powder last fall to release the spores for more to grow. I am not normal, I grow weird stuff.

    I am looking for baby corn seed, but can’t find it. I found two of them growing under the wild bird feeder one year, and they were great, ate the cob and all. Looked like white corn but husk was 3 inches long and plant was 2 feet high, growing in partial shade. Thought it would be a great forest vegetable to hide in the woods.

  9. I like how lots of people are growing beans we all need cheep simple plant based protein when it his the fan. I focus on things that keep eg squash and potatoes. Not many on the paddy pan wagon they are awesome! it them young on the bbq with cracked pepper olive oil and rock salt

  10. I grow herbs as well as most of what was listed in the poll. (85% of the poll)
    I started some orange trees from seed last July.
    They are still babies.
    The lemon tree is wonderful!
    Who said you can’t grow citrus in the North East?? :)
    I have to get started on the orchard as soon as the weather warms up, and this SNOW goes away!

  11. Im surprised soybeans are so low on the list,,,
    I love edamame,,, good snack, the roots draw up lots of nitrogen and the arial parts are great for your compost, or chickens,

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