Chainmate Survival Pocket Chain Saw



This Chainmate pocket chain saw survival tool is ideal and practical in many ways.

It will cut through wood limbs with apparent ease.

Tuck it in your backpack or survival kit.

Unlike a typical saw, this one will roll up and store easily and safely, taking up little storage space. Great for camping, in your bug-out-bag, or simply for trimming branches around your property.

Chainmate Survival Pocket Chain Saw

There are three available lengths of chain, 24-inch, 36-inch, 48-inch.

There are nylon strap handles at each end of the chain for gripping.

From the Manufacturer
Previously available only to the military and professionals, now everyone can enjoy the speed and convenience of owning a Chainmate survival saw. Flexible, chain blade saw comes in belt loop pouch. Cuts fast & easy.

Product Description
With its carbon steel teeth and extreme portability, this survival saw is an essential tool for snowmobilers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers and all other outdoorsmen. U.S.A. Chain Length (in.): 24, Blade Material: Carbon steel

The overall reviews are highly favorable, the average being 4.5 of 5 stars. Here are a few review summaries…

This is the real deal w/ the modified carbon steel chainsaw blades – not the crappy model w/ the thin folding-saw type blade.

When I was setting up a very basic camping kit, one of the things I purchased was this Chainmate Survival Saw. One of the suggestions that John “Lofty” Wiseman made in his SAS Survival Handbook was to purchase a flexible saw to put in a survival kit.

This thing EATS wood and weighs nothing!! It takes a little bit of effort but you can chew through a hardwood tree half a foot thick in literally a couple minutes; half that if you use two people (one on each end).

This Chainmate “Survival Pocket Chain Saw” rips through wood with amazing ease! I used this to cut a 2″ diameter branch in less than 30 seconds.

The chain eliminates awkward sawing positions in tight spaces.

This saw is the best type of portable hand saw you can get that is not gas powered. stay away from those cheap a s s wire saws. they break on the first tug of the wire. This one is well built and will last.

Perfect for back packing, the convenient pouch keeps it from other items and it will pack so easily in our gear!