FireSteel – Buy The Best If You’re Serious About Survival

My FireSteel rod
image: one of my FireSteels

Buy FireSteel products from the same company who makes them for the US Military. The US Military has exacting standards – they are putting their lives on the line.  So you know beyond a doubt what this company sells is the Real Deal.

Located in Littleton, NH, (visit them here) makes the worlds’ best FireSteels.

They are a sponsor here. But I wouldn’t be saying that (or have them here) if they sold junk.

Why are they the best?

FireSteel – Rare Earths

Rare Earths, the chemicals that make good sparks when you scrape a FireSteel rod, are very expensive. Cheap one’s skimp on Rare Earth elements.

“We DO NOT do that!” says Ron Fontaine of FireSteel. “This is why (our) FireSteels are the best you can get.”

When you use a FireSteel you will get a fire because of the massive sparks the rod makes. The percentage of Rare Earth elements we put in our FireSteel Rods are the highest you can get.

What more do you need to know?

Buy cheap firesteels or buy the best – up to you. If you are serious about Survival you cannot go wrong with our FireSteel. But you can certainly go wrong with the cheap crap that is out there – just saying so you know what to expect.

~ from the manufacturer

Who Uses Them?

  • The US Military
  • Hikers
  • Hunters
  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts
  • Survivalists
  • Preppers
  • Outdoor enthusiasts
  • Bushcrafters
  • and everyone else who wants a reliable way to start a fire no matter what.

Buy the best and make sure you can start a fire come what may.

Will you risk your life in order to save a buck?  With our FireSteel you know you have the BEST.

The Best EVER made.

Ask around. FireSteels are the Real Deal, the BEST you can get hands down.

And remember: a fire can save your life! 

from an email off their site:

[name removed for security reasons]
Special Agent
Office of Special Investigations Anti/Counter Terrorism Unit
USAF Special Operations Command

“Its been a few years since my last order and I just got a box from you. The [firesteel] is great.  I have been training intel officers after my 4 tours to Iraq and 3 to the Afghan Hills.

I am using the fire steels in both the field ops and SERE parts of the intel training….They were slowly whittled down over the years.

We [had] one pilot stand on a mountain scraping his fire steel as a signal. The PJs saw the sparks 2 miles away. We even ignited time fuse with one to set off an IED.”

Why Should I Have (at least) One?

Matches can become damp and useless.

Lighters run out of fuel or break.

Old fashioned flint and steel can be difficult to master.

FireSteel is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

Just One can start thousands of fires.

Don’t get me wrong… you SHOULD have multiple ways to start a fire in your survival kit / fire kit. I’m just saying that a FireSteel is an excellent addition. I have one in each of my kits.

They have so many styles, sizes, shapes to choose from that I simply suggest that you visit their site. If you ever buy something from them, tell-em you came from Modern Survival Blog…


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  1. I also have one in each “Kit”.
    Might I suggest getting a couple and actually build a fire or 10 with them.
    Just buying one and stuffing it in the drawer will do you little good.

    PS: whens then last time anyone did a “Lights Out” weekend???? How did you start your fire?

    1. last lights out was about 6 weeks ago. living in the mountains we don’t have to plan them they just come to us LOL. started my fire in the wood stove with a bic.

      You are right though. been a while since I started a fire any other way. Time to practice up

      1. I had a road flare where mice could get to them and they ate it! They ate the sawdust end that burns.

  2. Keep one in my purse. Gave one to the boys some years back. Who knows if they still have them. have a bunch of lighters too.

  3. I have many of these bought off eb ay.
    the cheap ones oxidize easily in general humidity in the open or enclosed and literally disintegrate into metallic dust.
    I had to cover them with paint or nail polish, the cheap ones.
    A few I have are quality and can get wet with no issues.

    If you get any in long term contact with wet cloth a weak electric current will form and they will also start do fall into dust, several of mine have been ruined that way after getting rained on backpacking.

    brief wetting, dunking is not a problem.
    some are just cheap and that is the problem.

    but expensive or cheap they all work, some better than others.

  4. I bought their toggles and laced them into the front of my hunting boots. They also fit nicely on my keychain. Spend a night in the cold dark woods and you will realize you need multiple ways to create a fire.

  5. I have one in each pack, along with an item they were clearing out a while ago. Magnesium rod. With some redundancy ( matches,big lighters,) I always have spark. I ‘ve haven’t had to use the backups.