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It’s cold. It’s dry. I had been working outside for awhile. Later that old familiar feeling of chapped lips hit me. So I had to go look for that tube of relief.

It got me to thinking about the unique items that I add to my survival kit or every-day-carry for winter.

Assuming that you already have other recommended gear and supplies in your kit, here are a few additions to consider for winter.

Lip Balm

One of them is some sort of lip balm. My favorite has been Carmex. I keep it in the truck, my 4-wheeler kit and the one in my snowmobile. And I carry a tube if I’m going through a spell of cold, dry weather working outside.

Hand & Foot Warmers

I don’t like really cold hands or feet! Who does, right? Gloves, hats, and insulated boots are a no-brainer. And typically that’s adequate.

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But when it gets really, wicked cold, that’s when it’s time to get some more help!

My winter transition involves getting out the box of hand warmers and the other box of foot warmers. I’ll take individually wrapped warmers and add them to my various kits.

My current favorite hand-warmers are the 18-hour “HotHands” (view on amzn) (I buy the box of 40, and they last for a number of years.)

I suggest these FOOT WARMERS because they cover the entire bottom of the foot (as opposed to others which are smaller).


Goggles for the eyes! Let me tell you something… Cold wind will impair your ability to see! Cold dry air/wind on the eyes is painful. And your natural reaction will be to squint or shut your eyes.

I regularly use googles during the winter while using the snowblower when it’s windy. Or when it’s extra cold or snowing a-lot. During the Fall season and early winter I wear googles while riding my ATV doing trail maintenance.

But for a survival kit, the use-case might be hoofing it home during a snow storm (or for whatever reason)? Though arguments can be made for staying put and sheltering for a time (which I won’t get into here).


They help to an extent (a small extent) like googles during poor conditions. However the big reason for having sunglasses for winter is the blinding snow!

It’s amazing how BRIGHT all that white snow is on your eyes. Sometimes you really have to squint A LOT in order to reduce the painful light rays! Who wants to be out in that stuff squinting the whole time?!

Neck Scarf

Roll it up or fold for a practical addition to fit into your winter survival kit. You’ll thank yourself later when using it to block that cold wind that always seems to find a way down your neck into your coat!

Road Flare

The presumption is that you already have a Fire Starter Kit within your overall kit. However a 15-minute Road Flare may be an advisable add-on. Why? Because it may be the only way you could start a fire with numb hands/fingers if dexterity of your ‘digits’ is almost zero.

Winter Survival For Your Vehicle

With snow and ice comes a snow brush and ice scraper. I don’t need to tell you that. But what about a few other items to keep in your car or truck for winter survival?

SNOW SHOVEL. Collapsible and designed rugged to keep in your vehicle. (This one) is “Amazon’s Choice”.

BATTERY JUMPER CABLES. A car battery can lose half it’s “juice” when really cold. A weak battery will make it even worse. I wrote an article on the best jumper cables.

TRACTION MATS. (These) will get you out of a jam if you get stuck in the snow.

What about you? Anything unique and particular that you might add to your own “kits” for during the winter months?

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