12 Survival Kitchen Knives


When it comes to survival and preparedness, much effort is spent having to do with the kitchen (food, storage, alternative cooking, etc..). When considering your preps, don’t overlook your kitchen tools. A survival kitchen needs its knives…

The following is a list (and blade images) of most various types of kitchen knives. If you don’t already have one of each, you might think about getting what you might need…


Chef Knife

The Chef’s knife is one of the most popular knives, has a strong blade, and is heavy to hold. This is your workhorse knife. It can be used for all chopping and slicing tasks.


Bread Knife

A serrated, long and strong blade that allows for cutting of bread with clean slices. The bread knife can also be used for slicing many types of soft foods including tomatoes.


Filet Knife

A flexible, long, slim blade and allows for ease of movement while filleting fish and meat.



A mostly rectangular sturdy knife used for splitting large cuts of meat and ribs.



Not to be confused with a cleaver, the chopper is also a mostly rectangular bladed knife for general food preparation. It’s not suitable though for chopping through bones and other such heavy-duty uses reserved for the cleaver.


Boning Knife

A thin curved blade with a straight edge, and is great for removing meat from the bone.


Utility Knife

A versatile all-around smaller knife good for chopping or slicing fruits or vegetables, or smaller cuts of meat.


Tomato Knife

A small serrated knife with a forked tip for picking up pieces. Perfect for tomatoes.


Steak Knife

The steak knife is slim and strong, and has a straight cutting edge.


Vegetable Knife

Great for cutting smaller fruits or vegetables with its strong straight edge and sturdy tip.


Paring Knife

Everyday knife with a slim, fine cutting edge blade and firm tip. Good for peeling or trimming potatoes, fruit and vegetables.


Peeling Knife

A curved blade is perfect for peeling fruit or vegetables with its firm cutting blade and firm tip.

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  1. Buy good, quality knives, keep them clean and sharp.
    Do not put them in the dishwasher.
    Knives are tools, take care of them and they will serve for years.

  2. I skinned and butchered an entire whitetail with an ulu once. It did fine job, and the shape kept my hand clean so I didn’t have to stop and clean my hand and the handle at all. I love the ulu. And the one I used was bought relatively cheaply from SMKW.

  3. Chef knife is very famous to real chef and house wife’s. It is very important that your knives are kept in good condition.
    There are specialist chef knives available that are particularly suited to chopping vegetables, meat, fishes, herbs and small fruits; although bigger fruits such as watermelons, pineapple require bigger knives for safety purposes. You can use chef knife undoubtedly to your restaurant and house.

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