All American Pressure Canner

We have had this ” All American Pressure Canner ” for a number of years and I just wanted to post about it because it’s so awesome.

And before you panic at the price tag, remember this, you get what you pay for. And this one is no exception.

While it’s different for everyone, there are certain things that I’m willing to pay for the best. For the things that I plan on using for the rest of my life, only have to buy it once. Also for particular things that I feel are essential or very important to my overall preparedness or way of life.

While I do have the Presto pressure canner (my first), (and it still functions as expected) not long afterwards I picked up the All American Pressure Canner.

And WOW what a difference… This one will last seemingly ‘forever’.

All American Pressure Canner Is The Best

Best is always a subjective word. HOWEVER, in this case I would bet that 99.99% would agree that they’re the best in this category. Here are some attributes:

The All American Pressure Canner is EXTRA HEAVY DUTY.

You can tell just by looking at the picture. This canner is made of extra heavy duty cast aluminum construction.

The first thing I noticed when I received mine was it’s weight. While not unmanageable the thickness of the walls and cover is substantial. Makes me feel a bit better while under pressure!

Note: Due to it’s weight this pressure canner is not recommended for glass stove tops which may break.

Tip: Due to fully loaded weight, I load it up while already setting on the stove top.

Cover Clamps

The All American Pressure Canner has a particularly unique and obvious feature. Clamping locks for the cover which ‘screw down’ in a clamping action to hold the cover closed and sealed to the base.

There’s no gasket! A unique metal to metal seal is formed between the cover rim and the pot itself due to it’s precision machining.

It seemed odd at first without a gasket, but it works!

Because there is no gasket, the cover is opened and closed easily.

Steam Gauge AND Weighted Pressure Regulator

I really like the fact that it has both a readable gauge AND weighted regulator (5, 10, 15psi).

2 Vents for Safety

For extra safety there is an over-pressure plug vent along with the normal vent. I like that…

All American Pressure Canner Lid

Made in the USA

The All American Pressure Canner has been manufactured by Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry since the 1930’s.

The All American Pressure Canner comes in Different Sizes

The following All American Canner model sizes correspond to the number of liquid quarts it will hold or how many pint and quart size jars that will fit inside:

*The following jar capacity numbers are approximate and may vary with brand and style:

RM = Regular Mouth
WM = Wide Mouth

Model 910 10 qt (7 RM pints or 5 WM pints or 4 RM/WM quarts)
Model 915 15 qt (10 RM pints or 8 WM pints or 7 RM/WM quarts)
Model 921 21 qt (19 RM pints or 16 WM pints or 7 RM/WM quarts)
Model 925 25 qt (19 RM pints or 16 WM pints or 7 RM/WM quarts)
Model 930 30 qt (19 RM pints or 16 WM pints or 14 RM/WM quarts)
Model 941 41 qt (31 RM pints or 26 WM pints or 20 RM/WM quarts)

Overall outside dimensions

Model 910 (Diameter 13″, Height 12″)
Model 915 (Diameter 15 1/2″, Height 12 1/2″)
Model 921 (Diameter 15″, Height 15 3/8″)
Model 925 (Diameter 11 7/8″, Height 16 3/4″)
Model 930 (Diameter 12 1/4″, Height 19 3/8″)
Model 941 (Diameter 15 1/4″, Height 19 3/8″)

The most popular models are the All American Pressure Canner 915, followed by the 921 and 930. We have the 930. It’s rather large (and heavy – especially when full!) but it can do a lot in one batch.

Am I the only one who has an All American?

For those of you who have one, what are your impressions?

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