British Berkefeld Drinking Water Filter


I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have a high quality drinking water filter in your home.

Even if you think that your tap water is good enough, a quality water filter will not only make your water taste better, but it will provide a second level of protection from contaminants which may be in your water.

In the event that you ever need to filter water from an emergency water source such as roof water runoff or a nearby stream or lake, a quality drinking water filter could save your life.

Don’t forget that tap water can become contaminated during a disaster or flood. Using a good drinking water filter followed by boiling the water will provide better assurance that you’re drinking safe water.

British Berkefeld System

You may think that these filters are expensive, but they are built to last. In my opinion, if you are betting your life on something… it better be good. You get what you pay for.


  1. We’ve had a Berkey in the box for years (purchased from Directive21 aka LPC Survival), recently we discovered our well water was making us sick. In a move of desperation (and good sense) I brought the Berkey in the house and began filtering water. Our sickness ceased. We’ve since added a Doulton “Whole House” filter and have been healthy and pleased thus far.

    What did we learn?
    The world dosen’t need to end for our family to need a High Quality Water Filter system.

  2. Where can I purchase faucet assembly with washers that I purchase in Y2K? Its the stainless steel approx 8 x 19 inches high.

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