Can I reuse canning lids?

Someone on the blog recently commented that she reuses canning lids on her jars. I have not tried that yet. It is not a recommended practice.

My concern has been that if I try it and it doesn’t work (the lids don’t seal) then I’ve wasted my canning efforts for that batch.

So let me ask YOU. Have you had success or failure trying to reuse standard canning lids for a second time around? Have you ever tried it?

I know they make Tattler reusable lids supposedly designed for this (and you can comment on that too). But I’m especially curious about standard canning lids.

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I searched the internet for some answers. Here are some statements that I found:

“These lids have a special sealing compound around the rim that is only good for one use.”

“When you use a lid on a jar for canning, it forever leaves an imprint and just won’t seal adequately the next time.”

“Once the gummy, rubbery seal on the lid is heated and cooled, it can‘t make the same quality of seal again.”

But then there was this success story:

“Finally I got around to trying it and indeed they sealed up nicely. I heated the used lids up with some hot water first to soften the seals and every single one of them worked as if they were brand new!”

Maybe it’s a good idea to save your used canning lids for preparedness, “just in case”. In other words, if times got tough such that you couldn’t get any more lids, then these might work…

I don’t see a safety issue with reusing canning lids because if they don’t seal, it will be obvious.

“The ball site recommends lifting the jar by the lid to test the seal. Of course if the seal is weak, things’ll get a little messy.”

Anyone who’s into canning knows that it’s not a good idea to consume foods where the seal has failed (unless it’s right away after the canning process).

My concern would be lid failure to seal and having wasted the time making that batch.

So again, have any of you tried reusing canning lids?

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