Canning season… when we harvest from our gardens and preserve what is left for the winter or for survival preparedness food storage.

Canning is easy, fun, and rewarding while providing a level of satisfaction that you are being self-sufficient and self-reliant. Canned foods can last for many years and will survive any power outage that comes along.

Canning can be done year round, but it is during the Fall harvest season when most people think about it. The Canning food preservation method is better than freezing because it uses no energy during its storage and is completely immune to power outage.

There are two basic methods of canning, a water bath canner or a pressure canner. Although preserving foods using a water bath canner can result in safe foods, a pressure canner is safest for preserving low acid foods like vegetables.

Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner

You may have questions like these… What are the best canning jars to use? I harvested a lot of tomatoes, I will be canning tomatoes and I need a canning recipe, what are some good canning recipes? What about canning salsa or some pickle recipes? Or I’m simply canning sauce, peaches, or apples, how do I do it?

The answers are out there.
There are also many books on the subject. I encourage you to try canning your own foods. You don’t need to have a garden to do it, you could take advantage of a local Farmers Market and pick up some great organic produce… things like that. Even good quality produce from  your supermarket… It can be a money saver and a great way to store food for your future survival preparedness needs (or to simply eat good fresh food during the winter!).


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