Canning season… when we harvest from our gardens and preserve what is left for the winter or for survival preparedness food storage.

Canning is easy, fun, and rewarding while providing a level of satisfaction that you are being self-sufficient and self-reliant. Canned foods can last for many years and will survive any power outage that comes along.

Canning can be done year round, but it is during the Fall harvest season when most people think about it. The Canning food preservation method is better than freezing because it uses no energy during its storage and is completely immune to power outage.

There are two basic methods of canning, a water bath canner or a pressure canner. Although preserving foods using a water bath canner can result in safe foods, a pressure canner is safest for preserving low acid foods like vegetables.

Presto 1781 23-Quart Aluminum Pressure Cooker/Canner

You may have questions like these… What are the best canning jars to use? I harvested a lot of tomatoes, I will be canning tomatoes and I need a canning recipe, what are some good canning recipes? What about canning salsa or some pickle recipes? Or I’m simply canning sauce, peaches, or apples, how do I do it?

The answers are out there.
There are also many books on the subject. I encourage you to try canning your own foods. You don’t need to have a garden to do it, you could take advantage of a local Farmers Market and pick up some great organic produce… things like that. Even good quality produce from  your supermarket… It can be a money saver and a great way to store food for your future survival preparedness needs (or to simply eat good fresh food during the winter!).


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  1. Last year I purchased some cute little canning jars at Savers. I filled them with sewing kits, made a pin cushion on the top, and sold them at the local Farmer’s & Crafter’s Market — they were a hit!

    Now I am searching for the same jars, and can’t find them.

    They were short and squat, and had embossed fruit all around it. The cap insert was white and circled with multi-colored fruit.

    Jarden/Ball no longer carries them.

    Can anyone help?

    1. We had been using some of those small jars for jelly. I actually didn’t like them because they were too small, although I do know what you’re talking about. We bought them at a local hardware store (Orchard Supply Hardware). They had the designs of them that you are referring to.

  2. Those little tiny 1/4 pint jars are great for canning things like jalapeno’s or pimentos. If you can chopped pimentos in them then it is the perfect size to make a batch of pimento cheese spread. Any kind of condiment that “a little dab will do ya” goes in those jars. They are also good for storing herbs in. Also if you put jelly in them and a piece of pretty fabric on top under the ring they make great gifts. You can give 3 or 4 and a bunch of home made bagels or english muffins to go with it. Those kind of gifts are cheap to make and seem to be loved by everyone. You can even make sugar free jelly for your diabetic friends/family.

  3. I found a recipe online for canning apples. I had to refrigerate them over night and then pack them in jars and water bath them for 10 mins. Can someone tell me how long will it take for them to seal. Out of 19 jars I only got 2 to seal and tey have been out of te water bath for 2 hours now.
    Please email me if possible. Thank you, Jackie Flegal

  4. Jackie, I admittedly know little to nothing about canning..
    I recal from growing up, this MUCH repeated caution..

    “If it does not seal, leave in fridge, and eat it within a few days”…

    I also recal, some folks dumping the ones which did not seal into a bowl, re sterilizing everything, and re canning.

    also, could freeze the apples spread on a tray, or dehydrate them..would be very tasty dehydrated.

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