Cooking Without Electricity – Solar Oven Cooker



At least during good weather, especially the summertime, cooking without electricity can be simple and easy while using a solar oven cooker.

Over the years I have built several ‘homemade’ solar oven cookers and I have also purchased one (which I still have and still use). It seemed to be one of the better cookers out there and it hasn’t let me down yet…

Here’s more about it, and I’m curious if any of you have a solar oven…

This solar oven was not cheap, however I suppose that you get what you pay for. We have cooked many meals (and breads) in it, and I’ve even refinished the wood around the edges with marine varnish to further protect it from the elements.

All American Sun Oven

This particular solar oven gets hotter than others during optimum weather and sunshine. The ‘Sun Oven’ will even get hot enough (even up to 350 or higher) to treat as a normal oven appliance with regards to keeping track of the cooking time (so you don’t overcook the food).

It depends on the weather, how much sun is in the sky versus clouds, etc..


There are two features that I particularly like about the Sun Oven, the reflector assembly and the oven’s ability to tilt at an angle facing the sun.

The reflector is made of four highly reflective metal sheets and they do an excellent job of collecting available sunlight. I really like the fact that the assembly is hinged in such a manner that allows it to fold up very easily when you’re through.


This solar oven has an adjustable rear leg which allows tilting to an optimum angle towards the sun. Simple, but clever.


There are countless foods that can be cooked in a solar oven. By the way, because they typically cook slower, most all of the moisture is retained for a delicious tasting meal.

The tray platform inside the oven measures 13 x 9 inches, so be sure that you get a pot that fits. One pot that fits nicely is the ‘Graniteware’ 8.2 x 8.2 x 5.8 inches Covered Round Roaster. Remember, whatever you use, be sure the pan and cover are black – for best solar energy absorption.


One of my favorite simple foods to cook in any solar oven is the potato. A baked potato cooked in a solar oven will probably be the best you have ever tasted. The reason being, the inside of the potato remains completely moist.

When through, slice it, add a pad of butter, sprinkle some chives, a sprinkle of salt and a few twists of crushed pepper, and oh my goodness you have yourself a delicious baked potato.

Tip: Add about half an inch of water to the bottom of the pot, and cover with a lid.

Experimenting with different foods in a solar oven is fun. There is hardly a chance of burning anything. That coupled with the moisture retention, always results in something delicious.

Question: Do any of you have a solar oven? Tell us about it…