Farmers Markets For Community Goodness, And Preparedness

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets sell foods to the local community. They are independent local sellers. There are many reasons why it may be good to buy from a local community farmers market.

Why Buy From Farmers Markets

First, lets get this out of the way. That is, you’re likely going to pay more at a farmers market compared with your local big-chain grocery store. You’re looking at Big-Agriculture versus Local Growers. Is it worth it to spend more at a farmers market? Well, that’s up to you. Here are my thoughts..

Taste, Texture, and Nutrition

Almost always, the vegetables and fruits from a true local community farmers market will taste MUCH better. And the texture of these foods will be normal as you would expect homegrown fruits and veggies.

It is possible, or even likely, that many vegetables and fruits at your grocery store have travelled tremendous distances to get there. They were picked weeks early, before they ripened, to survey the distribution channels. Additionally, these veggies and fruits are genetically modified for this (and for appearance), often at the sacrifice of taste, texture, and nutrition.

You all know this.. there’s nothing like eating FRESH vegetables. Wow do they taste better than from the grocery store! This is what you are more likely to find at farmers markets.

Fruits and vegetables start losing vitamins and other nutrients from the minute they’re picked. Foods recently harvested from local farmers haven’t had a chance to start losing nutrients, so they are actually healthier for you than they would be if the foods had to travel for several weeks to reach your grocery store.

With that said, not every vendor at a farmers market may be entirely up-front about the source of their products. However I suspect that the vast majority are local or regional, and honest about where their food comes from, and when it was harvested. You may likely recognize them, and their farm names.

Farmers Markets and your Local Economy

Would you rather your money goes to Big Corporate Grocery, or some of it to your Local Economy instead? Don’t get me wrong, most everyone needs their local grocery store to survive. But why not give some of your money back to your community during Farmers Market Season?

Your local farmers will appreciate you. And depending on the community size, they may remember you, and that you are supporting them. This goodwill sometimes pays dividends, so to speak..

Prepping and Preparedness

Food production. It is on the first level of priorities for prepping and preparedness (water, food, shelter, security). Most who are homesteaders (or part time homesteaders) are synonymous with a lifestyle of prepping and preparedness. And no doubt you can appreciate the efforts that are behind any farmer at a farmers market.

A local farmer may or may not consider themselves to be ‘preppers’. However by default, they sort of are. In any case, it’s a good thing to know who your local or regional farmers are. Especially those who are in close proximity to your own location.

When preppers consider the possibilities of various worst-case-scenario events, or ‘SHTF’ collapse hypothetical situations, local farmers will (hopefully) play an important role in your community survival – especially for those whom they may have a relationship with. So I find value in knowing any of your local farmers, even if only casually.

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