skyrocketing food prices

Food Prices Are Increasing… Wait, I Mean Skyrocketing!

This is no joke! Food prices are increasing at the fastest pace that I have personally observed in my adult lifetime!

I feel compelled to post an article on this current-event topic, categorized under ‘Survival Kitchen’. This really is a ‘modern survival’ topic! What prompted me to put thoughts to keyboard was what I saw today in the grocery section at Super Walmart.

It was today’s price of Ribeye steak compared to what it was less than one year ago (again, at Walmart, not some fancy butcher shop). I’ve been following the price of Ribeye for awhile. Why? Because it’s my favorite steak when I decide to treat myself (grin).

I’ve been seeing the price of all meats quickly going up and up especially this year. I’m sure you have too.

Less than one year ago, Walmart Ribeye steak — with a slight quantity-discount price on a 3-pack (each steak just about a pound) — it was just around $10 a pound.

Today, less than one year later, the same 3-pack costs $18.49 a pound!! I’m not kidding, this has gone up about 80% in less than a year! So, that pack of 3 Ribeye steaks was priced at around $55. Are you freaking kidding me?! At Walmart?

Anyway, I’m glad I’ve got a chest freezer filled with beef, mostly purchased before prices got this crazy. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.

Many Reasons For Higher Food Prices

I know there are a number of factors affecting the increasing prices of food products. Some foods increasing more than others too.

There’s inflation which is really picking up speed right now. The dollar currency is increasingly, and more rapidly, devaluing and worth less due to a number of reasons.

There are all kinds of deep supply chain problems all over the place, and all over the globe. This is worse than you may realize. It’s bad out there. EVERY person I talk to who is in business, is experiencing shortages one way or another.

Not enough people willing to work. There is a real shortage of workers out there right now. Many getting paid more to stay home and ‘collect’, due to various government policies…

At this moment do you know how many container ships are floating offshore of Los Angeles that can’t get in to unload? LOTS!

Not enough truck drivers moving product around either.

Various weather impacts that have cut into food supplies.

Inflation Is Always Passed Down To The Consumer

Regardless of the cause, price increases are always passed down to you, the consumer. Either disguised in smaller quantities, or obvious price increases, the company does not absorb the higher costs. You do. We do.

They can’t hide it any more. It’s egregious. Ridiculous. Can you even imagine what real hyperinflation would look like?

People Are Going To Get Hungry

These increasing food prices are going to affect people. The poor. The middle class too!

When people get hungry, well, people gotta eat, right? Is government going to make up the difference and feed more people? Where are they going to get enough food to do that? And how are they going to pay for it?

This is all going to get worse, it seems. When people are hungry, they’re going to get restless… That’s never good for a society.

What are you seeing out there for higher food prices?

I thought I would throw it out there for comment… We have a good cross-section of regulars from around the country.

What kind of food price increases are affecting you in your region? What’s the worst examples you’re seeing right now? What do you think are the major reasons why food prices are increasing? Do you think this is going to continue? For how long? Is it going to get even worse? What do you see happening as a result?

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  1. Yes everything going up.Campbell’s Beefy mushroom yesterday 1.70 small can. Shortages on chocolate. Can’t find bread we’ve eaten for years.Worst thing there must be mutation in chickens causing them to no longer have wings because there are none to be found at Wallmart anymore only breasts legs and thighs. Must be weird looking fowl.As for why prices going up besides container ship crisis I believe stores gouge whenever they can.As for skyrocketing beef 20.00 lb, the only ones buying it are the people with food stamps.

    1. Maggie
      According to NPR there are 42 million on food stamps. So we working people are buying a lot of expensive groceries.

  2. I know that the White House said that inflation at the grocery store was in normal amounts (6.5%)…if you don’t count beef, poultry, and pork. They said that it was the meat industry being greedy, hurting consumers, and not sharing it with the ones who actually raise the animals. Is this true? I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t even like the 6.5% inflation that they seem to think is “normal.” In the last ten years, the highest was 3% in 2011. The last time it was higher than 6.5% was 1980. (Statistics found on thebalance dot com.)

    The reasons you mentioned for higher inflation are right on the money. Yes, I think it will get worse before it gets better. The question is: “Will it be worse for a short enough period that I should just stop buying groceries and eat from my storage, knowing I can fill it back up at lower prices later?” Unfortunately, I don’t think I can count on that, though admittedly I’m not restocking my meat supply as quickly as I eat it right now.

    1. Yea, its normal if you dont count beef, poultry, pork, grains, produce, pasta, canned goods, eggs, dairy, or beans.

      1. Kula, dat’s for sure. Safeway used to have a full half aisle span of canned vegs, now it’s all of about 6 or 7 feet long.

    2. Wendy, IT is my Opinion, you should be purchasing and securing 3 to 4 X’s the meat you are eating, and learn to cook new recipes with storage dry goods. Variety will be valuable skill to practice while rotating those dry goods. It may help you find you need to add more spices or other seasonings.
      At the rates we are seeing-groceries are overall up 30%.Meat purchases are only bought on sale.
      a 6 months ago Bacon was 7.99-9$ on sale.. sale price s now @ 15$ depending on brand.-reg 40 oz bacon 15.99-21.99, Pork butts were on sale 1.49/# in 17-20# packages., Ground beef 75/25 5#/14$. Frozen veggies generally 2$ /#
      Cans of pork n beans. from 50 c to 1.19, limited variety of availability – lots of holes in local store bean shelf…displays appear full, certain low price items low.. some 1$ spices, some rice(2#1$) , kit meals for red beans and rice and gumbo box is 1$/have dropped in size 7-8 oz to 4.5-5 oz. A larger size available in 6 oz for 1.79,…
      dollar general looks like a tornado hit the shelves.

      1. TOJS,
        Thanks for your advice. Yes, I do eat from my stored food all of the time, and I have quite a variety and more spices than I’ll be able to eat in my lifetime. I’ll admit that a few long-term items are rarely touched and I should get more practice in using them (wheat berries). I started canning meats last summer after I bought half a side of beef. I hated the idea of losing power and having it all spoil in the freezer. There’s still plenty in there, but at least a lot more of it is shelf-stable now. Thankfully, I’m in a good position, after having bought as much as I could afford each week for many years. For several years now I’ve been able to buy only whatever groceries were on sale. I look at sale prices now and think, “Oh, that’s not really a sale price. I’ll wait and get it when it’s truly on sale.” With that mindset, I come away from the store with less than usual. I think I’m just going to have to adjust to the new prices and keep buying.

        1. Correction: Not “half a side of beef,” but a full side of beef. I started to type “half a cow,” changed it to “side of beef,” and left the “half” in. Not that it probably matters to anyone reading this; just clarifying my own thoughts as much as anything. Time to call it a night! Ready for the Lord’s day tomorrow.

        2. Wendy, I think our prices of jan 2020 are gone for a long time. Ihve had to adjust my sales prices idea’s up as well. every week the curret weeks price is getting closer and closer to next weeks sale. .. BTW home raised meat is not cheaper but can e much healthier for critter and consumer..

        3. My sisters and I raised and processed 50 chickens one summer. Our husbands weren’t happy about the equivalent in cost per pound and the weekend spent butchering….That is until they tasted the chicken! Now they all want us to do it again the next time someone is living where they can raise them.

  3. A family member went to buy bacon last week and decided against it when she found it at 9.99 a pound.

      1. You should tell them what the median home price is over there,,,

        Over here a couple islands away its
        1.1 million,,,,,

        1. Kula’s right..
          yep, and that’s for a forty to fifty year old house, and mostly a three and two.

  4. In northern California beef is the biggest jump. Lots of farming so veggies seem to be ok but then I buy from farmers markets so I could be wrong. Chicken price is back and forth. I bought 40 pounds of bone in breast a couple of weeks ago at .97 a pound. Now leg quarters are 2.29. Walmart has 28 ounce cans of keystone pork right now under 7.00 a can so I got a dozen

    1. Thanks for the heads up Poorman I just ordered a dozen myself at Walmart dot com.

      Far better price than Amazon.

      I noticed when I did my Mercy Bucket run at Walmart a few days ago that the prices of GV white rice and dry pinto beans HAVE NOT CHANGED since almost a year ago after checking my old receipts from the last time I did cheap Walmart food storage buckets for a MSB posting.

      That will change after the current stock runs out. But then again I can occasionally get 22 long rifle for reasonable prices there. Seems Walmart contracts are honored even when everyone else is paying more.

  5. until people in the supply chain industry start paying people what it’s worth for their labor there will continue to be problems in the supply chain.
    if the last 18 months has taught people anything it’s that they can do well with less. it’s been a good lesson to the masses.
    people have started to stand up and demand a living wage for their labor, 9 bucks an hr ain’t gonna cut it anymore ,or the CEO’s of corporations can drive the trucks, run the forklifts, and unload the container ships themselves.
    i would love to be on a good hill to watch that.- think you tube fails with Bennie Hill music.
    it would be tough for some in large metro areas who depend on the deliveries.
    if anyone here knows people in the trucking industry, they will tell you that the DOT Nazis are driving most drivers into other occupations. with the new regulations they cannot make a decent living at it anymore.
    TP is a luxury but i have wiped my butt with wild stuff in several states. i”m stacking salt and sugar.
    i hope i’m wrong, but i think that it’s going to be a slow decline on individual freedoms, the supply chains and world politics for the foreseeable future. like bad eyesight, it’s going to creep up on us slowly. be aware!.
    it started 18 months ago and it’s getting worse.
    good luck all

  6. We eat a LOT of venison. We like it because we butcher them ourselves. It’s great in spaghetti, tacos, mac and cheese, etc. Having said that, I like beef hamburgers. Beef steak is the only way to go. Bacon seems to keep very well frozen. Lots of bacon in the chest freezer. More on order. We have chickens, but haven’t done the meat bird thing YET! That could change soon. Well, I did butcher and eat ol’ rooster cogburn, but he was too old which resulted in less than delicious chicken.

    Hunting and fishing is always providing food for our table. Good food. The woods won’t provide for everyone. The lakes and rivers won’t either. I hope I’m wrong here, but it’s about to get REAL.

  7. KJ On Oahu at regular Safeway, 10 chicken wings are a mere $19.00, up from $10.00.

    1. Chicken wings are almost impossible to find here in Buffalo at the grocery stores and at some restaurants the printed menu just reads ” At market rate” like lobster. Crazy!

      1. See, more than a month ago the wing price went from $40 per bag to $160 for same bag that is d as old to restaurants. We are seeing the same thing with other meat prices. You are about an hour north of us.

  8. You have given examples of beef which has been going up in Canada as well and after the fires, drought etc will go up more. Folks are selling off cattle at a fire sale price, no pun intended. More basic stuff like cereal has gone up by 20-30% for the sale prices when it goes on sale, regular prices make you not even want to look at the price! Cheese and butter are up in price by 25% on average. If it wasn’t for Costco grocery shopping would be more painful than it is now.
    Nothing like have a food stockpile but like gas in your car it gets used up eventually and will have to be replaced with higher cost goods.
    At least the folks on this blog are prepared it’s the neighbors and family that I worry about. Hang in there as they said when I was younger!

  9. There is also “shrinkflation” (smaller amounts in a package) to deal with.

  10. I buy some freeze-dried things from prepper stores b/c there is less waste when there are just the two of us.

    Now–we buy our beef from a farmer so I don’t do the freeze-dried beef from these companies–BUT…

    just looking thru the prices ! a #10 can of FD beef or chicken is $100 ! For only ONE can ?!?!?! Just barely over a pound of meat!!! That is beyond belief. And then I find they are “out of stock”. People are actually paying $100 for one #10 can of meat.

    We just came back from the grocery store to stock up on a few things. $400 bucks for a few things.


    1. I watched a vid from Canadian Prepper last week, he showed a couple examples of that shrinkflation.
      Those #10 cans of mountain house freeze dried food ? Part of why people like them is because the compactness/space saving of their FD foods.
      Now the #10 cans are the same size just more empty space in them.
      He showed rice and chicken, the old can was 595 grams, the new can same size can is now 540 grams and the price has gone up 25%.
      That was on his “I Got A Scary Message… Prepare Now” video.

    2. This week 400+ groceries. How is that sustainable? What happens when it all goes up another 30%

  11. Last week the Entemann’s mini muffins were $3.99 a box. This week they were $5.49.

    I used to be able to buy brand name pasta for $1 per box. Now the sale price is 3/$4.

    Paper towels were all gone. Shelves were half empty. Lots of products I could normally find, are now completely gone.

    1. here in southern missouri at aldi’s, the paper towels and tp seem to be in stock fairly well, have not really noticed at walsmart, usuually get better deal on tp at aldi’s than walsmart.

  12. Inflation is hitting much harder than is being reported. A friend is the kind to keep close track of prices. She said a container of fryer oil at Sams is $42 yesterday and was $18 one year ago. Then some wonder why the general public doesn’t trust government statics. The .gov also says they don’t include food or energy in the inflation stats. So if a person never drives, buy anything thats shipped, heats there home or eats i guess they are right.

    1. Every new president has the figures changed, new “metrics” on how inflation is calculated.
      I believe food was at one time included in those numbers but obviously it works better ignoring it now.

    2. This is not an accident or happenstance it is a concerted action. Be prepared and watch.

  13. Think we hit a wall here locally at our store with people and money. Week ago store and freezer shelves empty . Scary empty. Went today must have gotten 5 truck loads and it’s staying stacked high with new higher prices. Wonder how people will grumble when their run on the stores runs low and they gotta go back….

  14. As NH Michael reported, in some areas large national food wholesalers have cancelled delivery contracts with school districts. They cite staffing and trucking shortages, warehouse issues, covid impacts, a variety of reasons. The School Nutrition Association has asked the USDA to extend last year’s waiver of some of the school nutrition requirements. If this continues, schools will be sourcing ingredients wherever they can find them. A friend who is a chef at a large multi-kitchen resort says they’re shorted every week on their wholesale orders. So far, they cope by adjusting menus. If it gets worse they’ll have to source ingredients elsewhere. Both of these (schools, restaurants) are sure to impact retail grocery prices as demand for wholesale foods outstrips the market’s ability to meet it.

  15. did anyone ever see the movie soylent green, i believe that was the name of it..

    1. 007
      Yes, When it premiered ACDH took me to that movie, think we were still dating. Then to get back at him many years later😉 I purchased the movie, but we did not get to watch it together before he passed.
      Should loan it to my family for movie night…

      1. And some idiot a few years ago actually put out a product called Soylent Green. Put out by Soylent Nutrition, it’s a variation on Ensure… Somebody in marketing slipped up.

  16. Wait till the truckers have to show vaccine passports to cross state lines.. That will mess with the supply chain.

    1. Off he wall prepper has vids on that, has direct info from drivers they will go home. Old men who are close to retirement will not take jab.

  17. Since we buy 1/2 cow from a rancher and it lasts 3-4 years for us, the price of beef doesn’t affect us very much. We are getting another half in Dec and I am a bit worried over the price. We have canned a lot of chicken when it was on sale. But what I find in the way of meat going up is Bacon. I will really miss that. I read that they aren’t cutting specialty meat, like bacon, wings etc. So that is going to force the price up. I make my own Vanilla and the price of vanilla beans has sky-rocked.
    I had a buying group to buy FD food and we hardly buy anything anymore. Lately we bought brown sugar. It used to be $8 when not on sale. Now it was $16 on sale.ol

    1. old Lady
      In stead of purchasing brown sugar. Why not store the ingredients to make your own when you need it? I keep molasses in jars, when the time comes I can create it for recipes which require it.

      1. 10 #cane sugar and qt of sorghum will make more brown sugar than i use in 3 years,think last made was 1 cup sugar+2 tsp sorghrum

  18. Best thing to do is keep watching for sales and try to stack as deep as you can. I know money is tight for most of us. I just had a huge hit to my emergency fund by having to evacuate because of fires. Didn’t lose anything but staying in motels for 2 weeks got pricey real fast. Still i’m buying as I can and adding to the storage. it’s just a matter of what to buy each week as there’s always something on sale somewhere. Good luck to everyone and keep going forward. Maybe we’ll get through everything ok

  19. Recently I realized I’ve gotten used to seeing rows of empty shelves and less variety of products at the grocery store. That’s not a good thing. This should not be normal to me or anyone else. I guess it shows how we adapt. Meanwhile, I can still get a 3 lb. package of bacon for $12 or cans of black olives for .99 at Grocery Outlet. I buy specific items at certain stores that I already know have them at the best prices. We have our freezers pretty well filled now, and add to our canned goods with chicken or pork from Costco or Walmart. I rarely find canned beef anymore. Just filling in the holes …

  20. My wife and I are both working in healthcare so I buy canned foods rather than canning my own at present time. Our garden is for relaxation rather than serious food production. ( my dogs extended living room and bathroom is the enclosed back yard ). One could not help but notice the prices of things going up in recent days. I eat enough produce that I go to the stores most days. I am an old guy with high blood pressure and a potential for cardiac issues so my meat consumption is relatively low compared to others out there.
    The sad fact is, in the past year, I was able to purchase both beef and pork from farmers and ranchers out there who gave me meat in exchange for the ammo I reloaded for them last year. ( good quality meat from local growers ). One fellow would not accept payment from me in cash. Barter system is alive and well here in the Willamette Valley. Now that Fall is here with cool, wet weather, it is the season for soups and stews in addition to spaghetti sauce, chili, etc. Time to cook and learn/try new recipes to stretch that meat budget with fall vegetables.
    I love a nice cut of aged ribeye as much as anybody but I view a relatively large portion of lean, possibly tough cut of meat as a challenge and it leads me to break out the Joy of Cooking to make a stew or casserole with that portion of lean meat.

  21. If one is going to be eating lot of tougher cuts of meat in the near future, one should consider purchasing a meat cuber or tenderizer that consists of a set of rollers in which you roll the tough cut through once or 3 times in order to tenderize the cut with minimal noise unlike the hammer type tenderizer. They can be found at outdoor stores that sell rifles etc. Fact of life: Wild meat can be tough meat. A good quality meat cuber can be disassembled so the rollers can be washed after the job is completed. These devices are how chicken fried steak is made to be so tender from relatively tough cuts of meat.
    Just to anger the Southern folk, I use Progresso breadcrumbs to coat the meat prior to frying. Most southern folk told me to use cracker crumbs. I get a lot of weird glances from Southerners being an asian yankee from the Left Coast getting excited about chicken fried steak. ( the guy that taught me how to catch fish and shoot straight was from Alabama ).

    1. Cali, except for 6 or so rib eyes a year we eat only venison and feral hog. Have eaten venison all my life and if fried venison (Whitetail or Axis) is not eaten immediately you had better have good teeth. I eat chicken fried venison at least once a week, I would not if not for the tenderizer you have mentioned and passing the steak thru 3 times will make the meat so tender that I eat it ice cold for lunches. Have given steaks to some Elder folks and they end up buying a tenderizer for their selves or have me run them thru for them. It will change your attitude toward venison steaks. The tenderizer you described is probably the one I have, near about indestructible and easy to clean. Progresso crumbs do work but REAL chicken fried steak is dipped in egg and milk mix, flour, egg and milk and flour again. I guess to each his own but I do not argue with Granny!

    2. Cali, except for 6 or so rib eyes a year we eat only venison and feral hog. Have eaten venison all my life and if fried venison (Whitetail or Axis) is not eaten immediately you had better have good teeth. I eat chicken fried venison at least once a week, I would not if not for the tenderizer you have mentioned and passing the steak thru 3 times will make the meat so tender that I eat it ice cold for lunches. Have given steaks to some Elder folks and they end up buying a tenderizer for their selves or have me run them thru for them. It will change your attitude toward venison steaks. The tenderizer you described is probably the one I have, near about indestructible and easy to clean. Progresso crumbs do work but REAL chicken fried steak is dipped in egg and milk mix, flour, egg and milk and flour again. I guess to each his own but I do not argue with Granny!

      1. Cali, of course the steaks do have to be fried in cast iron stew pot with peanut oil!

    3. Calirefugee,
      the best meat tenderizer i have ever found in an old glass coke bottle.
      use the mouth and pound it. just be careful, you’ll make hamburger before you know it. it’s quick, fast, and uses no electricity.

  22. Store shopping trips; similar to what folks have described-red meats price per pound an unfunny joke. Shelf inventory gaps throughout stores. Find myself looking for meat specials, example would be chicken thighs $.49 a pound sale, buy multiple packages, vac seal in two person meal size, some for smoking. Do a lot of price per home meal arithmetic in the store. Price hikes why? Because you can get away with it, no one bothers to stop the gouging, watched it happen in the Carter years, different time, different reasons, same brain dead regime. Also happened during the Ford years, brain dead is not party specific. People would be semi-affluent, income goes up so expense cost recovery and profit margins must be maintained or increased, time to jack up the prices playing catch up, so folks have to grind harder to regain some “luxury”.

  23. A tad OT.
    About every three years I order new tires for the car, they usually arrive in 2 to 4 days.
    I ordered 4 new 10 days ago, was told they would call when they came in, still nothing.
    While I was deciding on what set of tires I wanted the guy took a call, commented to the customer on phone his orders were not coming in on time and some things he couldn’t get.

    Figured I best get new tires before the price went too high or they were unavailable and just bag them to keep clean and store in the shop.

    1. Horse,

      I was thinking about doing that, too. The tires on my truck now are still good, but given the supply/price concerns it would give some peace of mind to have the next set on hand. Do you have advice on best way to store, to keep the rubber ‘fresh’, lol. I wondered if spritzing with armor-all and keeping them under cover would be enough to preserve them.

      1. Farmgirl,
        Rubber will “oxidize” over time. I have kept tires pretty well by sealing them in large trash bags and storing them in a cool dark spot in the garage.

        1. Minerjim,

          Thanks for the info. I’ll do that. I haven’t ordered them yet; crossing my fingers I can get them, and they won’t be outrageously priced.

        2. Yeah; that’s what I’d do as well. Rubber doesn’t like sunlight. It doesn’t like ozone or smog either. If you’re old enough, you’ll remember when tires at the tire stores and service stations were wrapped in plastic. This was to preserve the rubber. I guess the manufacturers got cheap or something like that. Keep ’em bagged and in the dark. You should be good for a while that way.

        3. Thanks, Tom. Realized today that my spare, which is a full size same as what’s on the truck, has been exposed to sunlight all summer sitting in the bed of the truck. I should cover that up. Friday, my tires get rotated, and I’ll order an extra set then. I’ve heard prices on tires are increasing quite a bit, so I guess I’ll have a shock to look forward to…

      2. Just make sure and get the newest tires and not something the retailer has had in the backroom for 3 years. Tires have manufactured dates and expiration dates on them, just in case anyone wanted to know. Tires generally have an expiration date of 5 to 6 years.

  24. Somehow I knew I could count on a reply from a southerner by mentioning chicken fried steak. I was also taught to use peanut oil. This makes sense since peanut oil has the highest temperature before starting to burn.
    Due to my heritage, I learned deep frying through making tempura using water and Panko mix. ( Kula should be able to find it on the Islands.) The only secret I remember was that the oil was changed often to keep the flavor clean and fresh. The folks that ran biodiesel through their vehicles would be picking up waste oil from Japanese restaurants on a Monday morning because they set the containers of waste oil outside for pick-up. The Biodiesel guys said that we were a steady producer of lightly used waste vegetable oil. We just used vegetable oil and watched our temperature.
    By working in restaurants on the Left Coast, I had to get away from using peanut oil and MSG. Too many customers with food/substance allergies.

  25. I find it funny/ironic that I mention preparation of tough cuts of meat and somebody mentions purchasing tires.

    You gotta love this site and the regulars that post here.

  26. Prices are getting disturbing.
    A 5 pound tube of ground beef 80/20 last year was about $14.00 +/- a little, today it’s $19.13.
    That might have been 18+ months ago.

    Went to the dollar store again and loaded up on multiple small items, otc drugs and things I thought could be useful.
    Spent $36 at wm and walked away with 2 large bottles of lemonade and one meager bag of food.

  27. Good evening,
    I ordered long term storage Augason Farms rice buckets in 2015.
    The brown rice bucket I paid $24 is now $54 more than 100% inflation over 6 years.
    The white rice bucket I paid $54 is now…. about $125 per bucket. They are advertising 2 buckets for $249 plus $19 in shipping costs. That is 150% inflation not counting shipping.
    At a local grocery store, I saw most chicken (parts) $7.00/lb. Last time at Costco organic chicken parts was around $3.49/lb.
    I left a retail job recently, but while I was there in 2020 and 2021, our weekly tags would increase anywhere from 7-15% week over week! Not all items at the same, but a lot of items.
    Random…was the deodorant price increases, crazy high prices.
    If you are tired of paying a lot for deodorant, get a mineral salts crystal (specifically made for human deodorant).
    They cost about $7-9 I can get about a year per crystal depending on the size.
    Baking soda is an awesome toothpaste too! :) Peppermint essential oil (food grade) one drop in a cup of water makes a lovely mouthwash without $$$ and extra chemicals.
    Peace and Wisdom be to all
    Good Shepherd bless you

    1. Thanks for the info, I was going to check bucket prices but I figure it’s not an issue anymore.
      Deodorant? just picked up three more at the dollar store, they are smaller but three will last quite a while(nice to keep a spare in my car for those moments) and you reminded me I need more toothpaste.

  28. Like several other commenters, I watch for sales. We are lucky to have five grocery stores in a town of just 43,000 people. I am retired, so checking prices at several stores is a fair use of my time. I have also made a list of the best place to get some of my regular purchases. We are living on SS and a couple of small investments, so pinching pennies is important. Best of luck to all!

  29. Locally, gas here has gone down, back to $3.95/gallon (from $4.09). On the other hand, food prices are increasing.

  30. i’m not eating all day so i can get drunk on 2 beers.
    it’s called financial health ; )

    1. It’s called “fasting.” You don’t eat, and then you get drunk FAST.

  31. It makes me laugh, then cry when I see our “representatives” claiming that they’re only planning on taxing the high earners and corporate entities. These taxes are ALWAYS passed on to the consumer. All of a sudden, those who could afford can’t afford; CLASSIC “wealth redistribution.” Notice who it’s actually “redistributed” to though; the head and the tail. The middle is being ROBBED.

    I’ve been watching prices skyrocket for months here in the Wild, Wild West. Those ribeyes? The two-steak “family pack” is up around $30.00 now. They used to run around $14.00! That’s an increase of OVER 100%! And that’s just ONE ITEM in the basket! We have a brand of bacon that we like, and it’s about half the price of the “leading brand.” It’s also gone up over 100% in price since the White House became a memory care center.

    I’m also noticing the toilet paper/paper towel inventories are starting to get thin again…

    All I can say is “If you want it tomorrow, buy it today!” And PLEASE, if you’re voting these fantasy storytellers into office, STOP…

    1. NRP & Blue, Can still get 8 pack of cans at local Costco for $20.00. Was in a Chef’s Store earlier this week though, and another customer was saying their price for Spam was way too high. At least it was on the shelf.

  32. Drove to town to run errands and shop at Costco in central AZ. Diesel steady at $2.99, gas $3.10. No paper towel or good TP, only the thin stuff. Hamburger is $4.50/lb. most everything else is stocked, but I noticed fewer large boxes on the upper shelves. I did find something AWESOME…Costco has jalapeño powder…that magic dust I’ve heard about, $9.99 for 8 ounces and no deadly fumes!

  33. Had a friend bought 2 bidets when covid first hit. He gave me one and I hooked it up to our toilet. It’s a little weird bit we don’t use much toilet paper anymore.😮

  34. It’s been estimated 30% or more food is wasted. More With Less is a good cookbook with a lot of additional hints to use the “crumbs.” Reminded me of many food stretching practices during the inflation of the 70s.

  35. Not exactly food. Regular gasoline at my favorite local station went from $3.79 to $3.97. That’s a nearly 5% jump overnight. It went up 3% in February. So 8% in a matter of weeks. Ouch!

  36. Anony Mee – Just an update on gasoline prices from up here. Gas prices at our nearest major town here in mid-Ontario are $1.849 per litre or converted for my American friends to their gallon for reference is exactly $7.00 per US gallon. Has anyone else noticed the octane ratings on mid and high grade gasoline are being lowered???

  37. So, the increase of 18 cents two days ago went up another 12 cents today to $4.09. That’s another 3% thus an 11% rise since late January. Norther Sarge – your gas prices really take a bite!

    1. Gas at my in-town station jumped another $0.70 overnight to $4.79. That’s a 33% increase just since the beginning of the year. Cost of fuel impacts delivery cost of fuel so raises cost of fuel even more. A vicious spiral. Wonder where it will end.

      1. Anony Mee
        Filled up the tank on the one vehicle price $5.19 a gallon.
        In order to fill up the pickup truck will require a large down payment. OUCH!! It holds around 27 gallons.
        Hay has gone up a $1.50 per bale & delivery went up $5.00.

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