There are lots of foods that store well for a very long time under the right conditions, however there are foods that do NOT store well for long term storage.

Here’s a list of a few of the foods that you should not store for ‘long term’…

Note: Long term food storage generally refers to 1 year or more.

Note: Food products intended for longer-term storage must be dry (about 10% or less moisture content).

Botulism poisoning may result if moist products are stored in packaging that reduces oxygen.


Do not store these foods for ‘long term’

Oily grains and nuts: They go rancid quickly and lose their nutrition.


Barley, pearled


Brown sugar: It contains too much moisture to store long-term.

Any milled grain except rolled oats: Grinding or milling exposes the insides of the grains to oxygen and can result in them going rancid. Store your grains whole.

Flour, whole wheat

Rice, brown

Vegetables and fruits, dehydrated (unless dry enough, inside and out, to snap when bent)

Meat, dried (such as jerky)

Oils: Will eventually go rancid (1 year or several, depending). Best to store in dark environment.

Anyone else have experiences with foods that do not store well for the long term?

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