Canning meat is one of the most feared things to “can” at home. It is actually very easy, more nutritious and cheaper than buying canned meat. Here’s how…


Guest-post by Christine


Home Canning: Chicken Breast

At the time of this posting, a 6-ounce tin of canned chicken at Wal-Mart was $3.
I spent $30 on Boneless Chicken (on sale) and I canned 13 pint jars (16 oz).

My jars, rings and lids are reusable so there are no other costs, other than a few pennies worth of salt. This brought the cost to only $2.31 for each 16 oz jar.

If you read the ingredients label on the “canned” chicken that you buy at the store, there are many chemicals, fillers and preservatives. They sometimes even have artificial flavoring. The ingredients here are simple: Chicken and Salt.

Begin by cutting your boneless chicken into chunks, then pack them raw into the jars, leaving about 3/4th of an inch head-space at the top.


Next add 3/4 teaspoon of salt to each jar


Wipe the rims with a damp clean cloth and then place the lids and rings on the jars.
Note: If you are using Tattler lids, back them off 1/4 inch.

After you get the lids and rings on, place the jars into your canner with the required water for a long processing time. You do not want it to boil dry during processing.

Use the canner’s racks in between levels of jars.


Place the lid onto your canner and then bring it to a boil. You want the steam to vent out of the stem for about 10 minutes.

Then place your weight on the canner and set to 15lb (or the recommended pressure for your elevation).

Once the canner gets to the correct pressure, then time it…
75 minutes for pints
90 minutes for quarts

Note: From the experts, the new ‘bible’ in home preserving,
Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving


Once the time is up, then slide your canner off the burner to a cool spot. Do not try to rapidly reduce the pressure, to avoid jar breakage and seal failure.

After it has cooled sufficiently with no pressure left, remove the lid carefully (the steam can burn you).

Then using a jar lifter, remove the jars and place them on a clean dry towel. The jars are very hot at this point and may still be boiling inside the jar.

If you are using Tattler lids, then now is the time to tighten the rings down. Once again use oven mits as the jars are very hot.

Leave the jars undisturbed until they are fully cooled.

After they have cooled, then place a piece of tape on the lid and mark the date (and the contents).

Chicken prepared like this is great for many dishes but our favorite is chicken salad for sandwiches.

Chicken Salad

1 jar canned chicken
6 hard boiled eggs
salt/pepper to taste
Chopped green onions
chopped celery if desired

Place into a bowl the drained chicken broken up, the cut up hard boiled eggs, the chopped onions and celery. Then add relish to taste and Mayo to desired consistency, salt and pepper to taste. Put whatever amount you want on bread or crackers and enjoy. It is beautiful served on a lettuce leaf.

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