How To Know If Your Freezer Thawed And Froze Again When You Were Away


Let’s say that the power went out while you were away from home for awhile (even days?), and then came back on. The next time that you access the freezer, how would you know that it may have thawed out and then re-froze? If it did, then you will be running the risk of getting sick from eating some of that food – depending…

Here’s a tip how to tell if your freezer had thawed out…
And it’s easy to do!

If everything in your freezer had thawed out to ‘unsafe’ temperatures, when the food freezes again (e.g. when the electricity comes back on), you may be completely unaware of any food safety problems if you were not at home to experience the power outage.

A do-it-yourself simple way to know is as follows:

Do-It-Yourself Freezer Temperature Alarm

It’s not an alarm exactly, but it will let you know ‘after the fact’…

Take an ice cube or two and place in a sealed plastic bag or a see-through sealed container and place it in the freezer.

Note: It is important for the bag (Ziploc) or container to be sealed so that the cube or cubes don’t evaporate.

If the freezer ever thaws, the ice cube (or cubes) will partially or completely melt from their original shape. The result will either be a badly misshapen cube or a melted and re-frozen puddle on the bottom.



For those who may be looking for a ‘high-tech’ freezer temperature alarm (useful for ‘real-time’ monitoring and/or after the fact), here’s one…
Refrigerator / Freezer Thermometer Alarm Set


What To Do With Your Chest Freezer When The Power Goes Out

1. Don’t open the freezer!

2. Cover the freezer (drape it) with several blankets (the more the better) which will help insulate it further. Be sure not to cover the motor vent or vents, so when the power comes back on they will not be obstructed.

Note: The more full that your freezer is, the longer it can hold out without electricity.

Note: Food in a full freezer will stay frozen for about 48 hours without electricity.

Note: Food in a half-full freezer may keep only 24 hours.


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