what SPAM is made of

Have you ever wondered what SPAM is made of? I know I have…

SPAM is a relatively inexpensive meat product that stores very well.
It lasts forever, right?

(I couldn’t resist posting this again with a few updates)

SPAM is a canned precooked meat product made by the Hormel Foods Corporation, and was first introduced in 1937.

SPAM Classic – Ham – Shelf Stable Protein – Single Serve (Pack of 24)

SPAM is still quite popular in the United States.
3.8 cans are consumed here every second!

Hawaii / Islanders especially love their SPAM where residents have the highest per capita consumption in the United States. 

Here’s what SPAM is made of:


what SPAM is made of
SPAM (Classic) Ingredients List

Pork with Ham — Shoulder and Rear (the meat)
Salt (flavor and assist in preservation)
Potato Starch (a ‘binder’, and helps keep moisture inside the meat)
Sugar (sweetness)
Sodium Nitrate (color – keeps the meat pink)


The Shelf Life Of SPAM

SPAM shelf life is forever, right? ;)

Not actually. But it will store well for a long time.

On the bottom of every can of SPAM you’ll find a “best by” date. This is the date Hormel Foods recommends using the product by. Having checked some of my own recent SPAM cans and compared with when I bought them it looks like 3 years.

However, as with most canned foods, these dates are not when the food becomes unsafe to eat. In fact, many canned foods can be safely consumed LONG afterwards.

More: Use By & Sell By Dates

I keep an inventory of SPAM as part of my overall food storage. I have eaten SPAM years beyond it’s supposed date and not only was it still SPAMalicious, I’m still here to tell you about it…


SPAM Nutrition

SPAM (Classic) is sold in 12 ounce cans. I just picked up a can from my own inventory and this is what the label reads:

1080 calories (180 x 6 servings)
96 grams Total Fat (16 x 6 servings)
36 grams Saturated Fat (6 x 6 servings)
240 mg Cholesterol (40 x 6 servings)
4.7 grams Salt (1/6 tsp x 6 servings)
6 grams Carbohydrates (1 x 6 servings)
42 grams Protein (7 x 6 servings)

From a preparedness / food inventory point of view, a single can of SPAM contains 1080 calories – which is pretty incredible given a survival standpoint.

And only 6 grams of Carbs in a whole can – pretty good too if you’re on a Keto diet…

Spam Recipes? Leave a comment and tell us about it…

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