Waxing cheese is the best way to preserve it (and age it) for long term storage, and as a side benefit cheese wax keeps out any unwanted beasts like mold.

You can also use wax to store the cheese that you buy at the store.

Cheese wax is quite easy to do (but a little messy) and is fairly inexpensive. Once the cheese is waxed, it can then be stored in a cool dark place indefinitely.

Here’s how to do it:

The following information is from a reader here (Christine) at Modern Survival Blog who posted this awhile back (along with her pictures). Not sure if she’s still lurking, but I’ve edited and re-posted for your information and comment.


You will want to get a metal 1-gallon can to melt your wax in. A coffee can works great, or if you buy the cans that are cardboard, the lid should fit on a #10 veggie can. By using an old can, you can just leave your wax in it and put the lid on to store.

Many places recommend putting your cheese in the fridge first to get it cold. I have found it is actually easier to do it at room temperature.

Items needed:
Cheese wax
Can to melt the cheese in
Larger pot to serve as a double boiler
Cheese brush (cheap nylon brushes will NOT work, the bristles will melt)
Paper and pen
Wax paper

Cheese Wax 1 lb – Red
Cheese Wax Brush


How To Wax Cheese

1. Get a pot that is larger than your can, and put a couple inches of water in it. Then put the can in the water. This acts as a double boiler for melting the wax. Wax can catch on fire so you do not want to put it directly onto the heat.

Wax beginning to melt

double boiler

2. While your wax is melting, gather your cheese and a paper to write what kind of cheese and the date.

cheese and label ready to wax

3. Put wax paper on your counter where you are working… It gets Messy!!!

4. You will want to put two thin coats of wax on using your cheese brush. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat. Make sure you get wax in all the little dents (home made cheese is not perfectly smooth like store bought). Brush it on like you are painting a fence. Work fast because wax cools quickly.

Painting on the wax

5. Brush the wax on the top, bottom and sides. The order doesn’t matter.

6. After you get the first coat on, then lay your small piece of paper with the label on top of the cheese and wax over it.

Waxed and ready for storage

7. When you get this done, then place your cheese in a cool place to age. Flip your cheese every few days but be careful that you do not peel the wax off.

As maintenance you will just want to turn it over every week. If it gets some mold under the wax, do not fret. The cheese is fine… just cut off the moldy edges.

When you peel the wax off of a round of cheese it can be re-melted and used again…


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