Stop Buying So Much Bottled Water – Do This Instead!

Use a water filter instead of plastic water bottles

Are you among those who regularly buy bottled water? Do you realize how much money you’re spending over time to drink bottled water? Here’s an idea… Stop buying bottled water, and do this instead…

The other day I was in a grocery store. Sometimes I casually observe what others have in their shopping carts. What I saw was interesting, and inspired me to do this post. I noticed a cart that had a few cases of bottled water in it. Soon afterwards, I saw someone else with a cart full of supplies including bottled water. Then I started paying attention… How many people in this store have bottled water in their shopping carts? Quite a few!

I wondered how much money people spend every year buying bottled water. How much plastic gets thrown in the garbage from all those water bottles… Don’t they know there’s a better way? Here’s what I have been doing for many years…

I spent the upfront money and bought the best countertop water filter there is (in my opinion). I knew that eventually the ROI (return on investment) would pay off. Plus, there were other advantages to doing this.

Occasionally I do purchase a case of water bottles. Why? Because they are convenient! However, here’s what I do…

We will use those water bottles for their suited convenience. But instead of throwing them away, we refill them with water from our Berkey countertop filter. Each time we refill them, we use a Sharpie pen to place a mark. After five refills, they go to the recycle bin. This one has only been used once so far…

We also have purchased a number of water containers that are designed for permanent re-use / refilling. It depends on the use scenario as to which water bottle method we use.

You will save money over time too. I will provide an example. Lets say you purchase a 32-pack case of Dasani bottled water for $6. That’s about 19-cents a bottle. Okay, lets say your household only consumes two of these a day. So, that’s 64 in a month. Under this scenario you’re spending about $150/year. Obviously this will vary widely depending on your household consumption.

Instead, you might choose to purchase a countertop water filter. The first year you will have paid out more money, even after deducting the $150 in the example above. However, the second year you’ll likely be in the green, so to speak. Again, obviously depends on usage. From then on, money saved. No more plastic in the landfill too.

Now you have a permanent source of water filtration in your home. Now that’s pretty good prepping and preparedness, peace of mind :=)

Which use-scenarios do we use water bottles?

  • Mrs.J and I each have one on our nightstand.
  • I also keep several in the truck (in a small cooler to help moderate temperature fluctuations).
  • A few for quick access by the front door mud-room area on the shelf above the Hall Tree.
  • We do keep some for plain old storage, among our other methods of storing some water.
  • Inserted into a fitted pouch as part of day-hike pack.
  • Mrs.J likes a particular shoulder strap water bottle carrier for walking.
  • In the bicycle panier along with a collapsible small dog water bowl when we take Sampson for a ride. I can’t resist a picture:

Anyway, having seen all those shopping carts with cases of water bottles gave me the idea for this simple practical post. Sure, water bottles have their place and use. However, on a regular basis, you can’t beat having a good countertop water filter as your “go-to” source for the cleanest, pure drinking water.

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