long-term-storage-of-eggs The following is one way how to store fresh eggs for a long time (longer than you may think); apparently many months without issue. Christine submitted this post awhile ago, and I’m re-posting for your information and comment – and/or your alternative methods of storing eggs for longer shelf life.   by Christine Coburn   We are a farm so of course we have chickens… Currently I am using fresh eggs that are from 4 months ago ! How do I do it? First I bring in my fresh eggs and wash them carefully with antibacterial soap. Then I dry them. Next I coat them with mineral oil. You can buy it in the pharmacy section of any store, it is sold as a laxative. storage-of-fresh-eggs-1     I write the date on the carton. storage-of-fresh-eggs-2     Then I store them in the fridge of my travel trailer, which I have set to the warmest temp to save electricity. When I bring fresh eggs out to storage, I only use the oldest eggs to cook. First in first out… storage-of-fresh-eggs-3     I always break my eggs in a cup or a bowl first before I put them in anything because there can be a micro fracture in the shell which you may not see, but is big enough for bacteria to get in the egg and spoil it. This egg is perfectly fine. storage-of-fresh-eggs-4 I usually have 1 egg out of 12 that is bad.   Christine’s website (not sure if she still keeps it up, but the credit is hers) http://flamingphoenixfamilyfarm.blogspot.com/   What’s your experience with keeping fresh eggs longer?