A deep pantry of food storage for survival & preparedness’ is more than just a backup plan for ‘the end of the world’.

In reality, there are other practical reasons to have so called survival food on hand – reasons that may actually be put to use!

After all, ‘the end of the world’ may not ever happen, right?


Food Storage For Hedge Against Inflation

When’s the last time you went to the grocery store and noticed that the price of food went down? That’s what I thought… NEVER! It always goes up.

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Here’s a tip: Once you’ve established a baseline of deep pantry food storage, from that point on you have the luxury of replenishing those foods – waiting until they’re on sale. Over time lots of things will go on sale (simply to entice people into the store), so why not take advantage of it when those foods happen to be what you store and eat?


Food Storage For Times of Financial Hardship

A job loss for you or your spouse may become your own Armageddon… Even a temporary layoff will set you back. Suddenly the household income is slashed and every penny counts. This is a time when you will be glad that you stored ahead a surplus inventory of food. It will provide a bit of financial relief depending on the depth of said pantry…


Food Storage For A Health Emergency

A health emergency event for you or a spouse might also cause financial hardship. While your attention is turned towards recovery, you will be relieved not having to make trips to the grocery store or be burdened with the financial strain of groceries for awhile.


Food Storage For Variety, Diversification, Convenience

We enjoy having a large variety of food choices right at home. Sort of like having your own grocery store. The more food and variety that you’ve stored, the more choices you have on a day-to-day basis for what to eat!

Which brings up an important consideration:

“Buy what you eat, and eat what you store”. This will minimize eventual waste. Make a habit of evaluating what you have and be sure that you’re actually rotating (consuming) that food. Replace the old with new as you consume it. A good rotation plan is important!

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Food Storage for Severe Weather & Power Outage

What about getting stuck in your home for a few days following a major snow or ice storm? Got food? Fill in the blank for your own possible power outage scenario. It’s good to have what you need at home!


Food Storage for Others

Maybe you have enough food to feed others during a time of need. Your choice. Or maybe you would take in some ‘select’ others during TEOTWAWKI – who would need to eat too… Having extra beyond your own needs may be a valuable asset under worst case conditions.


Food Storage Relieves Stress

Wouldn’t it be nice not to worry about running out of food? (the amount of time is solely up to you). That in itself would relieve much stress during any of the extreme hypothetical scenarios that people prep for. One less thing to be concerned about.

I’ve listed a few practical reasons to have a well stocked pantry, beyond just for ‘the end of the world’. Any additional reasons to have a decent food storage inventory?

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